It Might Be "Fucknutsville" For You Rahm, But For Us It's Something Else

3.8.2010 By Chase K. Hunter

A Few Choice Morsels Pertaining to the Current State of Affair’s in Rahm Emanuel’s “Fucknutsville”

The daily headlines about Rahm Emanuel are getting more and more bizarre. That’s never a good sign. Here are just a few that stood out this morning.

I  broke out laughing while reading these headlines, and I cannot stop laughing. I just spilled coffee all over myself, laughing uncontrollably.

These are the people who run our country. These are the names they call each other. This is what’s it’s come to. It’s so sad, and utterly tragic that it’ has now become high comedy, dark comedy, no less – and truly laughable.

Speak Like A Thug, Act Like A Thug, Get “Thugged About” in the End. It’s Called Karma.

Rahm Emanuel’s so called “style” of leadership, if you want to call it that,  his every day diction, the way he actually peaks to people, as quoted by those who write about him and who know him, sounds more like the everyday street “trash talk” of a mafia Don’s closest attending head thug, than it does someone who is working daily in the White House to serve the American people. [If the shoe fits….]

Turnabout is fair play, Rahm. Eat it, then leave town.  You got your hands on some power again, and you went nuts with it. “Fucknuts”, to be exact. No one ever elected YOU to be the President. We’re all pretty sick to find out – thanks to the truthful writing and reporting of America’s bloggers, that you have mostly been running the country for the past year and a half, or trying to. It’s no wonder that I have seen recent headlines, asking Obama to either lead or leave. WTF. I reiterate my call for the impeachment of Barack Obama.

I’ll take Joe Biden any day of the week over this mess of an administration. It’s bringing our country to shame, danger,  and a highly publicized ongoing international embarrassment, in fact, one after the next. And that is NOT GOOD for our national security. It leaves other countries with a lingering perception of weakness at the helm in America. And that’s the LAST thing we need right now. The other LAST thing we need is ay more attempts by Rahm Emanuel to be secretly leading the country from his gatekeeper’s post as Chief of Staff.

I don’t know too many successful CEOs or high executives that allow their secretaries to make policy decisions for them. But that is exactly what appears to have happened here in the first year and half of the Obama administration. I believe America needs to move forward, and impeach Barack Obama. Enough damage has been done. We cannot afford another 2.5 years of Barack Obama and his clownish, inept presidency. Enough is enough. I’m not laughing anymore.

Chase K. Hunter

The Left Rages At Rahm Emanuel

White House Staff Battling White House Staff

Has Rahm Emanuel Become A Liability for the White House?

Rahm Emanuel: Hero or Goat?

Rep. Eric Massa Calls Rahm Emanuel “Son of the Devil’s Spawn”

Rahm Emanuel:  “I Wake Up Some Mornings Hating Me Too.”

From “Fired Up and Ready to Go” to “Tired Out and Staying Home”

What Obama Should Have Realized About Rahm Emanuel

“Hail to the Chiefs” [of Staff] – The Real Power in the White House

Is There A White House Resignation in the Works?

Did Rahm Emanuel Use Dana Milbank As An Amanuensis?

[ amanuensis [əˌmænjʊˈɛnsɪs]n pl -ses [-siːz] a person employed to take dictation or to copy manuscripts ]

Palin Reiterates Call for Rahm Emanuel to be Fired

Democrats Point Finger at Rahm Emanuel

Obama Nukes: [ Another classic Obama Flip-Flop on A Position of Key Importance

to All Americans – thanks to Rahm Emanuel’s Counsel]

Palin Bashes Family Guy and Rahm Emanuel [ Does this mean that Rahm Emanuel is also a cartoon character? ]

The Sag Harbor Express:

“Why has Obama changed his stance? Consider his two top aides: Rahm Emanuel, now Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, who as an investment banker was in the middle of the $8.2 billion merger that created Chicago-based Exelon. With 17 nuclear plants, it’s the biggest nuclear utility in the nation. David Axelrod, a senior Obama advisor, was an Exelon consultant. Candidate Obama received sizeable contributions from Exelon executives including John Rowe, Exelon president and chief executive officer.”

Sean Hannity:

Now that health care reform seems to have fallen by the wayside, Democrats are doing what they do best: pointing the finger. Many are pointing it straight at Rahm “Rahmbo Dead Fish” Emanuel, blaming his lack of Senate experience for his failure to orchestra a government health care takeover.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin put his finger on the problem, saying the president’s advisers lacked “a feeling for what’s going on around the country, the populist sentiment.”

You think?

Pejman Yousefzadeh:

“Dana Milbank wrote a story where he said: ‘If only the president had followed Rahm everything would be okay.’ It certainly sounds like Rahm was leaking like a sieve to Dana Milbank,” said Scarborough. “It appears that Rahm has become quite promiscuous in telling anybody who will listen to him about how he tried to coach the president.”

Rupert Cornwell:

As gatekeeper to the Oval Office, he is the man who shapes the president’s schedule and determines who the president sees. He is in day-to-day charge of the estimated 2,000-strong staff of the Executive Office of the Presidency. He is also usually a close personal confidant of the president, sometimes even a source of policy ideas. On top of that, he is chief liaison officer of the White House with Congress and the other departments of government.

Colbert King:

Eighteen months ago, I warned then-presidential candidate Barack Obama that should he get elected, he should not allow his administration to fall into the clutches of Washington insiders [“A Heretic’s Advice To Obama,” June 21, 2008]. The caution sign was raised based on years of observing this town’s political movers and shakers at work……the last thing Washington insiders want is association with anything resembling a bumbling failure. Their immediate concern is to salvage their reputations and maintain their A-list standing in this ever-so-status-conscious town.

Bruce Chapman:

There’s no war like a civil war, and one seems to have broken out in the Obama White House. Now the public is learning about it. Every president has numerous assistants, of course, and, being human, they tend to compete. Sometimes it is over ideology (as under FDR, who encouraged it), sometimes it is over tactics (as under Reagan, who couldn’t figure out how to stop it). In the Obama White House it seems to be worse–it seems to be personal revenge as well as rivalry.

Paula Begala:

“A conversation with Rahm can be as little as 30 seconds. He calls, drops a few F-bombs, makes his point and hangs up.”

From Huffington Post:

In 2008, there were millions of people “fired up and ready to go.” But after a year plus of the Beltway-Rahm Emanuel strategy of never exposing oneself to political risk the grassroots energy of the campaign has been allowed simply to dissipate.

From Donald Borsch Jr:

Rahm Emanuel, for President Obama’s Health Care Bill to pass, would sell his own Mother, according to as of yet completely unconfirmed reports.

From Daniel Macht:

The knives are out for Rahmbo.

President Obama’s top aide, Rahm Emanuel, has become a lightening rod within his party for criticism of the administration. While liberal Democrats complain that Emanuel has failed his boss by trying to be too conciliatory with Republicans, moderates argue Obama’s agenda has stalled because Emanuel’s pragmatic advice has been ignored too often.

From Tara Lynn Thompson:

His attitude, described by political insiders as “profane” to “effective”, has yet again brought an unlikeable view of the President’s Chief of Staff to the forefront, like dross to the surface. From his “f—ing retard” comment made last month to the recent Eric Massa allegations that Rahm is the “son of the devil’s spawn”, Emanuel apparently isn’t the beloved quarterback viewed from the opposition or his own teammates. In short, no one seems to like him, not even himself.

Open war over Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s master of the dark arts

Rahm Emanuel, the president’s tough backroom operator, has found himself at the centre of a career-threatening row

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s outspoken chief of staff, has become embroiled in a public row with his critics amid accusations that he has damaged the standing of the presidency and undermined his boss.

Emanuel has become the subject of an intense war of words between those who blame him for the failings of Obama’s tough first year in office and those who insist that Obama should have listened to him more. If the controversy deepens any further, some feel that he may be forced to resign.

The development has been remarkable for a man in Emanuel’s job, which calls for him to adopt a behind-the-scenes role similar to that of a Mafia boss’s consigliere, whispering advice in the ear of the president and then strong-arming political targets into obeying his master’s will.

But critics say the row shows just how much of a strain Obama’s first year of office has taken on his top White House team after a series of political setbacks, especially over healthcare. Officials in Obama’s administration, who once appeared so united, now seem to be in siege mode and starting to fight among themselves.

“It was inevitable that this would happen on one level. You have a president with an ambitious agenda and they have not been getting as much done as they had hoped,” said John Geer, editor of the Journal of Politics and a political scientist at Vanderbilt University.

The worsening atmosphere could become particularly difficult for Emanuel if November’s mid-term elections turn into a Democratic rout. “Rahm Emanuel is burning the candle at both ends. I would not be surprised if he steps down after the mid-terms,” Geer said.

By the standards of the Obama White House, the fight around Emanuel has been unusually public and appears to have employed many of the dirty tricks of media manipulation. It began when some public figures on the left of the party, including prominent bloggers and members of thinktanks, began to call for his resignation, accusing him of being a closet conservative who had failed to get meaningful healthcare reform and other liberal policy through Congress. One, the influential Jane Hamsher of the blog Firedoglake, even said the Justice Department should investigate him.

That growing chorus appears to have forced Emanuel – or, more likely, his supporters – to launch a counter-attack. A column in the Washington Post by the highly respected sketch-writer Dana Milbank reported that Emanuel had set up his own press outreach operation, separate to that of other top White House aides such as press secretary Robert Gibbs and top adviser Valerie Jarrett. It also stuck the knife into those aides and other senior Obama advisers, blaming them for Obama’s problems.

“Obama’s first year fell apart in large part because he didn’t follow his chief of staff’s advice on crucial matters,” Milbank wrote. The piece concluded bluntly: “Obama needs fewer acolytes and more action. Rahm should stay.”

Other pieces followed in which sources attacked Obama’s top aides and repeated the line that Emanuel was the spurned saviour of the Obama White House, not its downfall. But there was a backlash, too. Anonymous sources reported that Michelle Obama had been furious at the Milbank column. “A knife in Obama’s back?” thundered a headline in the Los Angeles Times.

There was much speculation that the pro-Emanuel pieces had done damage to Obama by undermining his authority in the frank way that they had spelled out that Obama’s first year had been a disappointment. “The defence of Rahm favoured by some Washington Democrats is evidence of everything that is wrong with Washington … no wonder people hate this city,” fumed the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein.

Indeed, the civil war between pro-Rahm and anti-Rahm forces has also dragged in the Post. Not only did Milbank’s column trigger much of the dispute, but soon Post columnists were attacking their newspaper for taking too much of a pro-Rahm line in its news stories.

At the end of last week the Post’s longstanding political columnist, David Broder, used his column to attack Milbank and his fellow reporters. Broder called the pro-Rahm argument a “remarkable fiction” and was withering in his critique of his paper’s reporting. Not surprisingly that, too, gave the story a fresh burst of life.

It was perhaps inevitable that Emanuel would end up being the centre of attention. “He is clearly a very strong chief of staff. He has very strong preferences for what should be happening,” said Geer.

Emanuel’s supporters hail him as a master of the political dark arts who gets things done. He is abrasive and renowned for his foul-mouthed tirades, like a real-life American variation on The Thick of It‘s fictional Malcolm Tucker. “Fucknutsville” is apparently his preferred nickname for Washington, and he was recently forced to apologise for referring to liberal activists as “retarded”.

Emanuel is known for his ability to dominate and intimidate politicians and cabinet members. No wonder he has made enemies. But he has also now broken one of the cardinal rules of his job: to control the story, not be the story.


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