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Pakistan Blocks YouTube & 450 Other Web Links in Crackdown

May 20, 2010, 1:58 PM EDT By Ketaki Gokhale and Farhan Sharif May 20 (Bloomberg) — Pakistan, home to the world’s second- largest Muslim population, blocked Google Inc.’s YouTube service and more than 450 Web links as the government widened … Continue reading

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Top Ten Trending Reads on Artopia 444

5.20.2010 By CK Hunter Here are the top ten trending reads for this spring on Artopia 444: Trending Reads Could the Price of Silver Rise to $100 Per Ounce This Year? Should You Buy? Angelina Jolie’s Botox Blowout: Unphotoshopped Photos … Continue reading

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Will Free Speech on the Internet Disappear? Obama Czar Wants Mandatory Government Propaganda On Political Websites

5.20.2010 By CK Hunter  Cass Sunstein, who wrote a white paper calling for “conspiracy theories” to be banned, wants to legally force Americans to “do what’s best for our society” and dilute their own free speech.   Paul Joseph Watson … Continue reading

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Did Ancient Egyptians Really Create Human-Animal Hybirds, Or Does the History Channel Have It All Wrong?

5.7.2010 By CK Hunter There is a popular trend in pop TV shows to create some sort of “buzz” ascribing the ancient Sumerian Annunaki with all kinds of miraculous genetic science and human – animal cloning wizardry in deep prehistory. … Continue reading

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