The Palin Equation: The More Popular She Gets, The Worse the MSM Press Coverage Gets

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02.11.2010 By Chase Hunter

This one is not hard to call in the least. Sarah Palin is wildly popular in middle America, where people have common sense, love their country, respect law and order, believe in the US constitution, worship God in humility and work hard to raise their families. For this she is loathed, feared, despised, slandered and disparaged NONSTOP by the big boys in the mainstream media who are SCARED TO DEATH OF HER.

Never has such an unassuming and humble character, a true grassroots leader, a woman who emanates HONESTY & NORMALCY,  risen up like Sarah Palin to strike fear in the hearts of the big media new world order mogul men who secretly believe they own and run America from behind the scenes.

They are about to find out how wrong they are. Mark my words. The more they revile her, the more popular she will become. Why? Because God’s hand might JUST BE on Sarah Palin, and there is absolutely NOTHING that the White House or NWO big media can do to stop someone when the hand of God is upon them, and destiny calls.

My American friends and neighbors, the equation regarding Sarah Palin is very simple. Here’s how to read the big media tsunami which is now rolling out everywhere on this situation. When you see stories like the ones linked below, KNOW that Sarah’s star is, in fact, RISING – not falling.

This is the new, inside-out, upside down world, of NWO big media speak, where threats are assessed from afar, and the big media bullets of character assassination and personal ridicule begin to fly 2 years ahead of any announcement she might make about running for high office.

I can guarantee you, from what I am seeing in the big media “spin” of negativity, hatred and vitriol toward Sarah, she is destined to be a CONTENDER for the White House in 2012.

So remember – watch that hatred roar out of NWO big media USA – you know all the usual suspects, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, alphabet soup networks…led by the pretty little hired troll Katie Couric, who has “new world order mouthpiece” stamped on her head:

When they come after Sarah with a vengeance: She is destined to be beloved by her countrymen, and she will rise as far as God tells her she has the courage to go. God bless you Sarah. Keep listening to the Holy Spirit. Ignore all the rest.

Chase Hunter

Most recent “negative let’s all hate Sarah” press watch, with my translation of each fake news item in ( ):

President Palin? (Incredulous! A woman president? OMG)

Sarah Palin Hits New Low in Poll (fear, fear, fear)

Poll: The More America Sees of Sarah Palin The Less They Like Her (lies, lies, lies)

Is Sarah Palin’s Bid to Be President Over Before It Starts? (shoot her down, hurry, before it gets any worse)

‘The lady is good’ but Sarah Palin isn’t ready to be president (excuses, excuses, excuses: America’s too dumb to pick their own president… we have to do it for them.)

Poll: Palin support has “deteriorated significantly” (fake polls, more fake polls, and even more fake polls, – when in doubt, create some more fake polls – by all means: stop Sarah Palin)

So let’s stop to consider how these kinds of news stories appear in cluster-fucks (forgive my french) like waves, why you can almost hear their directives being given to them by the elites from on high:

“Sarah Palin must be stopped. She represents a dire threat to the secret world elite, the Bilderberg boys, the CFR, and our plans for a one world government! Stop that woman, do whatever you have to do! Create polls, to hell with the truth – just start putting headlines out there.  This is a directive!”

….. and so forth.

So now you. The pretty little woman with the fiery speech from Alaska has the Bilderberg ghouls and their media trolls shaking in their jack boots. Otherwise, you would not be seeing sudden waves of dozens of negative press stories rolling out like machine made Twinkies.

I just wanted my readers to know. The new world order elites are scared to death of Sarah Palin. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman who is annointed from on high to put this country back on the right track.

Chase Hunter

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