The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 333

333 is the Ultimate Spiritual Decision number.

“Choose this day whom you will serve.”

“No man serves two masters.”

333 can appear as:

3:33 am

3:33 pm

333 in any numeric printout, such as $3.33, or lottery number 03330, etcetera.

The word “crucible” means moment of significant choice.

For those who know and love God, the insight and knowledge you are exposed to on this blog represented by 333 crucible will either direct you into a final phase of pure spiritual 999 completion, and your soul will transcend the coming global Apostasy due to God’s Will uniting with your own Will.

( To consciously seek to unite your will with God’s Will is the most powerful spiritual force in the universe and no evil can or will stand against that union of the human and the Divine. )

Or… if your soul has not yet garnered enough inner true spiritual Christ Light, and thus cannot achieve such final spiritual completion, then most likely you will respond to the content of this blog with reactions of fear, ridicule, mockery and negativity, recoiling from what you learn.  You will continue to “worship” media figures, celebrities, movie stars, talking heads. You will continue to live a fallen, spiritually empty and mundane  existence, creating personally putrid streams of negative spiritual energy everywhere you go due to your lack of  self mastery. It’s all your choice. This is the ultimate gift of God – the inherent tragedy of human freewill, wherein you can create Heaven or Hell with your own actions and decisions every minute of every day.

Even God himself cannot and will not save you from the nonstop experience you are having of sitting awash in the putrid inverted energy field of your own self generated negativity. That is the gift of mortal freewill. You can make just as huge of a mess with your human existence as you choose to.  Or you can turn it all around. Just as the lovely lady speaks so wisely in the film “Vanilla Sky“:

Every new day is another opportunity to turn it all around.

333 will eventually either point you straight into the right direction: to fall in God’s arms in your own heart, to love him, to know His deep and abiding eternal love for you, to live for him, to be close to his heart in all you do and say, to commit your life to good works by FAITH in the spiritual actuality of His Son’s Divinity, (orthodox Christians refer to this as being “spiritually born again,” conquering the inner carnal man) or it will put you back into the spiritually inverted retrograde vibration of 666, the antichrist frequency, the earthbound negative frequency of the hatred of all things truly Christlike, which throws you back into the lower relams of the current third dimensional plane on planet earth.

At this particular time on the earth, the physical plane is manifesting the inverted negative vibration of 666 everywhere you go and everywhere you look. The open hatred of the univeral vibration of of the true Christ, which resonates to a 999 number, is everywhere in popular media and culture. The new world order hidden global elite are a band of souls who fell with Lucifer 200,000 years ago during the Lucifer Rebellion. They have continued to hate the spiritual authority of Christ for ages.

They were incarnate and conspired to put him to death during his brief life on earth as the corrupted Sanhedrin Priesthood, (Jesus referred to them as those who were of the Synagogue of Satan , also known as the tares among the wheat) and they are incarnate again as the hidden NWO elite power structure – the movers and shakers behind the scenes who puppetter people like Barack Obama, and who are using the global mainstream media (mouthpiece of the Beast) to guide this world directly into the approaching calamity of a global apostasy which will test the very foundations of this world.

The negative frequency band of 666 can instantly be conquered by truly sincere and devout heartfelt prayer. Begin with the Lord’s Prayer spoken aloud with fervent devotion three times, three times a day – morning – noon – and night. Live the 10 commandments. It’s not hard! It’s not hard to stop living like an animal, and begin to live like an upright man or woman, doing the right thing. Your soul knows how to guide you, but you must listen. Then act on what you know to be right. Study your bible and other supporting sacred Christian texts which support the cosmic fact of the spiritual authority and Divine Sonship of Jesus of Nazareth, and leave off worshiping things which should not be worshiped, and you know exactly what they are.

Then make a conscious spiritual decision to remove yourself from all persons, situations, activities, TV & movie media and entertainment, and internet content which exalts hatred,  death, dying, malice, lies, gossip, deceit, duplicity, negativity and hatred of the essence of Jesus Christ and His spiritual authority in our local universe creation.

Continue each day to make  a conscious spiritual decision – 333 – to move toward Jesus Christ and away from the great lie of 666 by reading about Jesus’ amazing but short and strenuous existence on earth, and surround yourself with goodness, good people, goodwill, good projects and ideas, and by all means remove yourself from the 666 infested world popular media and entertainment system, which spews decadence into the atmosphere 24-7. Surround yourself with good srong spiritual people of God, and eliminate the sources of negativity in your life by removing yourself from those situations. Do what it takes. Break a spiritual sweat for once. Take your spiritual life seriously, and stop sitting on the fence.

The living essence of the Presence of God lives within you as “that true light which lights every man who comes into the world.” Adore and protect that inner light by living according to it’s inner leadings. If you love God, your soul KNOWS what to do. Act on what your soul is now urging you to do. And thank you for coming here, and having the courage to examine the documents on this blog.  God bless and keep you safe from all harm.

Chase Kyla Hunter


Spiritual References and Further Reading:

The Urantia Book

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Not much to tell. Um.... I author news and art blogs now & then. :-)
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33 Responses to The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 333

  1. Katherine says:

    Wow, you are the first person that has, I believe, accurately explained to me what has been going on recently in my life. The funny thing is, after I read this I realized my spirit knew I had a decision to make all along, and this felt tied to it, somehow. I have been waking up often from spiritual dreams regarding God, and where I stand with him, and I will often wake at exactly 3:33 a.m.
    This has happened several times the past few weeks. And I have made a decision to take my spiritual walk with God very seriously because of it, instead of remaining as you said, “on the fence”. I had another incident two night ago, when I knew I had temptation to deal with the following day, and it had been concerning me. I felt like God was trying to tell me to reach out to him for strength. Thank you for your post.

    • Day says:

      You are so very welcome. Reading what you wrote thrilled me. The Holy Spirit is “pulling out all the stops” to reach a human population distracted by a million worries, debt, their job, finances, their kids, the tv, their relationships, and a society so drunk of childish pleasures that it is unaware of what is now breathing down on us all. Stay with your journey in God. I support you wholeheartedly and stop by to visit and comment any time.

      God bless and keep you!


    • olga says:

      i really feel and believe that i have a decision to make.

      • CK Hunter says:

        Pray, listen and put your soul into a state of absolute spiritual submission to God’s Will and He will guide you. God bless and keep you!


  2. Katherine says:

    Hi again Chase-
    I thought you might be interested in hearing what happened to me again last night/ early this morning. Last night as I was driving, I felt compelled to tell God something. I said, if you decide to wake me again at 3:33 a.m. I will get up out of bed and pray this time. At exactly 3:33 this morning, I was woken from a deep sleep. I knew I had to keep my end of the deal so I got out of bed and prayed. God showed me some very important things as I prayed, and I felt extremely aware spiritually- more so than I ever have!! I completely agree with you- The Holy Spirit is pulling out all the stops right now! I have felt a real spiritual change in “the atmosphere” just recently. There are so many forces at work both for and against us , and I think there has been a real battle for people’s souls. And the decision is always ultimately ours! It is amazing how asleep so many people are to what is really going on!! I enjoy reading your articles- keep them coming!

    God bless you!

    • Day says:

      Hi Katherine, and …. Wow! What an incredible confirmation of God and Spirit being at work in your life. That is just utterly remarkable and so very wonderful. We live in the age of what the hundus have caled the “Kali Yuga”, which is the last great age of spiritual darkness, just preceding the true dawn of global spiritual unity consciousness and an age of spiritual enlightenment for all of humankind.

      The Kali Yuga which prcedes the dawing of this new millenial age of spiritual truth and under standing [ not to be confused with any }new age movement jargon] transcends most all human religious belief systems. But the Christian faith refers to this present Kali Yuga period as the “great falling away” and also “the end times” and “the last days.”

      The bible has promised us there would be a “new heaven and a new earth” – but my soul intuits these new realms cannot be built upon the existing inverted and dark world system. That world system is now crumbling and disintegrating, as it is built upon the illuminati lie of hidden control, evil, manipulation, and consuming greed. The chaff who are these illuminati hidden elite have to come to their final reckoning with the Presence of the Heavenly Father himself, which is happening right before our eyes.

      During this Kali Yuga, those who lie to others when great forces of destiny are at stake will be revealed nearly instantaneously. They will not be able to hide and veil their sins. I am reminded of Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and many others whose actions in secret have now so suddenly come to light.

      Can you imagine the abject tragedy that a John Edwards presidency would have brought to this nation?

      A political campaign built on lies did not stand, but fell apart right as it happened.

      Instead we now have a man in the White house whom many Americans distrust and for solid reasons. John Edwards spent over one million dollars to hide his affair with Rielle HUnter. Barack Obama has spent 1.4 million to hide the facts about his birth certificate.

      If there was nothing to hide, where did the 1.4 million go, and whose money was it? Was it money from the DNC donated by sincere Americans who believed in him? It will all come to light as God’s Will unfolds for America.

      I bring this up becuase witht the full vivid brightness of the Spirit of Truth shining down upon this world, activating and enhancing the activities of the Holy Spirit everywhere, no lie will remain hidden for much longer. There is a great unveiling going on. It is as it should be.

      God’s hand is at work behind the scenes, and I continue to believe that a Divine Intervention is at work to protect America during her time of great crisis. We all are cooperating as a great “Heavenly team on Earth” when we surrender our own lives and outer egos to the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit and allow God’s miracles to manifest through us by refusing to sink into negativity, but to allow all that is within us which is not of God to go into the fires, so to speak, no what the outer circumstances may be that press in to challenge our faith.

      Faith is like working out – if there is not a certain amount of pressure to push against, that muscle of faith cannot grow stronger. So … you might say that America is getting a real work-out these days!

      I am so thrilled to hear about the mysteries of God’s presence at work in your life. Write again any time!!

      Kindest regards,


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  4. Apriol says:

    hi. i came across this site while looking into 333 mysteries. I have found that many ppl see 3:33 am or pm like i do or awake at that time like i do but i have found NONE that pertains to what i am searching for. my birthday is 3/3 and i turned 33 3/3/2010. i believe there is SOME significance to this but i dont know what it is. Is God trying to tell me something? am I signifant? i dont konw……i wish i could find out

    • CK Hunter says:

      We are all significant, and if 333 is appearing to you, then you are at moment or period of crucial DECISION MAKING spiritually in your life. Is there something you have always felt you needed to do – spiritually speaking – but you have not done that thing yet? Then NOW you must do it. It’s about the turning point, the moment of TRUE decision. No turning back. Go re-read the essay – then pray about it. Then just relax, and listen, and let the Spirit speak to you… over time. These things don’t always get answered in a day.


  5. erica samuel says:

    Thank you so much for posting a website such as this one.for the past couple of months i’ve been seeing the number three or seeing 3333 or things in a triangle shape and just today i wanted to know what does it really mean?your site has given me the best all makes sense now.i’m currently going through a rapid spiritual awakening.and i’ve been trying to find out am i on the right path of living.and by me reading what you have posted on your site about have put what i believe may be the finally piece to what god wants me to do.and the moment that i decided to totally say to god i’m not letting anymore distractions in my way of given myself 100% to you god.i heard a bird sing.and this was at 1am. and also i wanted to know if you know what it means when a person is marked with the number 3?i have some dots on my chest that connect into the number three .does this mean something?

  6. erica samuel says:

    I have another me going through and having symptoms of a spiritual awakening and seeing so many signs specially 333 meaning seems to me like i may ascend soon?i’ve been having dreams of things or numbers counting down. first seeing things in 3’s or the number 3. then 2 now 1. am i going through a count down to ascension?

  7. david says:

    i just want to say thank you so much i’ve just recently begin to take notice of the #333 in my life it just started hammering me everywhere i look one day my phone a score on a game i was playing an exit sign all in a matter of minutes and thats what made me think this is too crazy to be coincidence. i told my girlfriend about it and then i had a dream about the numbers thats when i came online to try a find out if the numbers had any significence and then i see other people are seeing the samething and that really struck a cord in. your explaintion is dead on what i have been feeling and i that God that he loves me enough to pull at me in such away as to say i’m real and you have a choice to make but the best thing about the whole thing is before i checked this out i went to church yesterday and as i was listening to the sermon i said to myself this is it man no more half and half i have a great woman and this is what i want in my life to be in the presents of God surrounded by God fearing worshiping people i made my decsion right then.

    • CK Hunter says:

      I am so glad to hear your story!! Thank you so much. Many souls are being called in these days by the Heavenly Father to Higher service, but in this “great falling away” very few souls are answering that call. You will be a greater better man in every way for having the guts of steel to answer HIm and follow your walk with God. I support you in every way. Never, ever be made to feel ashamed or “less” for walking with God. When you read in the New Testament the incredible suffering and hardship, even to death, that Jesus and His early followers endured, you begin to comprehend the meaning of real courage.

      It takes much more courage to follow God than it does to follow in the foolishness of other lost and fallen men. He will uphold you in every way, and knowing Him and being close to HIm is the greatest joy in human existence.


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  9. 333 says:

    For the past while I’ve been seeing 333 EVERYWHERE, from the length of my cell phone conversations, to the times (both AM and PM), video games, environment, music and I’m not the type of person to become paranoid or look for these numbers. They’re popping up everywhere that’s relevant, even in front of family and friends.

    What made me finally fully research this was the other night my house phone rang (no one ever calls the house late), the number was blocked and when I picked up I heard a ring not of which I’ve heard before, as I was on the phone I looked at the time and there it was staring at me, 3:33 AM. I didn’t know what to do. I am very religious and pray every night and since this now every morning as well. Another weird thing is that I’ve always prayed for a sign to guide me but now that I’m getting it, I’m not fully sure what to do to heed the call. Any help would be amazing.

    P.S. great articles, currently reading through them now, its great to read something positive for once.

  10. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for posting your very acqurate and essential website as so many including myself have been experienceing the 333 happenings! I have for years sometimes waking up at 333 am or just looking at watch or oneday my mileage meter on truck! How wonderful to know our father is sending us this message! I am grateful for your website and all people that are praying in unison for the coming days of Jesus return as king upon a new earth and new heaven. By praying 3x a day or more! having an attitiude of gratitude and thanking our lord for all his mercy, gifts and truths we help one another! and create the right frequencies for more love more help, more happiness, more gratitude and correct thinking God bless us all in love and truth, I believe must accept Christ as savior, for one to reach the father this is what I learned and believe! thank you for reading and your prayers!

  11. anna says:

    thankyou so much for your article regarding 333. i have recently stopped alot of negative things that were happening in my life. i was a mere body without a soul. i was doing alot of terrible and sinful acts and realised that i had to stop as it was what my soul was urging for. the number 333 has occured many times within my life for the past few years especially with being woken or looking at the time at 3:33am. i’ve never really looked at it as a positive thing and believed it was evil consuming me therefore i had gained a fear against it. however now i am able to embrace it. i truely am undergoing a huge spiritual journey and my soul is leading me towards the right path itself. by making the much needed changes in my life i have been able to become a better person and feel reborn. thankyou for your help it has confirmed for me that which i was seeking. and never will i look back at the life i have led for i repent for my sins and look to better myself now.

  12. David R says:

    I would like to mention something here as well. My fiance and I aren’t very religious but she has been waking up at 3:33am for a few weeks now. She told me of a dream she had where a dark figure is arguing with a woman over her. She described the woman to me and told me she was handing her a flower. After reading this I spoke to her about it and we realized that she is in a fight finding herself from her past and her present, her dark half and her true self. I researched the numbers 3 more and found a picture of the woman who she described. She was a deity whom we never heard of before until this night. If you feel like my story now is here to disprove you’re belief i want to say now that it is NOT. Quan yin one of the name she goes by ( she came to my fiance as Kannon her Japanese name because we both love that culture ) came to her and kept handing her a lotus flower the flower which we used to symbolize our love. Sorry off topic, she told me she was a black haired woman with long white robes sitting on a fountain, and sure enough thats how she is most seen. I’m telling you this because Kannon has a strong resonance with the Christian Mary and thus The Lord. Finding this gave me and hopefully my fiance hope that there is a god watching out for us and helping us through our tough times. We were relieved and shocked to find this out and I pray that we have the strength to make the right choices and become stronger in our lives and beliefs. My eyes were opened tonight to higher power in all of our lives.

    • CK Hunter says:

      I have known about Quan Yin for 30 years or more and once wrote a song to her. Quan Yin is a highly advanced spiritual heavenly being, but she is not a “God.” There is only one God, whom I refer to as the Heavenly Father, but others may use other phrases. My prayer for you is that you will seek the Heavenly Father first, and in discovering the fountainhead of His infinite love and tenderness, you will grow to love the myriad heavenly beings in His vast creation, like Quan Yin, as His children also. Make sure you don’t let the mistakes of modern religion come between you and the ultimate path of discovering the Father of Fathers, who is the Heavenly Father of all universe creation. May God bless and keep you and guide your journey into deeper spiritual wisdom and understanding. Thanks for your visit!!


  13. Linda says:

    I have been waking up at 3:33am every night. While at work I will glance at the clock and it will be 3:33pm. On liscence plates in front of me while driving they will read 333. This has happened to me every day for an entire week! Everything I see has 333 on it! I knew it had to have a spiritual meaning. I am a Christian and feel like God is trying to tell me something through this, that is where I was drawn to this site. I went to the store the other day and my receipt was $3.33. I pray that I will no longer sit on the fence and completely surrender everything and all of me to God’s will. I have grown spiritually over the past year and am closer to God than I have ever been. I feel this is only the beginning of a revival! Please pray for me that I will continue to seek God and will clearly know his will for my life. I want HIM to have 100% of me! Thank you for your information and please pray for me as I continue my journey with HIM!

    • CK Hunter says:

      Sooo glad you found my site!!! I get alot of emails from others who are also having the “333” experience. We are living in the end of days, something that has taken me all my life to come to terms with and to admit. I was very “alternative” and dangerously “new age” for almost 25 years, and I experienced a complete conversion during the last 7 years. My walk with God has taken such a profound turn since that time period, and I was utterly compelled to begin writing about my spiritual journey about 4 years ago. You can read one of my feature essays on this on the front page of:

      God bless and keep you and I will hold your soul close in my prayers continuously. Keep the faith!!


    • Annette says:

      I was so blown away at finding this website and one other that shows me I’m not the only one experiencing the “333” revelation. For that is what I’m calling it as the more I read, the more I see that it can only be our Glorious God revealing Himself to those that are His children. I’ve been experiencing seeing this number for the past 2 years, and have prayed on so many occasions for God to give me wisdom and to reveal its meaning. I know that more than anything it’s been a call to draw closer to Him and to truly surrender my will to His calling. I’ve journal-ed a lot of my experiences and it’s been quite a journey. I’ll share one, however, that I wrote about on 06/15/10, and where God directed me to specific scripture in Romans 8:18-31. As I pressed on through prayer, God revealed that it is time…Time for His children to know that their eyes can no longer remain shut. Time for them to “know” that He is God – creator of Heaven & Earth for in v. 19 “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed” (NKJV). That time it NOW! v. 30 “Those I’ve predestined, I have also called…Remember, if I am for you – who can be against you? I am your shield, your salvation – you are my light in the darkness that engulfs my children. I say to you, “Do not fear of what you will see” It is for my Glory and it is time that those who are called by my name REFLECT who I am. v.37 “You are more than conquerors – because I LOVE YOU! May this encourage us all to continue to seek Him. Please pray for me as well, as I continue to grow in Him and to surrender every area of my life to his perfect will.

      • CK Hunter says:

        Your comment is one of the most sincere and beautiful comments I have ever received on this post. Thank you so much. Please also stop by my other research blog that exposes the false Messiah “Maitreya” to devout Christians around the world and share what you learn there.

        May God, bless, protect, inspire and surround you on your Holy Spirit filled journey.


  14. olga says:

    i am really blessed of hearing testimonies, and the way people are serious about Almighty God. i came across this site as i was looking the meaning of Jehova Kail or Kair as the pastor mention this word as he was ministering and said it means Jehova of wealth, so i wanted to make sure of the meaning of this word. please help me find the meaning of this word and post it to my email. i am a Christian who live for Christ and the Kingdom of God.

    Thank you for this site. God bless you all.

  15. edward says:

    Thank you LORD for enlighten my mind about seeing the number 333. I have the same experience with other people who sees number 333. I thank this site because now i finally realized what is GOD message to me. I already make a big decision in my life regarding my work and my relationship what i need to do now is my spiritual relationship with GOD needs to be strong, have strong faith in HIM, and always pray everyday for the blessings and guidance. Thank u so much LORD for everything I love you..

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  17. tres says:

    Hi WOW, I know this blog to be true. The first paragraph comfirmed that for me. Wow for years I have been seeing 333. I had been walking with
    God for about 12 years at this point I lost my way so for about five years I had been living on the fence sort of speak. Then a year ago I started seeing 666 everywhere as well as 333. I knew that that the Lord was trying to talk to me. I just had gone so far I couldnt understand like I use to. I was true worshipper that sat to long and lost her way. So I know now what the Lord has been saying this past year. I need to choose who I will serve. Today I choose the Lord Jesus Christ! God Bless

  18. Cynth'ya says:

    As a writer, I often wake up, never looking at the clock, start writing and find that I complete a majority of my poems “AT EXACTLY 2:22.” If I wake up in the middle of the night, pre-dawn, and may just decide to do the last few dishes that are in the sink, I’ll have my hands in the water, and a thought comes. I’ll stop, dry my hands, and look at the clock. Again: 2:22 and always in the a.m. Never 2:22 p.m. ever at all!

    First thing in the morning, I’ll go to the WC. It’s exactly center, with no windows…there are water sources (obviously). When I wash my face, I get strong ideas and keep writing paper and a ton of pens in there. (It think I have more pens in the WC than bath towels! LOL) When I shower, especially when water is running over my head covering my entire body awash, I get ideas, or certain spiritual “church” songs. Sometimes they are songs that my grandmother would sing. We were close her whole life as if we were so inner connected. When she passed it was very hard for me…but she was at peace, and at 96 no way will I whine over not having her in my life physically realm-wise. But I keep her nametag from the nursing home on my computer keyboard. And it’s like she’s still there. Hard to explain, but I feel totally at peace and accepted within MYSELF. No longer do I really stress over what others may or may not think of me.

    My birthdate ( consisting of 3 digits, 1 3 and 9) also shows up when I have a deep thought or idea, of if there is someone on my mind that I need to call, the 1, the 3 and the 9 combined also pops up… a LOT. My birthweight 6:12 also shows up, not as often. But the nice thing is that I’m not afraid of it. The year before I married I was in a coma. At the time I was trying to do things to please everyone except myself. School, sorority, parental wishes, being in a major that I did not want to be in caused me to be under such tremendous stress my nervous system shut down. However the neat thing about it, is that things that have not yet occured materially are seen in my dreams sometimes. And when they happen, it’s as if I’ve been there before. And one of my most cherished bible verses is on faith in Hebrews, which happens to be chapter 11, verse 1. (111). Spiritual things are never to be explained with physical analogies. God’s gotta keep SOME secrets to the universe (smile). Makes life’s “God-incidences” so much more interesting. Makes life an adventure of faith and belief every day.

  19. Cynth'ya says:

    Since the subject was on 333, I saw that for the first time tonight—using an app to look up facebook friends who may need to hear information I have for them. Out of over 1100 contacts, 333 were contacted. This is also the year we know (not feel, it’s stronger than feeling) know that our online licensed broker business signing free agents is going to literally FLY!

  20. evan says:

    im 13 years old i have been seeing the number 333 ALOT everyday i think mostly on the clock but i was even born at 3:33 pm and before i went to look this up i saw a license plate that said 333 and the clock said 333 so i was starting to get creeped out and im still not quit sure about it but im starting to understand it.

    • CK Hunter says:

      Well you are certainly young to be so observant! I’m saying a little prayer for you that every time you see “333” you feel a little bit closer to God, and to his angels, and that your life will be protected by God in a special way! Thanks for visiting me here on my blog and have a happy joyous Christmas holiday.


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