"Maitreya's" TV Interview Was A No Show! The Value of Nothing

The Value of Nothing: The Cowardly Act of Hiding “Maitreya’s” Supposed TV Interview Using Bait and Switch Advertising Fraud

See:  http://www.simedia.org/new/pr/Maitreya-Steps-Forward.pdf

Let’s say that a PR and advertising man had been given the job of trying to promote a man who was destined to be one of the most reviled and despised individuals in human history, since the times of Christ some 2,000 years ago, a man whose name adds to 666 in at least 3 sacred languages, a man whom Christians have been taught is the “Antichrist” – the final Imposter, the Son of Perdition, the Man of Sin.

And lets’ say this man has already demonstrated his absolute narcissism and disdainful hubris years earlier by proclaiming, ahead of time, in fact, nearly 30 years ahead of time, back in 1982, in variously tacit ways, that he is the Second Coming of Christ, and all things to all world religions, setting the stage for some sort of grand display of himself to the world at a future date in his first world appearance.

Twenty five or thirty years passes by. When the much baly-hooed event finally takes place, after glossy TV spots with emotive music have aired on CNN, and youtube has been plastered with videos of the now [ confirmed artificial HAARP blue beam holographic ] “stars” – including the recent Norway Spiral, and the time finally comes for this man of all men to give his first TV interview.

What do you suppose might happen? I will tell you what happened.

The Value of Nothing happened.

The TV interview was a non-event.

In fact, truth researchers everywhere have looked high and low for any sign that any actual TV interview took place featuring the man shown in photos on the Share International website as being “Maitreya” and that interview is nowhere to be found – in any country, much less in America, [ which, by the way IS STILL a Christian nation.]

What was sold to the world instead was a manic, stuttering,  youngish  east indian author and economist named Raj Patel (not sure about that spelling) who was recently being passed off as the secret “Maitreya.”

Raj Patel IS NOT the same man who is pictured on the Share International website, thus the value of nothing.

I am convinced now more than ever – judging from these above described manuevers and bluffs, and the bait and switch approach to introducing “someone” to the world, that the spiritual fraud about this man Maitreya is getting worse by the minute.

The actual news release pertaining to the “interview that never was” is buried deep on a Share International sister website, and the url which purports to actually show the TV interview is embedded in a PDF so that it cannot be clicked on.

What are these people hiding? Creme has announced and advertised and shouted and lectured about the greatest horse race since Seabiscuit for more than 25 years now, and they have yet to produce a race horse: “Maitreya.”

Instead they slithered around the edges of the world media and pretended to give an interview, using an entirely different individual.


Something smells rotten over at Share International. If it walks like a hoax, and talks like a hoax, and smells like a hoax, I believe it is a HOAX, and that would indeed give us the value of nothing.

Chase Hunter


What Other Truth Researchers Have to Say:


About “The Divine Imperative”

“The Divine Imperative” simply means the sense of an urgent need to address within one’s inner self all which is truly of God and His vast Heavenly realms in every sense of the word. The world is reeling from the non-stop onslaught of intentionally misleading hedonistic, decadent and deceptive false spiritual teachings during this time of crisis in the soul of humanity. Added to that, daily advertisements in every city across the globe spew forth the filth of the lower astral 4th dimensional plane into people’s homes, cars, workplace, cell phones, covering the landscape with every distraction one could imagine. This is by the design of those who have usurped this world and ruled it in a wicked and Godless manner. Popular writers call these men and women the illuminati, the new world order, or the hidden global elite. Their souls fell with Lucifer 200,000 years ago. They follow him still today.

Thus, it is now a Divine Imperative that all souls of Light who love God, adore and worship His Son, Lord Jesus Christ, the TRUE King of Kings, the Creator Son of our local universe creation, should now begin to step away from these darkening urban landscapes (which may soon fall under martial law), gather their families and friends, and discreetly retreat into the peace and tranquility of small uncorrupted rural villages, to be closer to nature, creating quiet close-knit non-denominational “Intentional Communities of the Spirit”, where the leadings of the Spirit of Truth can bring them into a deeper awareness of their own inner potential Divinity. Personal self sufficiency is now of the utmost importance and there is little time left to prepare for the hard days of tribulation to come.

Every fallen man and woman who is still living by the secular Godless media’s subconscious programming commands, (also known as TV “programs”) has a window of opportunity to turn their back on an inverting,  satanic, media driven con$umer existence, and begin to make the right spiritual choices. There is still time for them to restore their soul’s good standing in God’s infinite creation.

That window will soon begin to close after 2012-2015. We are living in the era of the Divine Imperative. If America fails to seek God’s Will en masse, as a nation, in these next seven to ten years, karmic catastrophe may ensue. Should humankind as a whole fail to seek the spiritual realities of God’s Creation in sufficient numbers in the next seven to ten years, humankind’s soul harvest of Christ-indwelt souls of Light will be so small that horrendous earth changes, abominations, plagues and natural disasters may befall the entire human population, harming the good along with the evil.

The earth herself will then begin to slough off the weight of negative human karma and shake herself to rid the planet of the massive negative charge that will have built up by that time. This is the secret spiritual actuality behind the hard science of any imminent pole shift. There is no conflict whatsoever bewteen true spiritual realities and modern science, only ignorance and misunderstanding of God’s laws prohibiting correct compehension.

The judgment of a world at the close of a 500,000 year dispensation (also known as an era) depends greatly upon the collective soul choices of the entire world species mortal population. If too few mortal souls make the right final spiritual choices for their soul survival, that world’s future may lie in real jeopardy. This is the origin of the Christian teaching and prophecy about the “End of the World.”

Knowing this, if you love God, then seek the advanced new millennial truth about His Heavenly Creation with all your heart, soul and mind, study it right along side your regular Christian Bible studies, enlarging your present understanding of scripture. Let no further distraction keep you from discovering the profound beauty of your own inner Spirit Led journey as you progress toward the Isle of Paradise in Eternity, which is known in your earthly religious traditions as “Heaven”.

By Chase Hunter


About CKH888

Not much to tell. Um.... I author news and art blogs now & then. :-)
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54 Responses to "Maitreya's" TV Interview Was A No Show! The Value of Nothing

  1. Dave says:

    FYI, Maitreya when he appears on TV will not look like the photos on the Share International site or the way he looked when appeared in Nairobi. So you should not look for someone who looks like that photo.

    Also, I am quite sure he is not Raj Patel either.

    However, Maitreya will indeed look like a South Asian (Indian/Pakistani), very likely with a Muslim name.

    • Day says:

      Since you are “in the know” on this international sham – this just is one more confirmation of how deep the fraud runs and confirms my allegation of Creme using good old fashioned “bait and switch” tactics to try to foist the illumati choice onto the world, passing him off as “Maitryea” – It is a preposterous notion, I repeat – a preposterous notion, that there was one Maitreya in 1988 and another new and improved and different “Maitreya” now.

      You just vindicated my article, my research, and my good old common sense. YOu people must assume that Amercians are fools. Boy have I got news for you.

      We ALL KNOW what a global fraud this, and we are not afraid to say:

      “Exuse me but the King is wearing no clothes.”

      That is the precise value of NOTHING. Go follow your yellow brick road, we will be living in spiritual actuality, and we know full well who our King is. It’s not him.


      • Dave says:


        Actually the name is Dave, but you can call me Day.

        However, I don’t understand why you are so fearful. If you have firm faith in the real Christ, he will protect you from all evil (real or imaginary). But if you slander other people who you have absolutely no personal knowledge about and no evidence to support, then that is not something looked upon favorably in heaven – if fact some may call it a sin (bearing false witness).

        The message of Maitreya to share resources with your fellow human beings is not that different from the injunction of Jesus from the Bible – ‘Sell that thou hast and give to the poor’ Matthew 19:21. But according to you that is an evil thing.

        Best Regards


    • Jeol says:

      I believe I may know who the Maitreya may be (or at least who they are trying to use as the as the Maitreya). One name that he uses starts with an S. And he has talked in the past on how it is possible to visit the stars or the universe(s) ? (as I can remember hearing from him). however, some of his most recent videos on Google have been removed. I remember him also claiming to be independently wealthy, just like the Maitreya is supposed to be. And a lot more resemblance… But now perhaps they are only using Raj Patel to divert you. Maybe I will research this a little more before giving the name, but I am 90% sure it’s him.

      • CK Hunter says:

        Is he a spanish leader? By that I mean, is he one of the leaders in Europe, who was born in Spain?

        [ EU High Representative Javier Solana ] I have been watching him since 1999 too. I don’t sleep too much, chuckling. God keeps me busy.

        God bless and keep you – reply if you would like….us the comments field.


  2. I Really like what you have done with your blog! Will you please check out my site? It is new and i would like to show it off! The site is http://www.publicdomainpayday.com

  3. carol says:

    I think you guys are barking up the wrong tree i think this maitreya is nothing but Adnan Oktar he is pushing for the Jews to build their Temple and he has had been intervied by the Wall Street Journal and other Newspapers and media and speaks of love unity and all that you find in Share int….

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  5. rubbersweat says:

    it’s just too unfotunate that we christrians are not being careful of the current situation all over the world that is rearing it’s ugly head.
    let it not surprise you to hear that obama will be selling or introducing someone from the illuminati or the black sun aryan to the americans or the world.
    wake up americans,there is an evil plot underway.it’s just too unfortunate that some of us here in africa know what is happening in your country than you youserlf.
    for we down here in west africa are watching and waiting to see all their dirty evil moves.

    • Day says:

      Good evening Sir and wait just a minute for you are preaching to the choir, not only the choir, but a prophet who predicted 2 years ago everything that would transpire with Obama. Before you assume all Americans are asleep, you should read a little bit more of the approx 3,000 pages i have online.

      Go to http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com

      and search barack obama antichrist or precursor

      and read the essay I wrote under the guidenace of the Holy Spirit 2 yars ago….

      Barack Obama is the incarnaton of the false prophet who will promote the Beast to the world.

      Come back and visit me again my good man after you have read more of my writings and prophecies and predictions and so good to have you here!


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  9. 3DTV Forum says:

    Great looking site and good read. Is this the original source or did you get it from a news site?

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  11. I will admit this is the second time I have come across your blog and I am diggin it! I added your site to my rss reader. Cant wait to see more posts!

  12. Greg Lewis says:

    What is the objective criteria used to discern who is the antiChrist and also, how will those who await Christ’s return recognize Him when He returns? Many failed to recognize Him 2000 years ago in Palestine.

    • Day says:

      02.10.2010 By Chase Hunter

      A site guest has asked this question today:

      “What is the objective criteria used to discern who is the Antichrist and also, how will those who await Christ’s return recognize Him when He returns? Many failed to recognize Him 2000 years ago in Palestine.”

      The first coming of Christ was as a simple but spiritually brilliant man among men. The Second Coming of Christ will be in a glorious and spiritually powerful manifestation from Heaven accompanied by the myriad Heavenly Hosts, the spiritual armisof heaven. No global advertising campaign will be needed. No holograms, no HAARP blue beam trickery, no youtube videos. I predict this event will take place in less than 45 years, but Maitreya IS NOT this prophecied Second Coming:

      Revelation 19: 11-18

      Rev 19:11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him [was] called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

      Rev 19:12 His eyes [were] as a flame of fire, and on his head [were] many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

      Rev 19:13 And he [was] clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

      Rev 19:14 And the armies [which were] in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

      Rev 19:15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

      Rev 19:16 And he hath on [his] vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

      Rev 19:17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

      “For the testimony of Jesus is in the Spirit of Prophecy…” Revelations, 19:10

      Greg, I am not sure you are ever going to be satisfied with my answers, as you have asked me this question before, on one of my other blogs.

      If you are a “Maitreya” supporter then you are most definitely beginning to ask the right questions.

      This is the age where we MUST question those who pretend to lead, for evil men are everywhere in high positions of power, they work in all the world’s governments, they will mislead with impunity and specific intent, and they do not have our best interests at heart in their leadership. These are the terrible facts and we must now face them as a world population. We must collectively begin to call out, not to Maitreya, but to the Heavenly Father, for guidance on how to proceed.

      The Discernment of the Spirit is a spiritual manifestation of the Holy Spirit and worldwide Spirit of Truth which was bestowed upon humankind at Pentecost, continually at work deep within the soul.

      True spiritual discernment is acquired over time, through diligent prayer and true soul level worship of God the Heavenly Father over a lifetime. It is not acquired in a weekend workshop, a high priced new age retreat, or even by sitting in a Native American sweat lodge. Ask the former followers of James Arthur Ray – see what they now have to say about it.

      “You will know them by their fruits.”

      Trying to apply the empirical male model of the logical scientific protocol to the Discernment of Spirits is like dissecting a living frog in a Petri dish with sharp blades in order to observe it’s living heart beating, i.e. the very act of dissecting the object inevitably kills the object and renders the examination null and void. Prayer and the soul’s inner attunement to one’s own Inner Light has a lot to do with the Discernment of Spirits. The inner light is felt through the intuition, the deeper soul emotions, and personal spiritual conscience. The soul is a living fountain of real wisdom which knows right from wrong, good from evil, truth from falsehood. But it cannot lead us if we do not listen!!

      Your soul has the inner wisdom to solve this riddle.

      You just do not like the answers you are getting because they may disagree with what your peers [or someone somewhere] is urging you to do. Else you would not be back here again, [and I welcome you!] asking the very same question I replied to a couple of weeks ago. Am I right?

      Sometimes we want the answers to be complex, and hard, when they are really quite easy and simple. Your soul is eventually going to reveal to you the truth about this man. God Wills it so. I don’t believe God would will that you continue to be this confused about someone.

      Are you a Maitreya supporter, quite invested, now trying to figure out what to do?

      If that is the case, then let or allow God show you what to do. Surrender your will to His Will. Just surrender, and then listen. It takes as long as it takes, and sometimes it takes years to ascertain God’s Will on a given thing. It is not part of the “immediate gratification” culture. Stop chattering and arguing with your own soul about this question [Is it “live” or is it Memorex?] and listen to your own soul’s wisdom – it’s in there.

      Your queries may possibly either be designed to try to entrap and discredit my work, [that won’t work] or you are determined to apply a logical empirical male scientific laboratory model to something which cannot be ascertained using empirical laboratory science protocols.

      For example, you cannot actually prove to me intellectually by any means that a strong wind is blowing outside your home right now, yet if it is true, and you have experienced that strong wind, you can tell me about it, and I can either choose to believe you, on faith, or disparage your re-statement of the facts. Your report to me could be substantiated by my obtaining a local weather report for your region. I can either choose to believe your weather report, or question it.

      So what I am doing in essence, in my blogs and writing and essays, is giving my readers a “spiritual weather forecast” for the next 7 to 10 years, which they can choose to believe, or disregard. Humankind has a choice here. Freewill is involved. Follow the counterfeit, or wait it out in faith and prayer for the One and Only True Original in our Universe, Our Returning Creator Son, Jesus of Nazareth, who is NOT Maitreya, is yet to come, in about 35-45 years or less. We have to prepare our souls and our world for His Second Coming – the real one – not a fake HAARP blue beam aerial projected hologram.

      Accept no counterfeits of any kind!

      The current spiritual weather forecast for planet earth is “world spiritual fraud” – but just like the problematic “counterfeit numismatic coin” – only a numismatic expert can tell the counterfeit from the original. Millions may be doomed to accept this counterfeit world messiah – this “Maitreya” – as the real Son of God, because they lack the inner development spiritually, acquired over a lifetime [or lifetimes] which would give them the proper “spiritual weather report” on Maitreya. They need to turn away from him NOW, not later.

      They may be suffering under the burden of utter spiritual unpreparedness, having never spent a single day in their lives, many of them, stopping to consider the deeper questions of God, life, death, life on other worlds, spiritual faith, the existence of Absolute Real Diety, and/or what has actually taken place on this world in the past 200,000 years.

      FYI to my readers, The Lucifer rebellion took place 200,000 years ago, not just 5 or 6 thousand years ago. See the Urantia Book for substantiating documentation, cross reference with your Bible verses and scripture to see howreferences to this ancient spiritual holocaust affected our world and have appeared in biblical scripture.


      If I spend my life in front of a computer screen [which I mostly do, now, at this time, of necessity] and then one day I suddenly decide to become a thoroughbred race horse jockey… I walk into the stables, saddle and mount a horse and try to race it in the next big race, how far do you think I will get? Nothing in my life experience would have prepared me to race thoroughbred horses in this example, [racing a horse.]

      So I lack the experience and training and would not get much farther than the paddock gate. I would most likely fail at horse racing, don’t you suppose, without the proper preparation?

      By the same token, this present generation – with certain exceptions – is unprepared for this! [the coming apostasy] They have been raised on computers, ipods, fractured families, gangs, MTV, television, porn, gambling, pop culture, video games, Hollywood celebrities, Nascar, and fast food. They scorn churches for good reasons, churches have failed people left and right as pastors have sinned and failed their charge in many very highly publicized “epic fails” since the TBN era of the 1980s. An entire generation of young people now disdain all organized religion and would rather be Wiccan, Pagan, vampires, or secular humanists than anything else. Ask any pastor and he or she will tell you I am right.

      The “church” is not a building, or a pastor, or a book. It is the citadel of the living God directed soul.

      True spiritual hunger is arising out the ashes of the death of organized religions, which are either lost, corrupted, mistaught, misstating, or just flailing.

      Many young people now care much more about what is going on on American Idol than they do whether a man in London will soon pretend to be the Christ returned before the whole world in order to pave the way for secession of nations’ sovereignty and the establishment of a Luciferic world government. For the most part, they just plainly do not care, as long as their next 15 minutes of immediate gratifications are satisfied. Am I right? Of course I am.
      In contrast, I have been quietly preparing. I have spiritually prepared all of my life for what I am now doing. Yet I am not a pastor, have never attended seminary, and I do not belong to any congregation other than the family of humankind.

      I have been spiritually “reading and observing” the strange spiritual “weather” or atmosphere on this world for a very very long time, more than 28 years. If I were to tell you my life story you would not believe it. The kinds, types, and varieties of both human and spiritual evil that I have already met, faced, ascertained, and conquered would turn your hair snow white.

      What have you been doing for the last 28 years? Were you training for the big spiritual race, the final test of the endurance of your faith [so to speak] or doing what everyone else is doing, and idling away your life with mostly meaningless pursuits? We watch and we marvel as a great nation now sinks into mediocrity, and pettiness such that grown men now engage one another with the disposition of pre-teen adolescents in view of the world. It’s all over the TV.

      To work and earn a living is never a meaningless pursuit, to write, to express, to create art, to give something of worth to one’s culture, but to spend one’s life obsessed with TV personalities and what Hollywood celebrities do with their lives, is point blunt psychosis and societal madness. These are the times we live in.

      The criteria then, to be used in determining whether a man is Christ-like or embodies the spirit of Antichrist, is more subjective than objective.

      However, once this man – [whoever he turns out to be – because they have switched him now, at least once, and they may swtch him again in their cowardice] – is turned loose with a certain amount of the world’s attention, UN authorization, and TV media adoration upon him, [remember TV media Obama-mania in 2008?] based on the media campaign they are now crafting to continue to “sell him to the world population”, he will eventually let loose hell upon this world, after initiating a season of faux fleeting peace, propped up by “covenants”.

      His covenants will eventually turn to international blackmail. – The nations are forewarned here.

      His mere presence in the international media will invite his followers to mock God, question their own faith, and to ridicule all things spiritually sacred. His evil is subtle but it is soul devouring.

      The only thing we can do now is pray, build up our spiritual awareness, protect our families and communities, be more discerning and less gullible, guard our souls, and by all means stop worshipping people and begin to worship God again. Do not put misplaced trust in human governments. They are going to soon fail, and fail catastrophically their sworn trusts to serve. It’s coming.

      It’s really not rocket science. The UN cannot have an apostasy if no one buys it. It’s just that simple. Only God has the ultimate authority over the human soul. No man or United Nations, or government or human institution of any kind has the final authority of the soul of a human being, only the Author and Finisher of that soul has that authority.

      I call that Presence God, some call it Higher Power, or even Great Spirit. Listen inside for that Spirit to show and lead you as to how to proceed.

      Thanks again for your visit and good strong questions.

      God bless and keep you, as always.


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  19. Jeol says:

    To CK Hunter: No. The Guy I am thinking of is not Javier Solona. It’s some one very charismatic, who seams to be able to evoke a sense of love and admiration from his followers. He present him self as one of us—our brother; but his close disciples seam to bestow upon him a great status. One of his prophets or disciple (or what ever he was), when introducing him to the listeners said (as as much as I can remember from about 7 years ago) that if they were to believe in him, the Master there present, will save them from the angle of death when ever they die
    I would like to make a video about it on you tube, but I never made a video before, an am looking for some one that will teach me good video making skills—in this way I learn a new skill and we give the name of the possible Maitreya on the video. I live in Chicago

    • CK Hunter says:

      You, know, you “video” guys have this all wrong. This is NOT about there being some “contest for credit”… to see who can name the Antichrist first….. Christian men have been having that contest since the 1960s at least – he has already been named repeatedly by over 500 mystics and visionaries around the world.

      The man in the 1988 photos on the Share International from Kenya is that man – he uses the name “Maitreya” but he is now in his 60s, as he was born in Tehran in 1944. See his own website or the bio info.

      Also: Ref: Kathleen Keating’s work from 10 years ago.

      It’s just another foolish thing I see young men doing …. instead of really seeking God, and working to deepen your own inner spiritual lives, what’s all the rage instead, these days, is having these little menial male pissing contests to see who can “name the antichrist.”

      I knew when you wrote me you had it all wrong. I just wanted to see what you would say. They tried to push Raj Patel onto the world as a possible “replacement” for the original Maitreya, who had serious misgivings about Creme, which he recorded on his website and I have those docs now,

      and I actually think he backed out of fulfilling the role. He has saved his soul from the Second Death in so doing.

      You are treading in dangerous waters here, my friend, with your motives. [fame and notoriety] It’s going to lead you down a path that you will dearly regret in time.

      Seek God instead. Walk away from trying to get famous by “naming the Antichrist” – that’s not God’s Will for you. Go and liste to Kathleen Keating’s 2005 radio interview w/ coast to coast – the links are on my other site at


      Chase K. Hunter

      • Jeol says:

        To Chase Hunter:Ouch, pretty judgmental for a Christian. How do you know my intentions? are you God, with the ability to know for certain what’s in my mind? I said to learn a new skill, not to put my name on the video. I don’t care about fame—you have it all wrong. In fact, I try to keep my Identity anonymous where ever I find it fit. The name that I use here “Jeol” is not any where near my real name. What better way to let people know who Share International is trying to use as the Maitreya than by presenting a video on one of the most popular video sites? Or do you believe that this is evil, when you your self have done extensive research on the subject? And by the way, when you say that you where just trying to see what I would say, does that means that your first statement was not genuine?

      • CK Hunter says:

        Settle down friend, I meant no harm. If I am wrong please accept my apologies.

        I have been watching the referenced “pissing contests” going on over at youtube about who did what first, and knew what when, RE Raj Patel, Maitreya – et al, and I suppose I thought you were one of those fellows. I really have no idea what your intentions are. But don’t you find it interesting that they seem to now be “scrambling” Re: Maitreya, since the “original” born in 1944 would now be about 65 yrs old, give or take?

        Benjamin Creme really has no credibility any more, so I do not see where they can go with it from here. Did you visit the blog I write over at: http://333crucible.wordpress.com?

        I certainly don’t think that doing extensive research is evil, else I would be guilty as charged. But I just happen to believe Kathleen Keating’s story, i heard her speak on the radio for hours and hours, many interviews, but it was what happened out in her back yard right before her book “Final Warning” came out that made me sit up in my chair.

        This is what I am trying to warn you about, without being too obtuse. If you get too close to this “thing” [the issue of who he is] it starts to bother you on a soul level. I have to handle it VERY carefully and I am a devout Christian mystic, which is somewhat different from being just a “go to church then forget about it Christian” – since I started that blog I have had to contend with some very horrific energies which have wanted to mess with me, and that is what I was trying to warn you about.

        Go listen to everything you can find from Kathleen Keating, then let’s resume this dialogue off of wordpress. I really don’t want to have this take place in public, it’ not good for me, i.e. my own spiritual and personal safety. I only had your well being in mind.



  20. Jeol says:

    To Ck Hunter: Let me add to the above comments that as far as I know Share International might Just be one of those cults that just simple fades away within a few years (10-30 years maybe). When I say that I might have identified their Maitreya, I am not saying that I believe in Maitreya. What I am saying is that I might have identified the guy which they want to use in their cult as their Maitreya; and weather he will ever accomplish what is predicted of him—I find it hard for that to happen.

    • CK Hunter says:

      10-4 to that. I was just writing tonite about another cult of “new age” days gone by that amassed a fortune in property, assets, other people’s estates and mass misery … and fairly much infuriated the locals out in Paradise Valley Montana for years and years: The Church Universal and Triumphant, aka CUT – which was run by the now deceased Elizabeth Claire Prophet. I am gathering research for a book I am writing on the profusion of new “cults” which are springing up everywhere, and her little mess she made [then died and left for others to clean up] will be covered in it.

      She [Elizabeth, a.k.a. “Guru Ma”] was particularly fascinated with the idea that was suggested to one of her followers one evening and then presented to her, during a Q & A session, that she was a kind of new age “female Antichrist precursor” – I was actually sitting in that audience, having been invited by a friend, and Claire Prophet lit up like a Christmas tree at the mere suggestion. She also grinned from ear to ear, this ulgy malevolent grin to the man who made this comment to her, that I will never forget. For someone who sees auras it was certainly a telling moment.

      There is something “afoot” in all of this – everything which is false now thrives, and everything which is spiritually real and true and good, and holy is being suppressed. Are you noticing? This is a part of the classic definition of the Kali Yuga in manifestation. During the kali Yuga all false teachers and teachings are exalted by an ignorant public, and all truth and real spiritual actuality is supressed or ignored. It’s an inside out world.

      Walk with care and carry a big secret spiritual truth stick! Keep me posted on what you find….ok?


      • Jeol says:

        Hey chase my respects to you for keeping my comments; just want to let you know that I do not mean anything in a bad way to you.



      • CK Hunter says:

        Jeol we live in the age of the Kali Yuga, [ see mention of the Kali Yuga on the front page of http://333crucible.wordpress.com ] where deception and falsehood abound in the world of religion and spirituality.

        I have been following all of this for a very long time, more than 30 years in fact. From the very beginning there ws something untrue and very false about Creme’s presentations. When they went so far last Dec. to align Share International with the Norway Spiral, which was an artificially created HAARP wave using electronmangnetic blue beam technology, I began to KNOW that the Maitreya phenomenon is much more sinister than anyone had prior suspected.

        They DO intend to foist a fraud onto the people of the world, on a global scale. It’s very hard to be one of the few who stand aside and quietly realize that this is a false messiah. Modern people never have been exposed to real and actual spiritual beings incarnate, since the times of Jesus 2000 years ago. How are they to know?

        I expect more to fall under his spell than not.

        God luck to you mister. I wish you nothing but good things.


        For more info on haarp blue beam follow the links on the front page which are in the article on the main page of


      • Jeol says:

        O.K Chase, I will tell you who I think is the Maitreya. His name is sant rajinder singh ji maharaj. He, like share international teaches form of meditation that concentrates on an area between the eye brows. He is well known internationally, although there is not much media coverage about him. He has met with prominent religious leaders in the world, including the Pope. he has also spoken before the UN. He has received numerous honors, including a peace award. He has been accredited in the development of technologies such as the touch screen computer model and credit card reading device, among others. he claimed(as far as I can remember from about 7 years ago in on of his meetings) that the way to travel in the universe is not through space ships, but through the “eye” of light that is in the forehead, between the eye brows . I remember one of his followers when introducing him to the audience, claimed that he( Sant Rajinder…) can save from the angel of death. He is called the master by some of his followers. And yes, in my opinion, he resembles the guy on the Maitreya picture, except that now he is older and has gained weight.

        So there you have it. Do good with this info.


      • CK Hunter says:

        Ok, Joel, I will look into it. God bless and keep you. The most spiritually powerful document in the world is the King James version New Testament of the Christian Holy Bible, specifically the first 3 books: Matthew, Mark, Luke. If you get in an uncomfortable place, take it out and start reading it, out loud. Remember I told you this, and keep a little pocket version of it with you when you travel.



  21. avva constantine says:


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  24. Jeol says:

    So what do you think of the guy a mentioned?

    • CK Hunter says:

      He’s not the guy, he’s a decoy. Patel is the guy. I know now beyond all shadow of doubt. Go to this blog below and read the most recent post – not the front page – but the most recent post. God bless and keep you.


      go to http://333crucible.wordpress.com

      See recent posts – the most recent one

  25. CK Hunter says:

    Joel here is the link to the latest post on 333 Crucible – there is mounting evidence that nwo insiders in usa state controlled media have been placing “patel subliminals” in tv shows, and even have managed to have a raj patel archie comics character drawn up and published that looks exactly like him – see this post:


    There is an overwhelming amount of media coverage now spewing out everywhetre about Patel. USA media is illuminati / state controlled – this would not be happening if patel was not a player. When you read his life story, you discover he is a UN insider from way back.



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  33. Alan Collins says:

    It is the global political and economic crisis of unrestrained and competitibve market forces, and the enslavement of both rich and poor within the capitalist system of usury, which remains the real problem faced by mankind today: And what poses the greatest danger is the kind of ideological hysteria – both religious and political – which is most evident within your own country, America. One day it may be proved that Russia felt so threatened by American military agression in the 1980’s that the world came close to a nuclear war and self-destruction. If there is really a spiritual form of government, or Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters of Love and Compassion led by a World Teacher known as Lord Maitreya, as asserted by people like Benjamin Creme, (who explains that the Master Jesus is now also walking the pavements of our cities beside Him) then They could not have chosen a better time to step forward, behind the scenes, and begin their task of shielding mankind from the consequences of ignorance, selfishness and greed. This is, essentially, the so-far unproven hypothesis put forward in the form of 140 Messages from the Christ, Maitreya, received telepathically by Benjamin Creme between 1975 and 1982 – who is not a trance medium as suggested by people who have not studied this matter closely, or with an open-minded and sensitive attitude. I think that Benjamin Creme’s suggestion that the so-called Anti-christ has already been and gone in the form of Hitler, is something which people should take more seriously; and that if they did then some of their fear and hysteria could be avoided. There has been a dishonest attempt to pretend that Benjamin Creme is a medium using a disembodied voice during his lectures; where a tape recorder is openly used to replay one or two of the original messages. When a bigoted fundamentalist Christian turns to such blatent deception, then hysteria is worse than Hitler’s propoganda against the Jews. From what I understand (after calmly listening to Benjamin Creme’s many talks in London) each individual has what is called ‘a right of recognition’ and for that reason he may not indicate the identity of the World Teacher for this New Age, which began when Maitreya arrived in London in 1977. Unlike his detractors and critics, Mr Creme remains calm, and he has quoted the biblical law while trying to explain that it is not his job to point a finger, or identify, the One who is expected by all religions to reappear at this time. He has explained that the body of Maitreya is not flesh and blood or born of woman, but created from ‘etheric-matter’ (which our scientists are investigating as ‘dark-matter’). I think he calls this an ordinary physical body because we all have this sort of matter within their physical bodies, and he does not want to cause unnecessary alarm: however, he also adds that this body will not age but remain exactly as it is over the next 2,000 odd years. I suppose you might say that this helps to explain why Maitreya is not in any kind of hurry to prove to you that Benjamin Creme is not as you have described him to be; just another deluded mediumistic confidence trickster! Anyway, he has added that this body is a replica of Christ’s ‘Body of Light’ which has been “at rest” and protected since 7.7.77. (There are a lot of anxious people like yourself, who have find the number 666 in their fearful reaction to this news). Last but not least, Benjamin Creme has made it clear that the Masters use many different forms in which to appear and help individuals; and pictures of Maitreya and the Master Jesus appearing in both male and female bodies (or ‘familiars’) have been published in his magazine Share International, the one in Nairobi in 1988 being just one of many different photographs sent to the editor. Of course, the capitalist establishment which preys of our fears of poverty, and our expectations that money can buy happiness, have done all in its power to censor and distort the evidence that some kind of extraordinary event has been taking place and that there are forms of life on this and other planets which are far superior to their ideas of what a civilised society should mean; and who are proposing that we share our food and material wealth among all men, irrespective of the current economical system: and no Christian who has read what Jesus has did to the money-lenders tables, can really argue against the fairness of that Maitreya’s ideas. He is now gently offering these ideas to humanity, but until we are really ready to listen without hysteria and prejudice I suppose He will calmly continue to take His time! I belong to the same generation as Bob Dylan and was influenced by his songs as a young man, so I would also like the expected saviour to become better known. In the Messages from Maitreya, it says… “Look for me in the dark places, where hunger and thirst abound” and so, taking those words at many levels of meaning, I suppose, that this may explain why He has appeared in America, first: Lastly, if you believe that Maitreya does not exist and this is all egotistic nonsense offered by a deluded Scottish artist from Glasgow, then why are you getting so anxious? Benjamin Creme has said that many will reject Maitreya and (I suppose) they will turn towards the Master Jesus instead; but this is not something which those who belong to the spiritual hierarchy, or kingdom of souls, are unduly concerned about… meanwhile, watch and wait and fear not; all will be well and all manner of things will be well!

    • CK Hunter says:

      Your verbage is eloquent, but I am sorry; you are dead wrong. I was actually a member of a USA based Ascended Masters cult for 4 years on the deep inside, and I KNOW it’s fraud. Go and read the pc I just posted about the Illuminati Luciferian woman who was born into a Merovingian Illuminati family fgenerations old, broke her own mind-control conditioning in 2002, escaped her family, became a Christian and started telling the world what she KNEW they are planning using “Maitreya” as a figurehead. She also mentioned Raj Patel, and then became very afraid.

      She was so upset by what she knew she could barely speak about it. We corresponded for a few days and then she and her YT channel disappeared. If there is no fraud, she would have nothing to be afraid of and no reason to pull her YT channel.

      Would you do me a favor? Get off my blog and don’t come back. It’s tedious just reading the elaborate intellectual justifications you have created for this coming monumental world spiritual fraud. You belong right where you are: stuck in the thick of it.



  34. Alan Collins says:

    Having just read the whole of this blog, I can now only underline that none of those which have been mentioned, such as Raj Patel – or any other spiritual teacher, although they may be a real spiritual Master, or Avatar, or not – can be accepted as being Lord Maitreya. The simple reason is that Maitreya is not to be using a gross physical body, born of woman, and that the form he is using will not age, but look just as it was when he arrived by air in London in 1977, until the end of the age of Aquarius. However, I believe that the revelation around the actual “mayavirupa” or illusory body of manifestiation which will demonstrate a victory of death (as promised in the Bible would take place at the time of the Second Coming) will only take place on what has been called the Day of Declaration, rather than during the controversy which is now going on about the identity of Maitreya… Why not actually read Share Internationalm which is a magazine, not a cult? I am not working with Benjamin Creme, but obviously I have spoken to those who help to organise his lectures and transmission (or group) meditations, which I have attended with an open mind. In the 1980’s I contacted the anti-cult organisation (FAIR) who send a lady friend of mine to investigate and question Benjamin Creme, at his house. She reported to me that he showed her all his finacial accounts, showing that the donations towards his lectures and money raised from his publications all go towards paying for his lecture tours, and are kept separate from his own domestic budget. Therefore they could not (even if they wished to!) put him on their list of cult leaders. I had previously sought their help when a friend of mine was deceived by the Moon cult, so I know the diffence between an exploitative and dangerous cult and a respectable spiritual group, whether led by a charismatic but genuine Guru or a mild-mannered and humourous person such as Benjamin Creme… who offers his information “for your consideration only, not as dogma!” I suppose those who are not 66 years old, like myself, are a bit too impatient and obsessed with their own particular religion or spiritual teachings to be persuaded by me to study all about what they are attacking, before attacking it: The loudest critics in England are those people who have not even bothered to listen to a lecture by the person who they are trying to ridicule as a leader of a non-existent cult!

    • CK Hunter says:

      I read about half of your comment before I realized you are a maitreya devotee, aka supporter. Share International website, which I scour frequently is packed with solutions which equate to global communism or global socialism. Maitreya.org is also packed with documents on the back side which tell just exactly how he wants dissenters to be handled and it’s not good, pretty or even legal. You have been duped. Good luck to you. I have zero interest in trying to convince you that the Maitreya phenomenon is world spiritual fraud. I have too much to do in just staying abreast of the magnitude of the fraud itself, like the “piped in male voice” to one of Creme’s speech’s which he tried to get the audience to think was the disembodied spirit of Maitreya addressing the crowd. Somone had slipped in w/ a video camera and caught the whole sorry spectacle, then posted it on YT.

      Or telling his site visitors that an out of focus lens strap snapped dangling in front of the lens was a “Divine manifestation” from Maitreya.

      You just can’t make this stuff up. It’s utterly laughable. Spiritualism debunker Harry Houdini would have a field day with an old time snake oil salesman like Creme. Then there is the rock solid fact that Theosophy itself, the operative belief system for Share Interntional, the entire fake “Ascended Masters” movement itself, is based on Helena P. Blavatsky’s over Lucifer worship:

      Lucifer magazine founded in 1893 by Blavatsky

      Lucifer Trust UN org flounded turn of century

      became the modern day new age Lucis Trust = http:lucistrust.org

      Sir you are as blind as a bat. I just feel sorry for you.

      I have listened to plenty of lectures by Creme, by Patel, all of it. I know what I am talking about.

      Fraud. It’s fraud on a global scale.

      Chase Kyla Hunter

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