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The Seven Significant Truth Movements of the Early 21st Century

In early 2008 I started writing publicly about certain of my private spiritual experiences.

My life had gone through an extraordinary series of changes. I knew I was being “called” and part of this calling included writing about the re-occurring visions that I was being shown by the Holy Spirit.

I have had these Spirit led visions off and on since I was a child. Both my mother and my grandmother were genetic clairvoyants and so is one of my sisters. Earlier in my life I had been involved in the new age movement, off and on, for nearly 30 years. What I found there was a hodge-podge assortment of deeply confusing, disturbing false spiritual teachings mixed in with a small portion of truth. I found it to be a dangerous spiritual elixir and felt prompted from within to move away from it as the years passed. What I kept which was sacred and holy to me was what I was learning from my study of the Urantia Book. The Urantia Book pre-dates the new age movement by at least 30 years, and should not be confused with the disturbed false teachings of so called “Ascended Masters.” I have written quite extensively about the origin of the false new age “Ascended Master” movement on 333 Crucible: The Divine Imperative.

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Patriots: How NOT to Blog & How NOT to Get Sent to Jail

8.19.2009 By Chase Hunter [ This essay means no harm and was not written to offend any policemen, policewomen, bloggers, real cowboys, fake cowboys, college aged males, any aged males, homeless people, or any type of official or unofficial journalists. … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Open Continues

Since I first wrote this piece below two weeks ago, unfortunately, several of the numbered list of items I had predicted to watch for have already begun to take place, namely more states asserting their sovereignty (this am 8.5.09 Texas), and spying and infiltration of the patriot movement by the US military. The documented fact that the military is now spying on USA activists was something we all suspected to be taking place, but now we have hard evidence. Continue reading

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