The Seven Significant Truth Movements of the Early 21st Century

Copyright 2008-3008 By Chase Kyla Hunter, All Rights Reserved.

In early 2008 I started writing publicly about certain of my private spiritual experiences.

My life had gone through an extraordinary series of changes. I knew I was being “called” and part of this calling included writing about the re-occurring visions that I was being shown by the Holy Spirit.

I have had these Spirit led visions off and on since I was a child. Both my mother and my grandmother were genetic clairvoyants and so is one of my sisters. Earlier in my life I had been involved in the new age movement, off and on,  for nearly 30 years. What I found there was a hodge-podge assortment of deeply confusing, disturbing false spiritual teachings mixed in with a small portion of truth. I found it to be a dangerous spiritual elixir and felt prompted from within to move away from it as the years passed. What I kept which was sacred and holy to me was what I was learning from my study of the Urantia Book. The Urantia Book pre-dates the new age movement by at least 30 years, and should not be confused with the disturbed false teachings of so called “Ascended Masters.” I have written quite extensively about the origin of the false new age “Ascended Master” movement on 333 Crucible: The Divine Imperative.

I have since returned to my Christian & genetic Cherokee Shaman roots, carrying  with me with everything I have learned. God apparently had His hand on me the entire time while I was “investigating” new age teachings through all those years, and I believe He wanted me to experience the new age movement directly during that time, so that I could help others later on who would be trying to get out of it, and clear their heads and hearts in time to join the global fight for human spiritual freedom, REAL human rights, women’s TRUE equality and civil rights in the mideast and third world nations,  global GLBT civil rights, and personal economic dignity for all.

Make no mistake in what I am saying here: “Personal economic dignity for all” does not mean global socialism under the UN and Maitreya neither does it mean “American socialism” under Barack Obama.

The spiritually prophetic dreams and waking  visions began to get more intense as time passed, more detailed and more specific,  especially since 1990. After a long public career in commercial graphics and web design, I retired in 2006. I travelled for two years, then re-settled  west of the Rockies. My personal spiritual journey had altered me beyond recognition to those who had known me earlier in life. I left many people behind, of necessity, and moved forward into the unknown with Spirit as my guide. In 2007 Spirit began showing who and what Barack Obama really was, and what his directives would be after he was elected.

The American mainstream media was also operating under a directive in 2007 and 2008: “Elect Barack Obama”. As it is well known that most of the youth of this nation will buy whatever is being “sold” to them that is broadcast  via the TV, appears on a magazine cover, or issues forth from the mouth of a TV pundit, this directive was not hard to fulfill. This present adult population aged 18 to 39  has been raised from infancy to believe whatever is broadcast via the mass media is true, when many times in fact, it is not true, and candidates are often “pre-sold” to the American people who are in no way actually qualified to hold high office. This was definitely one of those times.

When I began writing  online  in 2008 my intent was to publish [under a pen name, which I still use ] what I was being shown about many urgent issues in America:  the real spiritual identity of Barack Obama, a possible pole shift  in 2012-2014, massive earthquakes and earth changes to come between 2009 and 2019, the actuality of FEMA Rex 84 concentration camps in the US, the hidden agenda of globalism, the secret legislation which had been passed in 2005 forming an illegal  North American Union, the existence of D.U.M.B. tunnels, literal underground military facilities which have been paid for with US tax dollars without the knowledge, vote or consent of the American people, secret plans to RFID chip every person on earth, again,  without their prior vote, knowledge or consent….. the list goes on and on.

All of these events, developments and occurences have been described completely in the Christian Book of Revelations 2,000 years ago, 1500 years before Nostradamus lived. Jesus of Nazareth predicted all of these events during his public ministry and spoke in detail to His disciples about these events, which He said would begin to transpire right before the “end of the world.” That’s the exact phrase He used: “the end of the world.”

So when I started writing there was an enormous amount of material to cover and dozens of dots to connect.

The first essay that I posted in early 2008 was grabbed without my permission by a would-be videographer turned screenwriter, passed through several hands, and eventually became the original inspiration for the film “2012”. I never received a cent for my authorship, but that is not what matters. What matters is that humanity spiritually awaken en masse’ – and in time, to avert an experimental “global governing”  disaster.

That original wiki I started is still online. [See the TOC below]

It now has about 2,200 page of collected news, research, articles and reports I’ve written about the revealed secrets of the hidden illuminati, the new world order international crime cabal, and their secret plans to try to philosophically and economically “enslave” humankind under a fascist one world government.

3,780 rex 84 FEMA concentration camps have been built in the USA and are now fully staffed. There is no reason for these facilities to exist if there is no secret plan for some sort of fascist rule in America during and after the earth changes and upheavals of 2012-2014. These evil secretive NWO plans also include  mandatory human RFID chipping, which is hidden in the legislation of Obamacare, and total control of all worldwide financial, consumer, food and energy sources.

I have been shown that the ultimate goal the Bilderberg Group and CFR have in mind is a one world UN government superstate with a Godless religion sponsored by the UN as the centerpiece. If there were no global fascist conspiracy then there would be no reason for the ANNUAL SECRET MEETINGS OF THE BILDERBERG GROUP UNDER POLICE PROTECTION, as there would be nothing to hide. The same is true for the CFR and the ridiculous Bohemian Grove secrecy. Hundreds and hundreds of other truth researchers have come to the same conclusions as what Spirit has shown me over the last 20 years. They are not wrong, and neither am I.

There is now an active intentional NWO directed mainstream media campaign going on in the US and UK to try to portray all truth researchers as “mentally ill” lunatics, fringe wing-nuts, and / or deranged “racist right wing extremists”.

I’d like to answer that puerile “public disinformation propaganda” with truth.

I am a lifelong democrat, a conservative democrat.  I was raised in mixed race neighborhoods from age 3, attended and graduated from a high school and college that was 67% black, and racism or right wing extremism HAS NOTHING TO DO with what God has been showing me since I was a child.

The pathetic “racism” tag that the NWO owned  mainstream media has applied in their disinformation campaign to members of the tea party and Obama birth origins movement is a sign of their desperation to stop the rise of global unity consciousness in America, which transcends labels, political parties, religious affiliation and is directed by the Holy Spirit, not a mortal person. That’s why the left wing mass media, White House and the DNC are so genuinely baffled by the tea party movement.

How can the blind in politics perceive what those with true spiritual sight can plainly see?

Many in both political parties in the USA are now behaving s if they were practically spiritually dead, dumb and blind. They apparently only think in terms of their own corrupted self serving,  uninspired political motives and goals, acting upon CFR directives given in secret, which are then pushed onto the American people aggressively in public.

Whenever passage of the next ugly piece of NWO inspired legislation stalls, the two “make believe” opposing political parties begin to  “project” onto each other the reasons fo failure, and to project their wrath also onto these seven rising spiritual movements which are part of the  collective American spirit of reason, sanity and common sense, rising up against the NWO legislative onslaught of the Obama White House. The Obama White House seems to be on a mission to finally strip Americans of what’s left of their civil rights and constitutional rights. Sadly, that “legislative stripping process”  started a long time ago.

Both political parties in the USA now appear to be slipping irretrievably into a corrupted state, caught up in a very public high profile “locked horns battle of political egos” over the legislative state of confusion and the ruined spoils of a financially bankrupt nation.

Where does all of this leave the American people?

Fortunately, and by God’s grace, the American people are not spiritually bankrupt, which is the utter and absolute condition of both political parties in this country. Americans know this, and they know it on a soul level. Their leaders “sold them out years ago to the hidden UN agenda” and now no amount of  “2010 public back peddling, posturing, co-opting and re-stating of literal American history” can change that sorry fact.

The Republicans had this nation’s center of leadership for 8 years. They have contributed just as greatly to the mess we are in now as Obama and his crazy radical left wing “Czars”. Both political parties in America are now corrupt to the core,  in that they have long since abandoned governing by the will and consent of the people, and instead they govern to please the globalist agenda of members of the CFR, Bilderberg, and UN crime cabals.

Most mature Americans WHO ACTUALLY READ, and who are intelligent enough to discern the overwhelmingly obvious signs, KNOW THIS, and they are ready to do something about it.

We must pray and sincerely seek help from above to know how to proceed. Soon the mainstream media will begin selling the idea on air, that people who pray, or who “listen to God”  are mentally ill. Watch and mark my words here. It will happen soon.

Nothing is now off the radar of the politically preposterous, inconceivable, outrageous, or abjectly evil,  now that the NWO owned media has gone so far as to have Katie Couric pitching human RFID chipping to the American people on live daytime TV. If you needed a sign in order to realize how far gone into the abyss of Godlessness the USA mainstream media has descended, that was your sign. It happened about 5 weeks ago. It’s on all my blogs. Just search “katie couric rfid”.

Stopping Maitreya’s Apostasy Dead in It’s Tracks Before 2012

As if all this dreary current state of American affairs were not dismal and sinister enough, Americans have another real spiritual “enemy of the people” lurking in London, who has tried several times to present himself here, and failed.

The mysterious new age guru “Maitreya” who claims to be the second coming of Christ seems to be intricately connected to the New World Order‘s hidden plans, Bilderberg, CFR, and UN activities, and his organization tried to affiliate itself with the HAARP project blue beam “Norway Spiral” when it appeared over Norway last December. Two weeks later United Nations sponsored Share International claimed “Maitreya” had proclaimed himself in a global TV interview.

No TV interview was ever produced that identified Maitreya. Raj Patel denies that he is the new “Maitreya replacement” for the old original from 1988 Kenya photos on the Share international website.  [ One particularly impassioned member of the  Christian community on the internet galvanized an awareness raising campaign in blog form to offset Maitreya’s false pronouncements of being Christ returned. That person was me.]  Maitreya is a Theosophist, and the founder of theosophy was a Russian writer [Madame Helena Blavatsky] who worshipped Lucifer in secret, and wrote about it in public. You do the math.

This entire “end time” plan which I a describing in this essay was laid out and described in detail 2,000 years ago in the Book of Revelations, in fact, Jesus of Nazareth talked about it extensively, explaining to His followers and disciples of what the future end times [last days] would be like, right before his return, and what to watch for.

We are now living in those days [The Last Days]. It would not matter whether one is a soul of faith in God, an agnostic, or an atheist, what is transpiring RIGHT NOW was predicted first, not by Nostradamus, but much earlier – 2,000 years ago by Jesus of Nazareth.  That is a historical fact. If this statement helps to win souls to God, then all well and good, but I am writing this essay to re-state important facts for the inquiring American mind, not to preach to the darkening secular masses who are not worthy of entry into God’s heavenly Kingdom as described by Jesus.They have done nothing in their lives to make themselves worthy and they need to begin NOW if they want to “turn it all around” before it is spiritually too late.

The evil on this world will continue to plot against the good, right up until the very end, and no amount of internet essays will change that.

So, why do I write? I write to uphold, uplift, encourage, and inspire the American people that the seven authentic grassroots movements which have come forth from them ARE real, genuine expressions of their desire for a better way to live in this country, and we WILL get there, without corrupt politicians, and WITH God’s steady handed guidance instead. As far as I am concerned when the Divine Intervention commenced on 11.11.2008 – at that moment God took the reins of this country and he has America in His hands.

What I hope to do in my essays is to bolster the faith of the American people, who are God’s ripening spiritual treasure on this world, that what they are feeling deep in their guts about all of these things is right, true, accurate, and that God is on their side. The evil men and women who plot in secret meetings to rule over humankind in ever more fascist and evil ways, and who live “deliciously” while they plot, as the Bible says, will not be living that way much longer. There IS a Divine Intervention going on and it proceeds apace.

God will show Americans how to proceed. We need immovable spiritual faith in Him and spiritual nerves of steel to face what comes next in this country.

I call this new worldwide spiritual awakening which I chronicle on my blogs  “global unity consciousness.” It is a manifestation of the worldwide ministry of the Holy Spirit and the accompanying Universal Spirit of Truth. It is this “Universal Spirit of Truth” which is inspiring the souls of all who are involved in these seven gret movements below, which will converge by 2012 – 2014:

1. The 9-11 Truth Movement

2. The American Tea Party Movement

3. The Constitutional Christian Conservative Movement [not the corrupt GOP leaders and mouthpieces]

4. The Obama Birth Origins Movement [led by Orly Taitz, Phil Berg Esq, Reverend Manning, others]

5. The “Fight the New World Order” Movement [Alex Jones ]

6. The “Expose the Illuminati” Movement [in progress since the 1950s – the old timers]

7. The “Full UFO Disclosure & Alien Agenda Exposed” Movement [led by Stephen Greer & others]

These seven significant worldwide truth movements are all being directed by the inspired agencies of the Holy Spirit in the local heavens, under the direction of the Universal Spirit of Truth.

When you go online, and you just “happen” to end up on a site like this, reading a post like this, it is not an accident. The heavenly spiritual kingdom of the Heavenly Father is using every possible means at this point to reach the collective soul of humankind in time to avert this approaching global UN sponsored fascist disaster: “enforced Godless globalism,” under a UN “police state” mandate. An artificially imposed global government without voter consent may become a very real actuality in 2012-2014, if humankind does not spiritually awaken in time to fight back against their increasingly corrupted governments, who are cooperating with the Bilderberg agenda, and have been doing so in secret for years before Obama became the latest public pawn in their game.

The world will very possibly be in a vulnerable state of affairs after the 2012 – 2014  earth changes which could leave the world in shattered chaos and confusion. This is the window where global unity consciousness must be achieved: 2012- 2014.

We can act as one peaceful, non-violent  force of truth, on a global scale, and we can still avert an international social and economic calamity. Laws leading to eventual mandatory human RFID chipping is legislated into the Obama health care plan . This fact has not been revealed to voters. This coming calamity could possibly play out in global martial law, and even all religious worship being mandated by the UN, with Christianity being outlawed.

Nothing is out of the realm of possibility as to what the hidden ruling elites might try to do next to stop the rise of the fully “self-sovereign” spiritually awakened American citizen who refuses on fundamental moral grounds to be RFID chipped against his or her will.

If we can unite collectively in true Spirit led Love of our fellow human beings, then we can remain nonviolent in our emerging collective spiritual power, and realize that we are all brothers and sisters under the Fatherhood of God on this world, living under the sovereign universal spiritual authority of HIS  true Son, who was incarnate 2,000 years ago as Jesus of Nazareth, anointed during in his ministry as Jesus Christ. Accept no counterfeits. My King, and your King will return in 45 years or less. Maitreya is NOT him.

About War

Soldiers from every country who are on the front lines in the mideast, who are now listening deep inside one to the voice of the Holy Spirit as it speaks to them,  no matter what their outer religion is, will eventually lay down their arms one day soon and refuse to continue fighting the “blood for oil wars” of darkening  governments who are no longer governing their people under God’s laws. There need not be any continuation of “wars and rumours of wars”.

All it takes is for every soldier to listen to his own Spirit Led heart and refuse to kill anymore. Soldiers: lay down your arms. He who would save his life will lose it, and he who would lose his life will save it. Figure out the riddle.

So, How Did You Arrive Here?

If any of this essay makes sense to you on any level, then you were supposed to find it and you are supposed to be playing your role in the great planetary spiritual awakening.

This great global spiritual awakening is NOT a new religion. We have plenty of religions, mostly corrupted by their contact with men, and it all goes much deeper and much higher than that now. Pray, listen deep within your own soul,  and God will show you right away what you are supposed to do.

Chase Kyla Hunter

2012 Pole Shift Witness Front Page News Portal

Featured Post: Desperate False Christ Maitreya Affiliates Himself with Norway Spiral to Prop Up False Signs and Wonders

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At this particular time in American politics, I feel it is important to reiterate a point that Michelle Obama made, quite by accident, in a campaign speech that she gave in 2008, during which she stated that her husband “was Kenyan.” To say that Barack Obama “is Kenyan” as she says in her speech, is to restate what many Americans also suspect: that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, just as his biological paternal grandmother stated repeatedly before she died quite suddenly, [and most conveniently for his presidency], right after his inauguration. I’d also like readers to watch the second video clip, which is the full feature length film made by Alex Jones in 2008-2009 titled: “The Obama Deception” – below is the article, which is followed by an essay on my own lifelong spiritual journey as a native born American.

Thanks for stopping by. — Chase Kyla Hunter, [a pen name for my safety and privacy]


5.6.2010 Compiled By CK Hunter

Now that you have seen and heard Michelle Obama’s comments with your own eyes, please watch the complete and full HQ feature film by Alex Jones titled “The Obama Deception.” In this film’s first 60 seconds you will hear Obama lie about where he was born. Pass this article and link to all who are voting this November 2nd, and vote your heart and soul in every election.

God bless the United States of America.

CK Hunter


In 1991 in Taos New Mexico, I walked through the opening portal of an extraordinary spiritual awakening, a turn in the road of my life, one that none of my friends in the arts and musician community understood, or cared to understand. The notion that secret conclaves of hidden globalists were working behind the scenes to subvert the US constitution seemed almost laughable at the time. Only a lunatic fringe would imagine such things, right? Well I don’t hear too many people laughing anymore. 19 years later it’s all become too very dreadfully REAL.

In Taos New Mexico someone was always having a garden variety “spiritual taos_landscapeawakening” of some sort – that’s what most people moved there for, the hope that something “enchanting” would happen, that their eyes would be opened, that their chakras would clear, that their newly illuminated consciousness would soar to the heights of …whatever.

So my ongoing “spiritual awakening” had little affect on my “too cool to be bothered” peers in the local creative community. They were more concerned that I arrive at rehearsals, write good lyrics, look good in sleek black denim, and play on key.  Such were the general priorities of Taoseno artisans in New Mexico in 1991. Looking back, it seems like such an era of genuine innocence and spiritual purity.

What I was being shown spontaneously, unsolicited, “by the Spirit” over 3 years duration was a replete detailed clairvoyant forecast of what was to unfold in this country as we neared the global Advent of the Antichrist later in my life. I knew beyond all shadow of a doubt that the events I was TaosHorsesYellowFieldsYESLGbeing shown would take place in my lifetime. There was no question about it. I also knew beyond all shadow of a doubt that not one person in my circle of friends at the time wanted to hear about, or would believe me when I told them what I was being “shown”. I believe it has been said that a prophet is never loved in his (or her) own country. So I suffered in silence with what I was experiencing.  It lasted for over 3 years.

During those surreal tumbleweed years, over time, while I walked the sage covered deserts outside of Taos,  every single detail of the coming global super state was shown to me incrementally. I wasn’t taking peyote or dehydrating in sweat lodges or smoking ganja. I was just simply “being spiritually shown”. When your soul is shown something by a High Heavenly authority, you do not ever question it, forget it, or argue with it. You may attempt to deny it, but Truth will always return to roost upon the soul’s inner conscience as birds return to their nests each evening.

It is unmistakable. It cannot be interrogated out of you, or beaten out of you, or mocked out of you, or ridiculed out of you. I understand much more now about the suffering of the biblical prophet Daniel than I did before my “Opening” in 1991, 1992, and 1993.taos-church

I had never heard of the phrase “RFID chips” because at the time they had not been invented. I had never heard the phrase “North American Union” yet I knew that soon American borders would legally mean nothing. The concept of a “war on terror” seemed insane, even though I watched while the Gulf War exploded on local TV screens. We all did what real artists and pacifists always did – we voiced our objections, our pleas for non-violence and an end to war in general – and that conflict in specific. We gathered in coffee houses singing, and conversing about the need for peaceful solutions. We were as precious in our innocence of what lay behind it all as canaries who sing in cages.  We really had no idea.

During my desert walks I was shown over time that small mountains of evil illegal unconstitutional laws would be passed in America, in secret, that the passing of horrendous new “secet international laws” was in fact already already taking place, and had been for some time.  I also began to clearly see that local police in the future would eventually become the feared and dreaded enemies of the American people, that locals would fall under “bizarre new international laws” and that local courts would disintegrate over time into “preposterous kangaroo courts” siding with the UN troops who would one day replace local police officers. Dignified local courts run by respected local judges would become a relic of the past.

rio-grandeIt would always follow that after being shown the next horrendous thing, I would inevitably feel compelled to cast aside the vision, not wanting to believe or accept what I was seeing. Relentelssly the truth would speak again and I would be forced to listen. I continued to believe through all of this that enough Americans would mature and care enough over time to stand up and say “no” – “this is where it all stops.”

Back then the internet was still the elusive military and college campus “lab experiment” named Arpanet, a loose knit network of high IQ professors’ private computer projects, along with the US military’s private data sharing networks. Silicon Valley was tinkering with a few new things.

I tried mightily to explain to locals that within 10 to 20 years the entire world would be mandated into some sort of interlaced global electronic ID system. I could feel the system coming, I could sense what it entailed, but I could not describe it to my friends. I lacked the vernacular to describe what I was seeing. Only a few elites in “hippified” Taos even owned computers. Amiga computers were still popular with many other artists. The hotbeds for computer experimentation were in California and Washington state.

At first my friends quietly endured my efforts to explain what I was seeing. Later I was rebuffed, scoffed at in private, eventually in public.  I was finally ever so gently ostracized from the creative community entirely for what I was trying to do, which was to warn people and try to form a private local information sharing network that would dig deeper collectively into the sources of the obsession of certain governmental agencies with the idea of dissolving national boundaries, of moving toward a Godless globalism which would be highly antagonistic toward any mention of the actual spiritual authority of Christ himself.

See for more essays and research

The Truth in Christ's life has been eclipsed by a mountain of false spiritual teachings in modern times. The Truth in Christ’s life has been eclipsed by a mountain of false spiritual teachings in modern times.

I knew the core of this globalist urge was related to the secret worship of Lucifer by many prominent organizations, yet I had never heard of the term “Illuminati.” The people who were suspected of actually worshipping Lucifer were often alluded to in local dialogues as the Freemasons instead. I knew the new age community was becoming incredibly dark and bizarre, and was being aggressively infiltrated by overt covens of witches, wiccans, druids, and others who were openly hateful toward any mention of the words “God” “Jesus” “Christ” and so forth. The innocent searching for deeper meaning and understanding of greater cosmic forces was being replaced by small but incredibly aggressive covens who just moved into an area and “took over” whatever spiritual activities they found taking place. It was happening in Taos while I lived there. I was present and observing when all of this was taking place 19 years ago. I had seen it take place in other enclaves of light again and again.

I cannot tell you how, but eventually I knew that an atheistic central political figure would eventually ascend to power globally in this new atmosphere of spirtual lewdness, lauded and hailed by the coven based new agers worldwide, who would easily win their devotion, and eventually go so far as to make the claim before the masses that he was God himself.The parts of the new age movement which were searching for God were being absorbed into the “new” factions. “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” had just come out, and had hit the world public square in the face with smooth well phrased European royalty endorsed  fraud, a replete seamless textbook case example of a false spiritual teaching. The era of  the great and final Lie was now beginning.

A new trend was  afoot which commenced the long gradual subtle and pervasive public discrediting of Christ, his life, His Divinity, His message, and all real spiritual meaning associated with His existence on earth. This movement really began with the publishing of that book.

earth_water_smlThose who loved God and adored and believed in his Son would be gathered up by the holy Spirit and they would be guided in the next few years to retreat quietly into their homes and stay away from the popular new “movement” which began to question everything that Christ was, including His lifetime as a male virgin of total chastity. The slow slither toward the global Abomination of Desolation had now begun. I saw this happening.  I watched it take place. I clung to God, to my precious desert wilderness, to my fortress of solitude, and to all that God was revealing to me, in my heart mind and soul.

It may be required of some to walk alone with God, rather than run with wild packs of lost souls.w It may be required of some to walk alone with God, rather than run with wild packs of lost souls

Oddly, I  had not even cracked open a Christian bible in nearly 20 years. I had early on, in my teens, been so disgusted with the uneducated bigotry, hatred and unscientific religious fundamentalism of my youth that I had moved away from mainstreamOrthodox religion altogether. I had been flying solo with God, searching on my own for deeper meaning, holding what I knew to be true about Jesus of nazareth quietly in my heart.  I KNEW Him. I had always KNOWN Him. This could not be taken from me. Reading or not reading a spiritual text had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

During those excruciating, revelatory, clairvoyantly “fiery” three years, I also began to know something else:

I began to KNOW beyond all shadow of a doubt that when this series of culminating American and world events finally arrived, they would be overlooked, minimized, or even welcomed by some in an agnostic, secular and intellectually sophisticated American public who would literally laugh in the face of modern day shamans and  prophets like me. In the end, it would not matter whether I was a Cherokee shaman, a Christian progressive, an astute visionary and clairvoyant, an agnostic, a Ph.D. or a homeless bum on the street, no one was going to listen to my warnings. The psychologically socially chilling, cold hard facts were easy for me to see.

American media outlets, which in my opinion are now nearly intrinsically satanic in nature after 50 years of excessive debauchery of all American things sacred, have fed two new generations of confused young people since the 1960s on a steady diet of triviality disguised as meaning, sex saturated movies, intellectually meaningless TV sitcoms, socially demeaning and viciously socially degrading “reality shows”, video games that entice the mind of a youngster to be more interested in fantasy than actuality, and every other imaginable kind of narcissistic self expressive banal excesses.

Big Media has turned a nation of formerly intelligent young men and women into entertainment addicted pleasure zombies, agitating incessantly for their next 15 minutes of distraction, subsisting on Diet Coke, chips and Altoids, who believe that whatever they are “fed” by the daily lamestream newscasts constitutes significant reality. I see this mindlessness reflected in internet blogs, which in all earnest seriousness address whether some celebrity dying their hair blonde is the proper fashion course to take, or might be popular enough or not. andmore-misery

Just like in the high school cafeteria, readers who want to weigh in rush in to comment by the dozens on such blog posts. This is all undertaken with the utmost of intellectual seriousness, as if the decision to deploy neutron bombs was being pondered.  This kind of socially acceptable “tween-mentality-deemed-astute” attitude  rolls out on the blogosphere for all to see, all around the world, day in and day out. It’s just incredible for the thinking mind to observe this, and to realize these kinds of posts are now considered “high culture” in America. This is what we have come to. These are the people who most likely one day will run to stand in line and be the first ones on their block to have an RFID implant fashionably marked on right hand or forehead. This is the generation of young people in America who already belong to the Beast, and they do not even know it. They truly are the last ones to know what they are walking right into.

If you tell these people that “it is high fashion” – then no matter what it is, they will do it to themselves. In just such a manner they have been convinced in the last 20 years that it is high fashion to have every inch of their physical person covered in the most raw looking, demonic, vulgar tattoos, that even a WWll sailor would step away and say “no thanks.”

tattoo-monsterThe more demonic the tattoo looks, the better. The more offensive the piercing, the more in step one is with the new “high fashion” of aspiring to offend every former standard of good taste. These are young people who do not love the Light of real beauty. These are young people who crave instead every disgusting adventure into vampirism, horror films, the cult of death and gore, personal sadism, self mutilation, social cruelty, and personal exhibitionistic decadence. These are the new “adult children” who have been media programmed by TV and films from babyhood to crave everything false, and flee from all that is real. These are the people who will be running America in another 10 years if we do not find a way to intercede before then.

Grown men in this new appalling American landscape now sit and watch cartoons shows specifically designed for adults, then go online in all self importance to opine and write blog articles about them. This is your new “Adult Swim” mentality.  Meanwhile, five and six year old girls dress like adult call girls and preen about during “child beauty pageants” before crowds who judge their Lolita sexiness. These are the squeamish American “hobbies” that over time have cultivated individuals like Jon spearsBenet Ramsey and the problematically gashed and bi-polar Brittany Spears.

The majority of Americans participating in all of this have now been indoctrinated by the satanic secular media who serve at the behest of big government to believe that hobbies and child rearing practices like this are “normal” – when in fact, they are not.

I have sat by quietly observing over the years as an entire generation of young American males of all races gradually morphed from men capable of calm intelligent adult conversations into mindless, hyperactive,  terminally emotionally arrested TV lobotomized “jack-asses,” imitating Johnny Knoxville television, wanna-be-johnnys raising the bar on lunatic behavior: from disgust, to revulsion, to all heights of insane public activities. For this behavior, they are rewarded by their peers as their websites smoke with traffic and their videos go viral. These are the male behaviors that are rewarded with attention and uncouth accolades.

I now routinely see men in their 30s, even in their late 30s, riding up and down the street on skateboards. Some of these men still sport rainbow Mohawks. They all wear their trousers just above the genitals. They have not bathed in 3 weeks. They smell from 15 feet away. This is supposed to be desirable and attract dates or mates. Actual psychological adults, such as me, find it unavoidably laughable, then tragic. I see that grown men behaving like young adolescents aged 12, or 13, who play video games Curtis-Skateboard-Stack-IMG_20070209_6605and air guitar as a serious career, often continuing up into their 40s, has now become “normal” and is socially acceptable. This is what it has come to.  I often see these 30 to 40 something “skateboard men” as I call them, out on dates in the evening, even forcing their unfortunate girlfriend to carry the skateboard when they tire of trolling around on it.

In every city where I travel, everyone and everything around me is covered in vulgar demonic looking tattoos from head to foot. Children grin, flashing gang signs,. Girls as young as 14 now sport these kinds of tattoos blanketing entire sections of their arms, legs, shoulders, and backs. I often wonder: do any of these young people even have parents?  Are they “divorce” ortattoo-women “drug” orphans? Or were they just cut loose at age 5 to wander the streets in packs, like little wild dogs, while their parents smoked meth on smelly sofas?

My spiritual incredulity has gradually given way over the years to quiet ongoing sustained speechlessness, as I have observed the gradual media induced psychological “Infantilization of America” – the gradual Big Media directed “re-forming of normal adults back into over-sized children”, who are then all the more gullible to fresh new big government and big media lies, all the more easily “TV programmed” and socially controlled. Even I would never have dreamed with all I knew 19 years ago that a TV show named “Big Brother” would effortlessly indoctrinate an entire new generation of American young people into thinking that it is the most normal thing in the world to have a video camera aimed at your private life, 24-7, recording every act of your human existence.

The fact that this now constitutes “prime time TV entertainment” for the American masses is the height of insanity to me.  Am I alone?  Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone else notice these things?  Please tell me I am not alone.

I could write essay after essay, from the smart “European cafe novella” to a feature length Hollywood film script, and it would not make one dent in the REAL pervasive psychological mental illness which is now pervading the American cultural landscape. To make the madness even more intolerably cruel, people like me, who oppose atheistic new age globalism, who think owning a side arm to protect myself from a meth-crazed M13 gang member is necessary, who oppose the RFID chipping of people like herds of product consuming cattle, who oppose not being able to grow a backyard garden, who oppose the more or less instantaneous converting of my country from a democratic republic to “police state socialism” in several years time, have been labeled by the satanic secular media as “domestic terrorists.”

If anything I have witnessed spew from the mouth of big media in my adult life is an open and flagrant “PSY OP”, or psychological operation, that labeling is. This is the new upside down America, where good is adult-cartoonEVIL, and evil is rewarded as GOOD. We are far far far down the rabbit hole of mass clinical pathology at this point. We are far beyond the darkest matrix in Mex-american wonderland. We are, indeed, in uncharted spiritual waters.

I actually suspect that our own USA media is using military style pre-planned media PSY OPs against their own American citizens. Do you have any other explanations for calling Middle America mom and pop Christian locals as “domestic terrorists”? Do they actually believe this will scare us back into submission and silence?

The Obama White House would actually have the mainstream public to believe that someone like me is a violent threat, when in fact, I am more akin to a genuine spiritual national treasure.  I represent the voice of reason and sanity in an American socio-political and cultural  landscape quite clearly gone mad.

It is the final coup de-tat’ of socially ordained clinical pathology, this governmental “projection and transference” onto middle Americans, this wicked labeling of average people of solid respectable normal spiritual values as “domestic terrorists”. The fact that I am biologically gay, as well as the way I feel about all of these events, must give the Obama White House some real pause.

That the spiritually corrupt would have power and authority to label sound and stable free thinking American minds as “domestic terrorists” is the telltale sign that what we are entering into at this time in American history is deeply similar to the atmosphere surrounding Hitler’s ascent. Naomi Wolf has made many comparisons and she is correct on every point. If you have not given her books and essays a good read, you ought to. And don’t forget that a gay American Christian Conservative writer turned you onto her observations. They are significant.

What I see bearing down on this nation in the next three years, based on the present spiritual atmosphere will jar and hopefully finally spiritually awaken the people whom I have described in this little tome.
The time has long since passed when I would cry “Wake up American youth.”

Going silent out of a wise acceptance of the cold hard facts will most likely feel more comforting than trying to write about what I see. I suppose the blogs I am building  will remain online until the Obama White House finally pulls the plug on every single shred of original free speech blog that disagrees with Obama globalist RFID chipped hyper-inflated USA fashion forward socialist fascism.

The selective censorship of the USA internet has already begun. In Great Britain there is barely one peep of news online about the USA patriot, truth movement and Obama birth origins movement. Don’t you find that just a little bit intriguing? You should, if you have a clue about the future plans for totalitarian state controlled media here in America..

I am still trying mightily to make my voice heard online. Those FEMA Rex 84 camps I write about are out there. Do not think for a minute that the hundreds of Americans who have seen them with their own eyes, video-taped them, photographed them and tried to warn you, were making it all up. The National Guard is now running their gut turning online ad campaign for job applicants to be hired as “civilian internment resettlement specialists.” It’s all quite real. It’s not a movie, or a video game, or a reality TV show.

silenced-protestorAll in all it continues to be a long strange ride living in America. My ancestors from the colonial era, along with my Cherokee grandmothers, and grandfathers would turn over in their graves to bear witness to how their American descendants are now living.

These observations made on this day are just a few of the many cold hard facts which are presented on this blog. Do me a favor, while you have the free internet. Spread my essays far and wide. Make use of one prophet’s words of warning to the wise. God gave you a mind of your own, and a Will, and discernment, and the ability to pray and seek guidance. Use what God has given you. Or even that may be taken away.

Chase Kyla Hunter, a pen name

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