Emergency Preparedness and Survival Gear Check List

Red for alert and ready, white for spiritual purity, blue for courage and true blue faith in God

Are you prepared for emergencies?

10 Basic Home Essentials to be Ready for Anything: Home Emergency Preparedness

#1 FOOD STORAGE – I cannot stress this enough. Now is the time for all Americans to “become good Mormons in Sprit” and begin to squirrel away extra dry goods, non-hybrid heirloom seeds, and if you own your own property, have that garden going and fruit trees in, if you can. Regarding food storage, the kits you buy are nutritionally close to zero, they are designed for profit, they taste horrible and who ha nearly $1500 to spend on one? Forget it  – Do it yourself – it is easy! I do a little bit each month, and I have cut back on every kind of extra expense that is not absolutely necessary. Whereas I used to “dine out” once or twice a month for $30 a pop, now I spend that money on dry staples. I use the extra cash for dry goods, and store them in large glass jars with tight fitting lids, which you can get a Target or Walmart or any local Dollar Store. Find a local grocer that offers bulk dry good by the pound, and you can put up enough staples to feed you and your family for weeks on end for pennies a day. And it is delicious food.

But you have to know how to cook from scratch to make good meals out of these things. Go to grandma, go online, go to a neighbor who cooks from scratch, but learn HOW to actually cook, rather than just heat things out of boxes in a microwave. There is a huge percentage of adult Americans who literally cannot heat up a can of soup now. They were raised on processed food in boxes, and that’s how they still eat. That’s a crisis in the making when society breaks down and they can’t just run down to the local Mickey D’s. Learn to cook from scratch if you do not know how. Do it now. Don’t wait unil food riots clear store shelves and martial law closes down restaurants.

Food and Grocery Staples list: Put away corn meal, flour, dried nuts, beans, rice of all kinds, veggie burger mix, spices, sea salt, cereals, polenta, oatmeal, 7 grain cereal, popcorn, seeds that can be sprouted for fresh greens, instant milk, instant potatoes, pasta in all varieties, beef jerky, Ovaltine, Tang, cocoa, Koolaid mix, dry drink mix, coffee, tea, hot chocolate mix, tapioca, dried fruit…. basically you can stock in enough of these kinds of staples to last you nearly a year or more with less than two hundred dollars if you shop right.

Do this gradually and inconspicuously, don’t go in and make a big stressed out scene of doing it all at once and scare other shoppers. Be cool, be discreet, use common sense. Considering your little ones, you also want to have things they will love to eat too – mac and cheese mix, dried fruit treats, jello mix, chocolate things, eating from dry goods that are cooked from scratch, rather than eating out of boxes, saves a fortune over time, is more nutritious and if the pooh hits the fan and store shelves get emptied, with no trucks in sight to re-stock grocery stores, you are “ready set go” to barter with your neighbor for what you might need – i.e. ” I’ll trade you 3 jars of dried beans for a gallon of gas” etc.

#2) Own a good bicycle and the basic tools to repair it with,if you are fit enough to ride one. Not fit enough? GET FIT in a hurry. Have other options for the days to come when gasoline shoots to $5, $6 $8 a gallon or more – it could happen again at any time. A little motor scooter (not a Harley, sorry hubbie) is a good investment – you can make payments of about $38-$50 a month and they get a whopping 110 mpg.

#3) Own two sets of good walkie-talkies, with at least an 8 mile range, with an ample supply of batteries for them. Own at least 2 or 3 small handheld am/fm radios that run on batteries. Teach the kids to use them, get hubbie into it too. When all cell phones go down, all satellites are knocked out, etc these might be the only way people can communicate for a season. Local radio stations that can stay up and running will be lifelines for the community. There will be “patriot oriented” local news, because 75% of this country are actually patriots in spirit, even if they don’t know it yet. No one I know agrees with a White House running this country like a police state with total media control and oppressive legislation. But I do not have time to speak to people on the street and take time to educate them if they are still living in la la land, the denial dream world of “ my Obama is in the White House, now everything will be ok..” I don’t have time for it. MOVE ON past these people, and stick with the folks who know what you know. And learn when to be agreeably silent. It will save you getting your nose smashed in by a rabid loose cannon Obama supporter who just refuses to believe his savior could betray this country this way. This past weekend Obama Union supporters jumped a black man who was just standing outside a town hall meeting trying to sell “Don’t Tread on Me” merchandise. They were videotaped beating and kicking this black man because he dared to be a patriot. This is the new atmosphere we are living in. Learn to move away from conflict, and stay positive and peaceful for your spouse and kids and peers.

Television will be soon be useless, should everything start to really break down, as nearly nothing broadcasted will be even close to the truth of what is actually happening. They will be using TV to continue to try to dope people into a false sense of security, even when FEMA & UN troops are marching right through their neighborhoods. You can forget your false media friends ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. They won’t be good sources for real local news, or they will be knocked off the air completely. A small hand held police scanner can keep you abreast of local troop movements and activity when or if they begin censoring local news to black out things they don’t want locals to know about. There have been secret FEMA exercises going on this summer – and not a peep of local coverage about them for the most part. Google “operation overwatch NLE 09” to see what I am talking about – also do a search on this blog and oodles of videos will come up.

#4) Own a simple $18.00 Coleman camping cook stove that runs on little propane tanks and have several tanks of propane stocked up for cooking indoors or on your porch when or if electricity should go down. Have extra blankets, candles, lanterns with oil, and flashlights – just think about how you would need to live if there were no electricity for weeks. OK? Get on good terms with your neighbors…. they will be your extended family in a crisis. If they are surly violent drinkers and druggers, keep your mouth shut, keep your kids home, and do not tell those neighbors you put away extra food. Catch my drift? Violent gang members and strung out meth heads will be the first ones who try to break into your home and get what they can sell or trade for drugs, when civil unrest comes and they can’t find a fix.

#5) Have a wilderness place, private and away from other people, where you and your family can meet and camp together for a few days up to a few weeks, if things get to the point that you do not feel safe in a big city any longer. I would not want to be a person living right in the heart of Denver, or Seattle, or Dallas, for example, during the next few years. I have been pleading with people to get out of big cities, where they will implement martial law first, but I never know if my essays have any effect. Also people on coastlines need to get at least 200-300 miles inland and re-settle there away from the coasts.

#6) Have a home medical first aid kit that has all the basics plus at least a 90 days supply of any imperative medications you must have if they are prescription pills, Canadian online pharmacies are good – choose a reputable one. Just think in terms of not being able to work, or leave your home for at least 90 days – then think of everything you would need to have. You can stock a simple home first aid kit from your local “dollar store” for about $20.00 or less, with the basics. Go online and print off basic CPR instructions, and print off instructions for how to set a broken limb, etc. Just think in terms of “you call 9-11 and there are no phones working, you have to deal with the medical emergency yourself – think self reliance.”

#7) Own several small inexpensive battery operated fans, which can keep air circulating in the event of a hot late summer power outage when no air conditioning will run. If you can keep air blowing, even warm air, you can cool your body by several degrees. Keep extra water on hand. Don’t open your fridge or freezer in a power outage and it will keep your food cooled for an extra day or so. This is why food storage needs to be dry goods and canned goods. The canned good you eat out of the can, the dry goods you can cook on a Coleman stove. In an emergency situation when you need to cook, prepare enough for 2 meals at once to save fuel. Use common sense. Go to two meals a day, not three. You will all slim down, you will feel great, and you will save more staples. No one actually needs three meals a day unless they are diabetic. Emphasis breakfast, and de-emphasize dinner, in other words, big breakfast / lunch and a light dinner.

#8) Stay really close to your work peers and your church if you attend one. Don’t waste time trying to “convince” uncooperative relatives to prepare – it will drain you and just make them mad. If the federal government is willing to go so far as to call the patriot movement “dangerous domestic terrorists” then you can see what kind of trouble you will entertain trying to convince your elatives that we all need to prepare. Let God guide you. In general, move away from all conflict and negativity, and stay quiet and productive.

#9) The most important asset you will ever have in an emergency is the ability to stay calm and hear the inner voice that is true essential Spirit: the sensation of God’s Will directing you as to how to proceed. If agnostic friends want to call you a lunatic for believing that you can hear God’s inner instructions, let them. It’s no one’s business but yours and God’s – as to what He is instructing you to do in any emergency. Keep your insights to yourself – is the best policy. People who love God are already in His arms. People who cannot muster the faith to walk with God, are walking in circles at this point, basically. This is not the time to evangelize or preach. It’s the time to walk quietly forward in God’s armor and do right for your own family, privately, discreetly. Women are much better at sensing and hearing God’s inner instruction than men, for the most part. 85% of men will – even Christian men, will fight their women tooth and nail over some of these things mentioned in this preparedness to do list because in their arrogance and pride they believe if they don’t see if coming, therefore “it must not be coming”. Many families will be brought close to ruin and divorce in the next 3-7 years over the stubborn refusal of the males in the family to PREPARE and listen to the warnings now pouring forth from the Holy Spirit. I am praying for those families. Remain in an attitude of NON-VIOLENCE. Only in the defense of one’s life, r the lives of ones’ loved ones should violence  or force ever be used, and then only that which will disarm an attacker. Shoot for the knee, groin, thigh, not the head or the heart, or you must shoot at all in self defense.

#10) For water purification you can use 1-4 drops of plain Clorox bleach per gallon of water – [ 1-4 drops of iodine also works ] you cannot taste either in a gallon of water and it takes care of micro-organisms and bacteria that can make you sick Give the water 1 hour to stand and “cure” before you drink it.

Based on what I see going on behind the scenes, we could be under martial law at any time in the next 90 days. I sure hope I am wrong, and even so, doing the things above is good basic civil defense for one’s family …. they have not been teaching civil defense for over 30 years now in the USA. Did you know that in Russia, they have already built entire underground cities for their elite and preferred population sectors who must survive? They are now doing the same thing in Norway – see my essay called “Hundredth Monkey.”

If you join Pole Shift you will get a weekly email report of the newest essays and articles – just go to http://2012poleshift.wetpaint.com and click “join” it’s free of course. God bless and keep you and please write me any time! I would love to stay in touch and have a solid Christian pen pal in CO to drop me a line now and then. Rumors have abounded for years that Denver ill be the new capitol of the new world order post pole-shift WWlll …. I just don’t know. That Denver airport is one of the most frightening, Orwellian Illuminati encrusted places I have ever walked though – I don’t ever want to set foot in that place again. I only watch videos and DVDs on my TV. I don’t watch “mainstream commercial TV” at all and I have not for 3 years now. I felt like my IQ shot up 20 points when I finally weaned myself off of the daily usa propaganda and advertising machine. I get all my news and any TV show or movie I want right off the web for free, with zero commercials.

Blessings, Chase Kyla Hunter, citizen journalist, Cherokee Shaman


Survival Gear & Bug Out Bags

Information provided courtesy of Off Grid Survival Website. Please visit their site for more great survival related articles, essays and information. 

BOB - Bugout BagA Bug out bag is basically a big survival kit that contains all of the items you would require to survive after a disaster. A Bug Out Bag allows you to grab what you need quickly and evacuate should a disaster happen.

Most experts suggest that your BOB should contain enough supplies to last for at least seventy two hours.  Since most major disasters can disrupt services and normal life for longer than 72 hours, we think it is a good idea to have a Bag that will allow you survive for an indefinite period of time.

Make sure your Bag is built to fit your needs. Some people may need items that are not listed on this list. Remember that this is a guideline meant to help you get your bag together. When putting your bag together take into consideration any special needs or items that you or your family might need.

Below we discuss what should be in most Bug Out Bags, as well as our suggestions on what are the best Items to buy that will hold up when it really counts.

What items should be in your Bug Out Bag?

BOB emergency survival bagThis will depend on a number of factors, such as the area you live in (climate, elevation, etc….) But the basics are as follows:


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