"Corrupted Politician" Roundup: Tea Party Express 'Vote Them Out Tour' Hits the Road.

3.29.2010 Update By Chase K. Hunter

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The “info wars” continue to rage regarding the Tea Party movement, and I have now read dozens of news stories, both supporting the Tea Party, and ruthlessly villianizing it. I have also watched dozens of videos that are now being made everywhere, that are specifically intended to make Tea Party members and supporters look like complete idiots. Some of those videos are actually successfully doing that very thing, as many of the tea party people who protested last weekend in D.C. were woefully unprepared to face “tell all” citizen journalism cameras, and people being interviewed could not cite a single specific clause in Obamacare, the actual bill itself, that they objected to. Neither could they offer a single reasonable idea to replace the legislation.

But one thing that every single person who was “suddenly” interviewed, out of the blue, DID say, and they all agreed on, was that they had been “whipped into a frenzy” by watching Fox News. This is disturbing and I believe it drives home my point, which I have written about over and over for two years now, which is that people need to TURN OFF their TVs and stop watching New World Order media propaganda outlets, which exist almost solely to mold, bend, twist, and manipulate public sentiments, this way, that way, and any way that will suit the means and motives of the hidden global governing elites.

People who have watched Glenn Beck’s “weeping TV preacher and clown for hire antics” on air are buying the bait and falling right into the trap which is being laid to ensnare American patriots. The New World Order elites want Americans to rage, rise up, take to the streets, and wreak havoc everywhere. That’s exactly, precisely what they want. Why?

They want to have an excellent reason to slap martial law onto this country, and leave it in place indefinitely, so that they will have all the reasons they need to surveil, arrest without due cause, imprison, censor, and clamp down on what’s left of American freedoms.

My American compatriots, you are being led like lemmings to march into the sea. Stop following the lead of propaganda hucksters like Glen Beck, step back, take a deep breath, and realize what is at stake here. Once martial law is in place, it may not be rescinded for years to come. Get a grip on your passions, and proceed with your plans peacefully, intelligently, be well informed, and for God’s sake do not show up at rallies and public events literally dressed like circus clowns, and carnival characters.

Your behaviors and everything that falls out of your mouth is being judged and used against you by a raucous and livid left wing media that answers directly to the White House. You are being manipulated by Fox News to get out in the streets and make uninformed asses of yourself in public. Get a clue as to what is happening here.

We do NOT want or desire a violent revolution in this country. Work for change and progress toward restoring consitutional laws using lawful and legal means. Otherwise you are paving the way for the very thing that you fear the most, and that is losing what’s left of your civil rights under indefinite martial law.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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