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GOP & Tea Party Movement Not Exactly A Match Made in Heaven

Sarah Palin 3.20. 2010 By Chase Kyla Hunter I began writing about the emerging tea party national coalition last July 2009. You, know during the “we were all astro-turf” period. I’m glad to see that one year later the rest … Continue reading

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Katie Couric's Epic Fail: Promoting Human RFID Chipping to the Masses

More Proof the Mainstream Media Loathes Heartland America 02.12.2010 By Chase Hunter The evidence is overwhelming that wt we used to call the mainstream media has now become the daily propaganda war room tool of new world order elites who … Continue reading

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The Palin Equation: The More Popular She Gets, The Worse the MSM Press Coverage Gets

Image via Wikipedia 02.11.2010 By Chase Hunter This one is not hard to call in the least. Sarah Palin is wildly popular in middle America, where people have common sense, love their country, respect law and order, believe in the … Continue reading

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Tea Party Convention in Nashville A Historic American Patriot Event

Enlarge By Al Goldis, AP Protesters rally April 15 at the Capitol in Lansing, Mich., as part of a series of protests that spanned the USA. Update 2.8.10 By Chase Hunter As the mainstream media in the USA follows it’s … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin MUST Be A Genuine Spiritual Powerhouse. Look at What the Media Is Doing to Her Family Now

Once every 50 or 60 years an American original like Sarah Palin comes along. Her genuine nature, ferocious real patriotism, and sparkling optimism strike a true contrast with Hillary Clintons’ dour grey almost robotic disposition. Hillary’s puppeteered commentary that mouthes … Continue reading

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