Why Shopping At Thrift Stores Is Best

The inside view of a Shopping Mall

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Copyright Chase Kyla Hunter 7.20.2009

Sometimes the Holy Spirit has the oddest ways of protecting innocent human beings from unimagined harms that they might never suspect existed. Let’s take for example, shopping for clothes. That is something we all must do from time to time, lest we just run naked and make headline news locally for all the wrong reasons.

I happen to hate shopping malls.  Every time I walk through one I can energetically “feel” the advertising subliminals being pumped at memall-interior everywhere I go. It’s an odd spiritual side effect of being clairvoyant that can be very uncomfortable. The bizarre piped in music gives me spiritual nausea.  The vibe in general feels somewhat like being accidentally included in the herding of people like cattle from one advert assault to the next.  I would surmise that strolling through a typical American shopping mall exposes the average person’s psyche to more than 1000 advertisements per hour before you finally exit the consumer cattle maze  in a fuzzy over-stimulated stupor.

From store to store, the merchandise is just  shabby. The fabrics are the cheapest thinnest possible cloth that can be cut and made into clothing, the garments are plastered with garish corporate logos. (I’m sorry. Do I look like a billboard? Do I look like ANYBODY’S billboard?) The most ridiculous part of “mall shopping” is that from store to store – with only a few exceptions – every garment looks exactly alike. These are consumer products designed for people too stupid to discern the difference from one garment to the next. The American dumbing down is now complete.

Truly the people who design some of this this butt ugly daily attire must take us

Umm... Is it just me, or is there a REAL Gap between the quality of the clothes shown in the ads and what's actually on the shelves.

Is it just me, or is there a REAL Gap between the quality of the clothes shown in the ads and what's actually available on store shelves?

for real fools. I imagine enormous factories in India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Mexico, Vietnam, each one as large as twenty football fields, all producing the identical garments, stone washed jeans, thin ridiculously shabby new t-shirts, jackets, et al – and then they get rolled off in bundles to different sections of the factory where they are then “branded” by having a different label sewn into the neck, a certain little trademark coloring, shoulder tear, Gothic renaissance cathedral-ish logo silk screened on, and away they go: into the world of make-believe they are shipped into the retail realm of  “let’s make-believe we’re different brands of clothes”, all coming right out of the same factory. Nobody knows the truth. Factory bosses are sworn to secrecy in smokey dimly lit rooms. Clueless store managers never look twice because they hate their jobs anyway and would rather be at home looking at internet porn.

One day this summer out of sheer boredom I spent an afternoon “casing” my local shopping mall. I was wondering if my theory about mass produced “brands” that actually all come from the same overseas factories could be proven, if only to myself.

I also wondered if new world order subliminals are actually being silk screened into the designs on youth t-shirts. (Yes, they are, and many of them are Satanic and Illuminati symbols, especially college aged casual wear.)  So NWO 1congratulations all you mind fogged university studs cavorting around on skateboards, dolled up in the latest fall fashions from the local mall.

You are now an official mobile billboard for Illuminati corporate “mind f—k” advertising.

I bet alot of you don’t even care, as long as you look like a prime time TV spot for Mountain Dew as you fly by.

I visited 9 stores. Each store had garments designed for people aged 14 to 35 that were practically IDENTICAL. Only the logos, certain colors and cuts varied from store to store. It was shameless, very visible and very consistent. It turned out that was right all along. The only thing that had changed over time was the nature of the “ad subliminals”.

The proper term now would be “overts” – the symbols, art, words, phrases, logos, all carried the same theme, that theme in general being “Obey”. One t-shirt said “obey or die”, and this message was only thinly veiled over with Gothic imagery. You could read the text clearly. One wonders: do the kids who buy these shirts wonder why the text rads “Obey or die?” Do they even stop t wonder what they are advertising when they wear one of these mall garments?

My mall merchandise analysis turned out to be decidedly creepy.  It was also really obvious to anyone who is spiritually alive, has eyes, does a little homework, and notices the world around them that new world order suggestions, phrases, images and motifs are now plastered all over teen and youth garments in shopping malls. Why should a t-shirt read “Obey or Die?” Is that a good idea, given that gang violence is one our biggest inner city and small town crime issues?

Is it no wonder they think we are stupid consuming cattle, too dim to even figure out that they silkscreen Illuminati messages onto our crispy brand new shopping mall attire?

Hidden RFID Chips Sewn into Certain New Garments, Shoes, Purses

When I was even younger (and even better looking) than I am now  I shopped at malls for new clothes, like most everyone else I knew. About 65% of the time, name brand new clothes fell apart with the first washing or dry cleaning. sometimes I would return to the mall du jour and gripe, get a refund, sometimes I would get someone to sew something for me.

Eventually it got old. As time passed, I began to value that $50 bill I had worked hard for enough not to just throw it away on a so-called name brand garment that would inevitably fall apart way too soon. After a long time, I drifted into bargain hunting at thrifts and flea markets for good solid well worn used clothes that could take the wear and tear I would give them and still hold up. The login being that if they had lived that long with someone else, they could also live awhile in my lifestyle too. The re-cycling chiche of course was timely.

And it made sense to let some over paid and probably under-talented “mainstream dude” pay $150 for the flannel shirt. Then a year later I would pay $5 for it and wear it happily for ten years. Earth smiles. I smile. Overpaid dude still shops at over-priced stores because he has a small penis and it makes him feel virile to spend money. Whatever. Worn shirts are more comfortable than new ones. Same for jeans.  Logical.

And so for these reasons,  I happen have a real penchant for treasure hunting – digging through thrift store shelves, yard sales, garage sales, bargains, designer labels cast away by their millionaire owners after being worn once or twice – or I just swap items with friends when they no longer fit me.  Or I just get bored with the same old jacket. My buddy admires my well worn jacket. I admire his. We swap, both are happy.

So imagine my surprise to learn this evening that most all new clothes now have RFID chips sewn into the garment discreetly, so that unbeknownst to the wearer, he or she is being tracked and surveilled in their newest Gucci suit, or via their new purse, or high heels, Nikes. whatever.

My odd little frugal Scottish habit of preferring thrift store bargains to crispy new mall attire has saved me from being watched by the Illuminati eye in the sky. Hilarious. No wonder the meek will inherit the earth. The rich and powerful will be so covered in tacitly placed RFID chips they will light up like a Christmas tree every time they stroll past a reader. Truly God really does have the sweetest sense of humor.  He has been looking after me all this time. Who cares if I am not the best dressed bohemian this side of the Atlantic? My peculiarly mismatched wardrobe is “RFID  chip free”, and I intend to stay that way. – CKH 7.20.2009

Essay Copyright CKH 2009-3009 All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Permission is granted to reprint intact with a link back to original on this blog for non-commercial uses only.

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