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Pole Shift Warning Signs Abound: Prophets Have Seen USA After the Pole Shift: Maps

Copyright 2011-3011 By I-Witness Internet Report, All Rights Reserved. Tags: pole shift safety lands, where to go after the poles shift, emergency preparedness, pole shift research, safety lands pole shift, earth changes, global flooding coastlines, global climate change, flooding, relocation … Continue reading

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American "Preppers" Are Wisely Taking Stock, & Stocking Up

02.16.2010 By Chase Hunter “Preppers” Are on the Right Track For months I have been discreetly peeking at Youtube videos being posted by the more extroverted folks in citizen journalism & truth movement who want to boast a little bit … Continue reading

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2012 Pole Shift, Earth Changes, Freak Weather, Early Warning Signs, Indicators

For a comprehensive overview of the possibility of a pole shift between 2012 and 2019 visit my original pole shift research site at 2012 Pole Shift Witness. Geologic Crustal Displacement: Pole Shift Early Warning Signs Expect the unexpected, increasingly, as … Continue reading

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Excerpt from a Chat Between Two American Patriots

Finally!! Better late than never I had a day off this am to write you back…. my replies are interspersed. I can’t thank you enough for supporting my sites, the writing, the effort to wake people up – all of … Continue reading

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