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American "Preppers" Are Wisely Taking Stock, & Stocking Up

02.16.2010 By Chase Hunter “Preppers” Are on the Right Track For months I have been discreetly peeking at Youtube videos being posted by the more extroverted folks in citizen journalism & truth movement who want to boast a little bit … Continue reading

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Confused About Maitreya? It's Time to Begin Asking the Right Spiritual Questions

Image via Wikipedia Popular Re-post courtesy of 333Crucible.wordpress.com Updated 7.14010 By Chase K. Hunter A site guest has asked this question today: “What is the objective criteria used to discern who is the Antichrist and also, how will those who … Continue reading

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5 Warning Signs of the Imam Mahdi's Rise (Christian Antichrist): Muslim Messiah coming to town? 1-3

Image via Wikipedia Muslim Messiah coming to town? 1-3 Muslim Messiah coming to town? In today’s teaching, JD takes a look at the Muslim Prophecy of their soon coming “Muslim Messiah”. What do they believe about him? When is he … Continue reading

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My Call for Global Awakening Continues

I originally penned the essay below in March of 2008 after realizing beyond all shadow of a doubt that Barack Obama was not just an New World Order Manchurian candidate. He was possibly not even a legal American citizen. Since I wrote this document the nay-sayers who told me this was all conjecture, conspiracy theory and speculation have fallen oddly silent as hundreds of thousands of other Americans awakened to the truth about who had stepped into the White House, how radical he really was, and began also publishing online what they knew and understood. Continue reading

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2012 Dreaming of a New Earth

2012 Dreaming of a New Earth

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2009 Flashback: Warning About Obama Presidency and End Time Prophecy

Warning about an Obama Presidency and end time prophecy Tags: Obama presidency, end times, end time prophecy, last days, end times predictions, Barack Obama, Obama Nation, America Christian Nation

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