Katie Couric's Epic Fail: Promoting Human RFID Chipping to the Masses

More Proof the Mainstream Media Loathes Heartland America

02.12.2010 By Chase Hunter

The evidence is overwhelming that wt we used to call the mainstream media has now become the daily propaganda war room tool of new world order elites who use it to wage info-war on the American people. I see dozens of these reports daily, but here are just a few selected items of evidence in the daily info-wars:

Tracking Liberal Media Bias Since 1996
Friday February 12, 2010 @ 09:30 AM EST

1. Obama’s Disapproval Jumps, Couric Instead Stresses: ‘Most Think His Priority is Serving the People’
In a new CBS News/New York Times poll, President Barack Obama’s disapproval level jumped five points, to 45 percent since the last survey in mid-January, with approval now at just 46 percent, but Thursday’s CBS Evening News skipped that bad news for Obama and instead highlighted some better news for the President. Though 80 percent said “members of Congress more interested in serving special interest groups” than the American people, “the President gets better marks on that score,” Katie Couric touted, as “most think his priority is serving the people.” Reporter Nancy Cordes relayed how “only 29 percent think the GOP is trying to work with the President, while 62 percent think Mr. Obama is reaching across the aisle.”

2. MSNBC’s Ratigan: Tea Party Includes ‘Birthers,’ ‘Open Racists,’ and ‘Outright Nazis’
On Monday’s ‘The Dylan Ratigan Show’ on MSNBC, host Dylan Ratigan began the program by ranting: “The tea party has a bit of an integrity problem, as everybody from birthers, to open racists, to outright Nazis are actually on the team. And no one involved, including its leadership, seems to mind that fact.” To justify his outrageous smear of the political movement, Ratigan cited one woman who attended the weekend tea party convention in Nashville, Tennessee: “I just couldn’t sit down anymore and not do anything. Because it reminded me of what happened during the rein of Hitler.”

3. ABC Highlights Joe Biden to Deride ‘Out There’ Comments by Sarah Palin
Good Morning America’s Kate Snow on Thursday highlighted a clip of Joe Biden for a piece on Sarah Palin and her “out there” comments. The Vice President, who has made several verbal gaffes of his own, derided, “Some of the comments made are just so far, sort of, out there, I just don’t know where they come from.”

4. NYT’s John Broder Calls Climate Change Skeptics ‘Deniers,’ Some Are ‘Relatively Uninformed’
New York Times reporter John Broder talks about his front-page climate change story in a nytimes.com podcast: “Well, naturally the skeptics and those who are, you know, relatively uninformed about the climate debate will look out the window and see two or three feet of snow and more coming down, and ask themselves, ‘What’s with all the global warming?'” Broder also termed those who don’t believe that man is causing the planet to dangerously overheat “deniers” — a hostile term in the running debate.

More news stories about human RFID chipping and the

heinous plans of the Rockefeller family for humanity:

The RFID Battle: Frontlines

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