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Unusual Severe Weather Alert for California

HOME AND FAMILY PREPAREDNESS ALERT: CALIFORNIA Re-post courtesy of blog.totallyready.com A Dire Weather Warning For the West Coast of The United States Extending to the Entire State of California – Be Prepared to Evacuate in Low Lying Areas, Southern CA … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin MUST Be A Genuine Spiritual Powerhouse. Look at What the Media Is Doing to Her Family Now

Once every 50 or 60 years an American original like Sarah Palin comes along. Her genuine nature, ferocious real patriotism, and sparkling optimism strike a true contrast with Hillary Clintons’ dour grey almost robotic disposition. Hillary’s puppeteered commentary that mouthes … Continue reading

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Understanding the UN's Hidden Luciferic Agenda Is Critical for a Free America

Most people do not know that for the more than 50 years that the UN has been in existence, their strenuous and calculated “back door approach” to coercing the United States government into seceding it’s sovereignty has become one of … Continue reading

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