Oil + HAARP = Haiti Quake and a US / NWO Occupation

Oil + HAARP = Haiti Quake and a US / NWO Occupation Disguised as a Rescue Mission

Looks like that’s what they did, your tax dollars at work. This is highly controversial and I warn to use discretion when speaking about it, or better yet, keep it under the radar and do not speak about it at all until the truth movement learns more. All you big shot blogging outlets need to stop talking about movie stars bedrooms and face lifts, and get busy looking for the truth behind the mirage.

Evil thrives when good men and women do nothing.

Your souls are accountable for publishing irrelevant high society dribble and other social fecal matter and “looking the other way.” This is what it appears has happened. Please, I implore you:  look into it.

For those  unsuspecting “innocents” who have no idea what the UN is capable of in tandem with it’s “world police force” – which is the US military, please read this essay linked here and watch the 45 minute video history of the UN at the end of the essay. This is not a “new” idea. This kind of thing has been done before: tinkering and meddling in the affairs of another smaller poor and vulnerable nation to exploit their resources. [ Duh: How do you think the British Empire was built?]  What makes this most heinous of any event yet in American history is that our nation’s military now holds in it’s possession the ultimate 007 evil weapon of world mass destruction – HAARP technology, which can burst organs, incite madness and psychotic breaks, change weather, create earthquakes, make people think they are hearing voices, and of course, create Norway Spirals.

You think me mad? I think the madness I see all around me is the catastrophic level of denial going on in America about what our goverment is really up to, and what they are capable of. Pray for this nation, because evil principalities and powers of great stealth and brilliance have usurped our federal government and it started a very long time ago.


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Here’s  the piece on the history of the UN and how they have usurped our government and US sovereignty:


It’s Time for Every American To Know the Truth About the Hidden Agenda of the United Nations & the Council on Foreign Relations

Most people do not know that for the more than 50 years that the UN has been in existence, their strenuous and calculated “back door approach” to coercing the United States government into seceding it’s sovereignty has become one of the bloodiest and most furtive, wicked end games in human history.

council on foreign relationsMost Americans are still woefully ignorant of the fact that both political parties, the DNC and the GOP, are now fully controlled in secret by UN operatives who are members of the heinous but brilliant CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York city. The facts presented in this well made 1 hour long documentary will make every American’s blood boil. After you watch it, you will finally understand why REAL American patriots fully get it – that this is NOT about the left vs. the right, or about liberals vs. conservatives, or blacks vs. white, or even gay vs. gay hating neo conservatives straights, or WHATEVER petty little warring boxes they draw people off into with the daily fake news.

This battle for the soul of our country is about the American people versus the United Nations and it’s hidden Luciferian roots.

Sitting at the heart of the UN’s Lucis Trust inspired ideology is the their ongoing wet dream of a world without United States sovereignty, with American citizens unarmed and stripped of all constitutional and civil rights to dissent from official UN policy. If you want to know where it is exactly that the UN wants to take us, what kind of future they have planned for Americans in secret, have a look at what they have done already to Great Britain. British citizens have been disarmed and there is another eye in the sky surveillance camera bearing down on them every 20 yards or less. Our UK friends in the dream of real freedom, the Brits, ae being surrveilled to death by degrees. Their government will gladly pay spies to rat out their neighbors for a handsome sum, for just about any little infraction.british society under surveillance

I’m sure by now the reader has stumbled once or twice across one of those college frat boy, hard rock, homegrown videos that circulate youtube.com – with the weird anti new world order mashup of bad graphics, loud thrashing music, with secret Satan worshipping freemasonry illuminati symbolism going back to the dawn of time, being flashed before your eyes. A the end the really brave videographer actually shows his face and speaks his mind about what he has learned in our fight to keep America out of the UN luciferin elite’s clutches. These vids are not the most tasteful things you ever watched over dinner, but you know what?

tea party movementThese are the young American men and women who GET IT. They know where the battle lines are drawn. These are the guys who are going to throw the usurpers out of congress and the senate, shutter the offices of the CFR in NYC, better yet torch it, forever, and vote into office actual red blooded Americans who will vote “no” to UN membership entirely one day soon, returning Washington D.C. to it’s rightful owners, the natural born citizens and legal immigrants of the United States of America, minus the satanic CFR, and minus the UN blood suckers.

The stronger and more insidious the hidden evil, the stronger my words lashing out in truth and righteous indignation against it. Thus, this little tome’ as an intro to the video. The next time a youtuber gets in your face on his video screen and yells “Wake up America!!” you will have watched this video a couple of times, and you too, will GET IT. After you GET IT, you will know what to do next, which is to put down that TV remote, get off the sidelines, and join your countrymen of every plausible degree of celebratory uniqueness and differences – and join this battle to take our country back. It’s not too late for you to actually grow a pair, and do something other than download porn, bet on ball games, and watch epic fail moments.

When the end comes, whatever God wills it to be, will you be able to live with yourself?
Will you be able to say that you made an effort to understand what all the fuss is about? Will you be able to day that you cared enough to try to do something about our country slowly being eaten from within by these UN parasites on the heart of the nation?

Does a human life matter? Does the loss of even one human life constitute an agonizing tragedy for all others to life is preciousconfront? If you answered “no” to either one of these questions, then go park your sorry epic failed ass up in NYC at the door of the CFR and join them. You are not one of us. The sheer magnitude of bloodshed, death, and gruesome genocidal killing done in the nane of the UN’s goals and intentions is going to stagger you when you watch this video. Do not allow America to become another casuality on the world nation epic fail list. Do what your heart knows you should be doing. Begin by watching this video.


By Chase Hunter, on the anniversary of Barack Obama’s Inauguration. Happy inaugural first year Mr. Frankenstein King. I am still watching you. I am still waiting for you to stop making love with the UN and start acting like the President of the United States of America. I have a dream, too.


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