NWO Illuminati 6-333-6 TV Ads Ominous

Copyright .2010-3010 By Chase Kyla Hunter, updated 11.23.2010, new video links added at the end

As loyal readers know, I have monitored the Illuminati influence in pop culture, pop music and advertising extensively, and there has been an ominous new advert trend since 2002 that employs “Illuminati themes” in popular advertisements, specifically TV advertisements, which aggressively suggest similar sets of numbers to “666,” but not quite 666. It’s media that’s right on the edge of biblical blasphemy, yet when truth researchers point this out, we are usually ridiculed.

These dark adverts are sickening, not funny at all and their creators are fully spiritually liable and accountable for suggesting “666 themes” to impressionable young people who tend to drink in as truth whatever they see advertised on TV.

Now these Illuminati influenced ad agencies are at it again. Observe the TV spot below, then try to dare and tell me that there is not an increasingly overt global campaign going on to “sell” the idea of tattooed “666” images, ideas, and concepts to the world population, especially to the media driven and vulnerable youth of the world.

It’s even more tragic that the World Cup is named in the advert, as it certainly has the effect of inspiring me to boycott any and all events, services and products that are affiliated in any way with “6-333-6”.

Have a look at the YouTube video clip of this Illuminati TV spot which appears in it’s entirety below this essay. Do not be brainwashed by TV and print media ads like this, which are not benign by any means.

Educate your children that this is not entertainment, it’s not cool, and it’s not of God in any way. Help them to understand that what mainstream media presently broadcasts is not God’s way of reaching the world’s young people. The Bible strictly forbids self mutilation and self “marking” or self branding via bodily marks and tattoos, as it leads to worshiping things, people, icons, and images [false idols] that are not of the Heavenly Father.

Overt Illuminati Occult Symbols Are Now Appearing in Major TV Ad Campaigns

Notice the Illuminati symbol in the center of the 6-333-6 logotype which is appearing as a tattoo on each actor in the spot. That triangle with the sun rays emanating from it has been an occult symbol of Illuminati control and influence for hundreds of years, and also appears on the back of our one dollar bill. (To learn more about the history of Illuminati occult symbols please look up the research of Jordan Maxwell at JordanMaxwell.com.)

All true Christians need to be ware of this intentional use of Illuminati symbols to promote the “world Beast system” which they are now desperate to foist upon the world. Educate your children, friends, relatives, and peers about this and do not be brainwashed or “programmed” by the TV set to believe these adverts are benign or benevolent. Young people are being encouraged and indoctrinated by the Illuminati owned and influenced world media to worship anything and everything BUT the Heavenly Father. This bothers me deeply. This advert bothers me deeply as well. Be aware of what is taking place here, as it is not innocent humor.

Occult Activities in the Music Industry:

Beyonce Discusses “Leaving Her Body” When Onstage, States Something Else Takes Over

Is Beyonce describing demon possession as she struggles to explain to Oprah Winfrey how she manages to live with herself when she is off the stage at home? I found this interview to be one of the most telling and bizarre confessions I have ever heard from a pop culture icon. Here below is the video:

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7 Responses to NWO Illuminati 6-333-6 TV Ads Ominous

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  2. John K says:

    The thing that I noticed, and disturbed me the most, was the multiple voices as each person speaks… which implies legions of demons. Please watch this short video on the analysis of your above video. I missed every point made in that video, and was surprised that I didn’t see them. I’ve been studying these things for many years now, and still missed them.

    John K

  3. John K says:

    The next advertising video that should disturb everyone is this one below. All these things are moving very fast, and at a very excelerated pace. We live in scary political and prophetic times.

  4. Lisa Shaner says:

    nice blog…keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks for sharring importent information in this blog.
    It was very nice.

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