The Best of Kathleen Keating: Radio Interviews, Links, Articles

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2.26.2010 By blog author  CK Hunter

For those who do not know who Kathleen Keating is, she is a Christian writer and investigative journalist who was close friends with Father Malachi Martin before he died. Many believe that Malachi Martin was killed for revealing some of the dark secrets inside the Vatican and Jesuit priesthood. We may never know, but while he was alive he and Kathleen were close and he revealed many things to her, one of which was the hidden identity of the man who would appear as the Son of Perdition at a certain point in human history. He identified that man as none other than Maitreya, the new age guru who is affiliated with Share International, which is the reason I write and post to this blog.

Kathleen Keating authored a book in 1999 called “Final Warning” which identified Maitreya to the world. He was so ruffled that she managed to get the book into print, in spite of an onslaught of witchcraft which as being aimed at her, that he actually paid her an unannounced visit. Kathleen described this visit in a historic radio interview with Art Bell in 2001. It was several months before 9-11. Art Bell retired shortly after this interview aired.

[Or was he “retired” by the illuminati under threat of death? We may never know, but he no longer lives on U.S. soil. For those who do not know, Art Bell is also a 33 degree mason, so do not get the idea that he is just an innocent radio broadcaster.]

At this time there is an ongoing mystery as to why an expensive and elaborate PR and ad campaign was launched to present “Maitreya” to the public. Publicist Benjamin Creme went to great lengths to proclaim that Maitreya had “stepped forward”. All the world public ever saw was a TV interview on the Colbert Report featuring economist Raj Patel, who denies being the new identity of Maitreya.

Whatever Kathleen Keating did with the publication of her book, she has apparently bought the world some time, and given devout Christians and spiritual people of faith in all religions extra time to learn more, prepare more spiritually, anchor our faith in God, network more, and spread the word discreetly that the man who in scripture is referred to as the man of sin, and the Son of Perdition is among the people of the world, although living in hiding.

[ The indictment of the Ancient of Days has already been posted into the public record on the internet in a discreet location, and the case is now sealed against this spiritual imposter. ]

Here are more links for the reader about Kathleen Keating.

The Woman Who Intimidated the Antichrist – A Dossier on Kathleen Keating

Bible Codes on Kathleen Keating

Kathleen Keating Report from in 2000

Kathleen Keating Confirms Earlier Statement

Kathleen Keating & Father Nicholas Gruner Part 1

More Kathleen Keating Videos from civilian37

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9 Responses to The Best of Kathleen Keating: Radio Interviews, Links, Articles

  1. shelley says:

    Do you know what happened to Kathleen Keating? I used to listen to her podcasts, but they stopped and her websites are down. Thanks!

    • CK Hunter says:

      No, I don’t, and many others are also asking. If you go to one of my oher blogs which is – you will find articles, posts and links to many of Kathleen Keating’s really memeorable and historic radio interviews. Just visit the site and search “kathleen keating” – I post her materials and links to her work frequnelty, so you might want to subscribe to the sie. Blessings,

      Chase, site author for

  2. Dan says:

    I must inform you that your information from Civilian37 is flawed regarding Kathleen Keating and her “friendship” with Father Malachi Martin. The truth of the matter is that they were never very close; Father Martin was only an advisor on a book that she was writing. Father Martin did a lot of such consulting work and also wrote the “Forewards” for many Catholic authors’ books. That does not mean he was close friends with all of them.

    He certainly did not reveal to her or anyone else the hidden identity of the man who would appear as Antichrist as he did not know who this man was or is. When he was alive, Father Martin made it clear that he did not know the identity of Antichrist. He even stated that he did not believe that it was Maitreya. He very clearly stated this on Art Bell’s show to a caller who called in and asked his opinion about Maitreya. Cilvilian37 should know this as I believe that he has this interview wtith Father Martin on his “You Tube” channel.

    If am mistaken and he does not have it, it is easily found with a “You Tube” search. He should do his research and not make things up for the sake of sensational effect. For this reason, I find this individual to be less than honest or at the very least negligent in verifying what he is talking about. “Shooting from the hip” with facts is very irresponsible, especially when you are speaking about people who are no longer alive.

    Finally, in spite of all the stories on the internet, the truth is that Father Martin died from a fall in his apartment. It was the typical accident that happens to someone who is around eighty years of age and suffers a stroke. This has been testified to those who were actually his friends, unlike Kathleen Keating. One such person is Ralph Sarchie, who assisted Father Martin in exorcisms. Another is Father Charles Fiore.

    You should be careful to provide accurate information before you put it up on the internet. I dislike having to read such an article so full of mistakes and sensationalism.

    • CK Hunter says:

      I’m sorry but you are dead wrong. I have listened to many of Kathleen Keating’s radio interviews with Art Bell, which were historic, and she states herself, in her own words, many details about their friendship. I do not believe she would have any reason to fabricate such comments. If they were close friends she would not lie about it. You’re incorrect here. Thanks for your site visit.


  3. darlene says:

    but you still never said what happened to Kathleen Keating? Its like she fell off the face of the earth.

    • CK Hunter says:

      I think that she may be living in hiding. Many Christians are wondering where she is as well, I am sure her life was in danger after the publication of her last book “Final Warning.” You can order the book through

      I also live in hiding and publish under a pen name for my safety. Even so, I still go through all kinds of weirdness trying to keep these blogs alive – the FEDs do not want the truth about Maitreya out there at all.


  4. I used to get kathleen;s e-mails and miss her so much and her truths..I have read final Warning . I pray she is ok.

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