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GOP & Tea Party Movement Not Exactly A Match Made in Heaven

Sarah Palin 3.20. 2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter I began writing about the emerging tea party national coalition last July 2009. You, know during the “we were all astro-turf” period. I’m glad to see that one year later the rest … Continue reading

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Tea Party Activists Are Changing the Landscape of American Politics & It's High Time

Image via Wikipedia 2.19.10 By Chase Hunter America is “Silent No More” in 2010 Last spring and summer I chronicled the rise of the American Tea Party Movement on this blog when it was brand new, and wrote extensively about … Continue reading

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Tea Party Convention in Nashville A Historic American Patriot Event

Enlarge By Al Goldis, AP Protesters rally April 15 at the Capitol in Lansing, Mich., as part of a series of protests that spanned the USA. Update 2.8.10 By Chase Hunter As the mainstream media in the USA follows it’s … Continue reading

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