Rev. James D. Manning: "Obama's Degree from Columbia Bought Outright By Saudi Financiers. No Proof Obama Ever Attended the School."

“The Best Education That money Can Buy, for Barack Obama” -Saudi Money, That Is.

Columbia University is selling degrees. Recorded on Friday, 8 January 2010. Follow us on twitter Connect with us on Facebook

The legal allegations made in this video by Rev. James David Manning against Columbia University and President Barack Obama are so outrageous that if proven true, they most likely would incite and provide final fodder for a violent uprising in America against Barack Obama’s presidency.

My jaw hit the floor several times as I watched it. If these charges prove true then the birth certificate fraud was just the tip of the iceberg and we are in deep and terrible trouble in this country. It would amount to a Coup and the complete usurping of the highest office in America, with the USA mainstream media fully complicit in all of it, cooperating in the cover-up. There would be no end to the legal tangle it would bring to our door. It would jeopardize our national security in ways unimagined in our lifetimes, perhaps in US history.

Pray for America with everything you have got. Something must be behind such charges. Otherwise this man speaking in the video may be out of his mind. Either that, or he is one of the bravest American Christians I have ever seen. What I want to hear about is his proof.

I fear for this Reverend’s life, frankly.  I wonder if the White House will actually try to “off” him the same way they did all the many others in the past who got too close to hidden and ugly truths that former Presidents had covered up about their past?

This is not the first “ugly secret from a new President’s past” to rear it’s head, but it is by far the worst one I have ever heard in my lifetime.

Here’s the link:

By Chase Hunter 01.11.2010


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