Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer: The Twitter Wars

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2.22.2010 By Chase Hunter

I’ll give Freedom Shouter Alex Jones credit for a brilliant turn of phrase, that has become absolute reality in 2010, even more so than it was in 2008 and earlier:  “info wars”.

Nearly every popular social networking platform is now also the front firing line in these battles of strident opinionating. Some battle more stupidly than others. All of it is abjectly disheartening and quite overwhelming. I find I cannot spend more than about an hor on twitter or I begin to feel stark raving mad. Does anyone else experience this on twitter? It’s not a relaxing digital hang out in the least.

So I rarely spend time on, as I happen to believe it’s one of the most useless activities in the known universe to spend time micro-blogging. You can say basically just enough to get into some deep hot water with several hundred million strangers, but this is apparently not stopping the Twitter platform from becoming the latest ground zero firing line in the great American info wars.

People use twitter in a thousand ways, but using it to keep tabs on political “enemies” is just the latest clever ploy of activists on both sides of the make believe paradigm of “left-vs-right”, “GOP vs. DNC” and “conservative vs. liberal”.

One must stand aside from “either or thinking” and view the entire milieu from above to get the gist of what is really taking place. I’m thinking maybe God is the one doing that these days, or on any given day, because it is very difficult to “rise above the fray” anymore in this country. Everyone everywhere is shouting either “for” or “against” something, and it’s crazy making.

People browse other’s tweets to ascertain their political and personal beliefs before deciding whether or not to follow that person. Well, yes. So, who else is browsing the tweet trail left by innocent tweeters who get online and opine to their heart’s content, as long as they can say it in 140 characters or less? That is the $64,000 question.

I found this tidbit today:

Follow Progressive Tweets on Twitter

Current Events by PaulRevere

Ever heard keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

I just found this… how to follow progressive tweets on twitter.

I found it on this website where progressive types seem to like to hang out, when they aren’t messing up the country for the rest of us.

Here are a few twitter hash tags that are being used by the liberals and progressives.

#hcr #hc09 #PublicOption #p2 #SINGLEPAYER #topprogs

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2 Responses to Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer: The Twitter Wars

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  2. geschenke says:

    I haven’t used twitter so far, but I guess in future there won’t be a successfull website without facebook, twitter and google.

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