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The Death of Journalism in America

5.11.2010 Worthy of a Repost by CK Hunter Filed under total agreement, incredulity and patriotic fury: What has happened to responsible journalism in this country? When part time citizen journalists like me are “on the story” faster than our supposed … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Media? Less Than A Dozen Corporations

Image by phyxiusone via Flickr When a half dozen corporations own every major media outlet in America, the stage is set for a state controlled and censored media that rivals that of any communist nation. The media ownership hegemony in … Continue reading

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Media Coverage of the 9/12 Protests: A Report Card

***Media Research Center CyberAlert Special*** 2:25pm EDT, Tuesday September 15, 2009 Media Reality Check. “Media Coverage of the 9/12 Protests: A Report Card; Liberal Nets Acknowledge News Value of Anti-Obama Rally, but Much of the Coverage Is Antagonistic” Below is … Continue reading

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