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Testimony of Prophecy

By Russell Redden

Overwhelming Biblical evidence exists that the wicked ruler defeated by the Messiah in the latter days is from the region once known as Assyria or Babylonia. This article was written to respond to arguments made by Mr. Bill Salus in his blog, asserting that the book of Daniel refutes this belief. I will quote from the relevant portions of his paper, and conclude with passages that clarify this Eschatological interpretation. Mr. Salus writes:
“Daniel 9:26 refutes this presumption in that it gives us the most detailed literal account within the entirety of scripture as to the origin of this individual. Therein we are informed that the Antichrist will originate from the people who would eventually destroy the city of Jerusalem, and the sanctuary, referring to the second Jewish temple.”
The problem with this argument is that it relies on the English translation of Daniel 9:26, and ignores…

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