How to Stay Safe in Your Town or City

Stress, Unemployment, Family breakdown, and Civil Unrest Combine to Create A New Urban Landscape We All Must Adjust to.

1) Try to take a friend, companion or family member when you need to travel to any unfamiliar place, whether in your own hometown, or another location

2) Always be aware of several exit routes when in a mall or public building; keep your cell phone charged and with you at all times.

3) No more than necessary, do not strike up conversations with absolute strangers; avoid persons who exhibit unusual or aggressive behaviors in public such as talking loudly to themsleves or others, pacing restlessly, staring or glaring at others with malice, or general irritability toward an unotherwise pleasant peaceful environment.

4) Avoid taking up “hot issues” and discussing same with people you do not know on the street. You may not know but something you might say in innocence during such an exchange may “trigger” an angry or unstable individual to act on their personal frustrations on you, either verbally or physically.

5) Do not assume you know everything about people you may live close to or work with. Many times people come into a new town with a criminal past, and / or they are travelling to avoid arrest or prosecution on outstanding warrants in their own cities. In general, stay close to the people you know and love and watch your children like a hawk. Never hire a nanny or babysitter who is brand new to your town without doing a thorough background check and follow up on references with due diligance.

6) Listen to your deepest spiritual gut instincts about new people in your community who seem “too good to be true” who suddenly show up in your life, at work as a new hire, or arrive out of the blue in your town or neighborhood. Avoid all gossip, and give all newcomers the spiritual benefit of the doubt, but stand back and watch how they behave toward peers as time goes by. Some people who may be trying to avoid prosecution or are running from outstanding warrants out-of-state can only keep up the “honeymoon good behaviors” in a new community for so long before their real character emerges and they will usually reveal who they actually are by their own behaviors toward others over time. Stand back, be polite but reserved, and watch from afar.

7) Watch out for the elders in your life and neighborhood who are unusually suseptible to scams, crime, in-home care workers who may have a criminal past, or other dangers. Our elders grew up in a different America, and they tend to be more trusting of strangers and offers from strangers. Look after those close to you who innocently invite strangers into their homes or lifes.

8) Do not take in the homeless, no matter how dire their circumstances may seem by their stories. Direct them lovingly to the nearest shelter, or YWCA, church charity or other public facility which has been set up to care for and help the homeless to get back on their feet and get working again.

9) If you witness or overhear an act of domestic violence toward a woman, man or child don’t just look the other way! Contact the authorities and report what you have seen. You could be saving the life of a wife, husband or child in deep danger and distress and you would certainly want to have someone come to your own aid if a relative went off the deep end suddenly and began beating you or your child. Speak up to the police, and never assume that it will just work itself out. A man who strikes a woman or child and gets away with it will do it again. Stop the trend toward spousal or child abuse before it escalates by contacting the authorities anonymously to report what you have seen. Someone’s life can be saved if you do.

By Chase Hunter, Re-posted from 2009

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