Relaxing in my so called "down time"….Guess what I do?

3.10.2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter

I have a little secret talent that I did not know I had until career boredom and web design exhaustion drove me to despair enough that I began trolling the web, looking for FUN new things to do that had NOTHING to do with writing code or talking to rich, rude, over dressed, poorly spoken, obstinate web design clients with chronic bad breath.

The operative word here being “FUN”.

That’s how I discovered my knack for picking stocks. It must be a shamanic, thing but I have always been irresistibly drawn to everything that comes from the earth herself:  gems, minerals, semi-precious and precious stones, everything produced in nature, by nature, and the more mystically it was produced by mother earth, the more I utterly loved it. Crystals as well,  just utterly fascinate me. I’ve been known to drive for 4 hours to have a chance just to dig crystals out of the ground. It’s the ultimate “easter egg” hunt in nature.

So it makes sense that from playing with penny stocks that I would eventually also fall  in love with everything metallic:  gold silver, platinum, palladium, copper, bronze, if it twinkled, had intrinsic value, and came up out of deep in the ground, I was MOST DEFINITELY into it. I had discovered a whole new universe to play in. I fell in.

Now it’s 5 years later, I made some money along the way, that’s always thrilling, especially when you find a little known stock that no one is paying any attention to, and whoosh, “thar she blows” about 4-8 weeks later. Have this happen to you, even once, and you’re hooked.

Hey. I can think of worse ways to spend my down time.

So I have finally decided to share a little bit of what I learned plying my “metals mining relaxation habit” with the world, so I am building a new blog. It’s tailored to unlikely people in unlikely circumstances who choose to do unlikely things at unlikely moments.

Sound like you? Stop on by!

If you are inclined to get your feet wet with metals mining stocks, penny stock investing, and all things shiny, blingy, twinkly, and potentially VERY valuable you can visit me in my “off” hours over at:

Gold Silver Stock Picks, Bullion, Coins, Gifts, Jewelry, Boots, Hats, Books, Art, Gems, Minerals, CDs, DVDs, Music, Blingy Bling Things.

Here are a few sample posts to whet your appetite for all things gold, silver, metals, and mining companies:

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What Kind of Jewelry Are the Stars Wearing These Days?
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Featured: 1 Oz. .999 Pure Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Less than $21.00I believe that jewelry tends to follow more classic inclinations and it seems to me that jewelry design trends do not wear thin as quickly as other seasonal fashions. I like to peek at what the stars are wearing from time to time, just to check the pulse of current tastes in jewelry design. I found this little…
The Hottest Trends in Jewelry for 2009 & 2010: Make Smart Choices When You Buy
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Featured: 1 Oz. .999 Pure Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Less than $21.00My favorite from their assortment is the Bulgari Ring. I love the clean classic lines, the timelessness and lack of trendiness in this piece of jewelry. It will wear s well in 2039 as it would have in 1949. That’s what I look for. See photo at the end of this post. Mouthwatering! On this page I have selected some…
Top Ten Jewelry Design Websites: Hottest Bling Portals
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See your bling really sing? And by that I mean, is it going up in value? Always buy 24k gold, and sterling silver to insure that what you wear today holds it’s value tomorrow. Platinum is superb, but pricey. If money is no object then definitely buy platinum. Always have your jewelry photographed, describe it carefully and have it…
A Brief Introduction to Penny Stocks for Beginners
Mar 07, 2010
Featured: 1 Oz. .999 Pure Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Less than $21.00Reposted Courtesy of End The FED Penny Stock Blog A Brief Introduction to Penny StocksPosted by PennyStocks on February 26, 2010 at 2:39amView PennyStocks’s blogA penny stock is any stock that sells for under $5. It is listed on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or the Pink Sheets.The OTC Bulletin Board is…
============= Website Information for Penny Stock Traders: Subscribe for News
Mar 07, 2010
Featured: 1 Oz. .999 Pure Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Less than $21.00 I’d like for readers to notice what the first paragraph of this site’s text mentions:”a tiny junior mining company”That’s where the money is RE: investing in small cap firms between 2010 and 2015. That’s why I started my blog.  I keep looking for others who “get it” and I am not finding too many. I…
Greg McCoach: “2010 To Be A Break-Out Year for Silver” – Are You Buying Bullion? I am.
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Featured: 1 Oz. .999 Pure Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Less than $21.00″2010 Will Be A Break-Out Year for Silver Prices:” – Greg McCoachObscure Mining Stock Picked by Clairvoyant Penny Stock Trader Jumped Over 50% in Last Friday => New MUST READ investing blogBob Chapman has predicted silver could run up as high as $100 per ounce in 2010? In L.A. people are now paying for groceries…
Heads Up Day Traders: Watch GMO Early Am Monday March 9th 2010
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Featured: 1 Oz. .999 Pure Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Less than $21.00Friday March 5th Closing Bell:  Silver Talent’s Watch List:  Big Winner was GMO Related articles Investment Rarities: Demand for American Silver Eagle Coins Hits Record Levels ( Pole Shift Witness Gold & Silver Investment Store ( of the Day:…

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