2012 Pole Shift, Earth Changes, Freak Weather, Early Warning Signs, Indicators

For a comprehensive overview of the possibility of a pole shift between 2012 and 2019 visit my original pole shift research site at 2012 Pole Shift Witness.

Geologic Crustal Displacement:

Pole Shift Early Warning Signs

Expect the unexpected, increasingly, as the pole shift approaches.

Safe Lands After The Pole Shift: Speculative Artist Rendering

Watch for an increase in:

Therefore I shall make the heavens tremble,
. . . And the earth will be shaken from its place
At the fury of the LORD of hosts
. . . In the day of His burning anger. (Isa. 13:13).

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15 Responses to 2012 Pole Shift, Earth Changes, Freak Weather, Early Warning Signs, Indicators

  1. worddreams says:

    I spent considerable time researching the affects of the impending magnetic pole reversal and found none of the above. Your list makes sense, though it’s impossible to prove with the last pole reversal 780,000 years ago. We know it’s coming because the magnetism is decreasing at the poles. It may be 2012, but we won’t really know for hundreds or thousands of years.

    • Chase Hunter says:

      I intuit the general window is anywhere from 2012 to 2015. If the universe is kind it may only be a slight dip and a wobble, anything more severe will cause catatrophic loss of life on a scale hard to speak about. I disagree with your dating though. Can you post some links showing where you come up with that date for the past shift? I actually believe the global flooding recorded in the bible as Noah’s flood was related to the last pole shift, some 3,600 years ago. Visit http;//yowusa.com, which is the research site of Marshall Masters, and listen to his free audio download of
      the Egyptian Book of Kolbrin. The Egyptians recorded a catatrophic world event right around the date of Noah’s flood as well. See:




  2. worddreams says:

    It may be terminology. I equated ‘pole shift’ with ‘pole reversal’ also called ‘magnetic pole reversals’ of which there have been many–51 reversals in a 12-million-year period, most of them 15 million years ago. Good discussion here http://www.phy6.org/earthmag/reversal.htm

    • Chase Hunter says:

      I got that confused in the opening moments of my research too. There are two things to study:

      the electromagnetic poles switching, or reversing, which is very close to taking place. The electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic north pole has been slipping slipping slipping and relocating by degrees for a very long time, but what’s interesting is that it really started moving and re-locating with greater frequency and degree since the alte 80s early 90s – here’s some info:

      The red dots indicate True North, that is, the absolute geographic north of this planet (North Pole); and Magnetic North, 1,500 miles in a southerly direction from it. The central axis (Agonic Line) of the magnetic field extends through the planet to the South Magnetic Pole at Antarctica. When off Florida, both the North Pole and the Magnetic Pole are in line. The Compass truly points to the North Pole here but only briefly. It is merely incidental because Magnetic North is directly due south of the North Pole here.

      and the literal physical pole shift……..where there is an actual physical crustal displacement, [ such as was dramatized in the film 2012] where the mantle of the earth actually slips and moves, like the loosened peel of an orange might slip and reposition itself around the core – the Kolbrin bible describes a literal crustal displacement or crustal geologic repositioning some 3600 years ago. Not to drag “conspiracy theory” into this, but he global elites know all about the physical pole shift to come – that’s why they built the seed bank in the deep snowy north and why they are building and stocking underground facilities where they can live and even grow food down there – were you aware that several governments of the world are doing this? Here is another video…….apparently they plan to live through any geologic pole shift and leave us to broil on the surface in such an event:

      <a href="“>

      My other website is just packed with research about this – see
      http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com – click the videos page, or just run a seach term. Back to you then……



  3. texmexlex says:

    where will we go?

  4. Felix says:

    i love the vids guys. i am fascinated with this whole 2012 thing i have recently got into it. the weather is getting worse and something is going to happen something big in 2012-2015 but thankyou all for the vids

  5. Hello, i found your site at yahoo and you are providing interesting stuff. I like it,

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