Misspelled Tattoos: A Chronicle of America's Inked Up Illiteracy


Oh, hell. I hate to even get started on this one. I see this not only every day everywhere, the new tattooed illiteracy, but it’s showing up on youtube.com in ever more noticeable ways.

One of the things we citizen journalists do is study the work and research of other citizen journalists. Last night I sat through 2 hours of otherwise really well done homegrown video production, except that every single text frame in the video had grotesque misspellings in it.

The misspelled words were so frequent and so horrendous I had to toss out any hope of including the work on any pf my blogs as a relevant re-post. This was a four hour long epic, with 48 video installments. Every text frame had grossly misspelled words in it. It was just embarrassing. Someone had spent literally hundreds of hours researching, editing and putting this thing together, and during those hundreds of hours of work, did not bother to use a spell checker to correct probably several hundred common words which were misspelled. Did these videographers assume their video content was so brilliant that everyone would overlook their functional illiteracy?

And then there are the famous “Jay Leno interview moments” when he asks some doe-eyed young college grad who is strolling through Burbank who our vice president is, and she has no idea, but she can sing the Burger King jingle word for word. Is it just me, or do other people think that this is kind of every day stupidity is now getting to be “not very funny at all anymore?” I see a real crisis here. Am I alone in feeling this way?

I was living in Seattle when the tattoo rage became a full fledged tsunami all over America. By the time the rest of the country was getting inked, the west coast had been pretty well inked up for nearly 15 years, so I have seen some pretty stomach turning examples. I found it particularly hard on me spiritually to witness the young pre-teen runaways in Seattle whose faces were covered in tattoos. Some of these kids were not much older than 12, 13, 14 years old. That was hard to look at.

But now we are descending into the next level of tattoo hell, complete with tattoo trauma, (that’s a tat gone way wrong), where eyes, teeth, gums, and even pets are now tattooed, never mind that the people can’t spell what’s being emblazoned on their body forever. The entire tattoo phenomenon has become a real blight on young people and a blight on our national pride. There are very few “normal looking” kids anywhere to be found in America anymore.

Looking as satanic as possible for some of these kids seems to be a vogue that becomes more extreme with every year that passes.

Just exactly how dumb are people becoming? Where is the real bottom here, the final portal of ultimate stupidity, and exactly how close are we to it?

I want to have my passport ready, because I am really not sure I want to grow old in an America where the young people all look like satanic monsters, they cannot spell their own names, and they will club and rob you for a few dollar bills, then throw their unwanted baby they just had in the restaurant ladies room into the outdoor dumpster before they step over you and leave without another thought about what they just did.

Chase Hunter

America’s young people are becoming more stupid, more tattooed, more violent and more spiritually unrecognizable every year. Here are the hall of fame entries for misspelled tattoos from Huff Post:


Most Ridiculous Public Access TV Moments

Tattooed Eyeballs – Please do not consider this link as an endorsement – actually, it’s more of a warning to the wise…do NOT do this to your eyes.

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