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Ann Coulter Not Wanted as Speaker on Ottowa Canada Campus, Her Speech Canceled Due to Riots

Image via Wikipedia Canadian students consider what Ann Coulter does to be explicit hate speech, and they have let her know in no uncertain terms that it’s not welcome on their college Campus: Ann Coulter Speech Shut Down in Canada … Continue reading

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Protests in Vancouver Turn Violent, Arrests Made

2.18.2010 Courtesy of wearechangevancouver.org More pics of black masked group’s violent “protest” Vancouver Olympics protests turn violent; multiple arrests made Photographs by Alex Firmani / Shot In Vancouver Photography. An anti-Olympics protest called the 2010 Heart Attack turned violent today … Continue reading

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David Solway on the Bizarre "B Movie Aura" of USA Political Scene

The American Political Scene: A Hollywood B Movie in Progress And Americans find themselves trapped in Obama’s theater. September 13, 2009 – by David Solway Page 1 of 2 ┬áNext -> American politics, I am starting to believe, has increasingly … Continue reading

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