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Pole Shift Warning Signs Abound: Prophets Have Seen USA After the Pole Shift: Maps

Copyright 2011-3011 By I-Witness Internet Report, All Rights Reserved. Tags: pole shift safety lands, where to go after the poles shift, emergency preparedness, pole shift research, safety lands pole shift, earth changes, global flooding coastlines, global climate change, flooding, relocation … Continue reading

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Truth Researchers Report Censorship Appearing on Some Research Wikis, Facebook, Web Adverts

Copyright 2010-3010 I-Witness Internet Report, Updated on 12.19.2010 Yesterday I wrote about incidents of emerging censorship online [ see below ]. Today I add to that a new incident of the Dept of HHS simply “buying” an internet ad that … Continue reading

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Will Iphones Eventually Become Personal Spy Phones?

Copyright 12.16.2010 – 3010 by Chase Kyla Hunter, Re-posts permitted leaving, author, content, and links intact only. Patriot ALERT: DHS Designed Smart Phone App for Snitching on Friends, Neighbors, Attempting to Market App to Patriots By Naming it “PatriotAPP” I … Continue reading

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Super Sleuth

Copyright 11.29.2010 By CK Hunter, Re-post courtesy of the Daily Beck See also http://athensboy.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/wikileaks-hillary-clinton-and-the-smoking-gun/ TMI! Too much information. Coming to the end of “Wikileaks Monday” I am chuckling. Today was supposed to be “cyber-Monday” for internet holiday shopping, but for … Continue reading

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How Low Will Homeland Security Stoop in the Name of Protecting Americans? Full Body Scanners Go Too Far.

Copyright 11/16/2010 By CK Hunter The department of Homeland Security has now fully coalesced into America‘s own Orwellian brute force nanny-state. Americans have every right to be outraged by the way too touchy feely process of the new body pat-down … Continue reading

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Will The Supreme Court Strike Down Obamacare? Judge Napolitano Weighs the Issue.

Cover via Amazon 3.26.2010 By Chase K. Hunter Related article: courtesy of Newsmax.com Napolitano: Supreme Court to Strike Down Obamacare See http://newsmax.com/Headline/Andrew-Napolitano-barack-obama/2010/03/26/id/354008 D.C. Congressman to Napolitano: “Most of what we do down here, [D.C.] is not in the constitution.” A … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter Not Wanted as Speaker on Ottowa Canada Campus, Her Speech Canceled Due to Riots

Image via Wikipedia Canadian students consider what Ann Coulter does to be explicit hate speech, and they have let her know in no uncertain terms that it’s not welcome on their college Campus: Ann Coulter Speech Shut Down in Canada … Continue reading

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Tea Party Ending, Movement Unravels Over 3.21.10 Weekend

3.25.2010 Update By Chase K. Hunter Rage run loose is never a good thing, and right now the Tea Party movement is shooting an enormous hole in it’s own foot by outright bad public behavior. I am keeping a very … Continue reading

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Thousands rally to pull troops from 2 war zones

3.20.2010 Repost courtesy AP & news.yahoo.com AP – Henry Shoiket, 92, of Rutherford, N.J., joins other anti-war protesters in Lafayette Park across from … Play Video Barack Obama Video:Capitol Showdown: Obama Makes Last Healthcare Push CBS 2 New York Play Video Barack Obama … Continue reading

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GOP & Tea Party Movement Not Exactly A Match Made in Heaven

Sarah Palin 3.20. 2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter I began writing about the emerging tea party national coalition last July 2009. You, know during the “we were all astro-turf” period. I’m glad to see that one year later the rest … Continue reading

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