Maitreya Followers & Researchers Tell of Imminent Maitreya TV Interview

I am posting these videos for research and study purposes for the worldwide Christian community to use in their studies, as we work to expose the fraud which is Maitreya. I am not a Maitreya supporter, quite the contrary. See the front page of this blog for more details on the Antichrist Maitreya.

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11 Responses to Maitreya Followers & Researchers Tell of Imminent Maitreya TV Interview

  1. gibby62 says:

    He has supposedly given his interview now according to

    • Chase Hunter says:

      Where can I see the damn thing and what network aired it? I had heard via the web this but had no confirmation yet.
      Thanks much for your visit and tip – spread the word.

      God bless and keep you –


  2. Yan Hoi says:

    Benjamin announced on 14 Jan 2010 that Maitreya had already given his first interview:

    A search through all the recent interview conducted on American networks has pointed to Raj Patel as the most likely person that Creme referred to. Raj was interviewed on 12 Jan 2010 on ColbertNation:

    He also appeared on Democracy Now! on the same day:

    • Chase Hunter says:

      It’s not him, I just looked – he look nothing like the photos of Maitreya. Sorry – false alarm. Go to the share international website and look at the photos of the man they call Maitreya – totally different person. But thanks for contactng me,


  3. Cristo viene ya says:

    he couldn´t be , because he was interviewed before, in 2008:
    Benjamin said that it will be his first interview, so he can´t be, or we now that the devil is the father of the lie, so…

    • Day says:

      Whatever they ae up to with the commenter earlier telling me that there was one Maitreya in 1988 in Nairobi who was photographed, and now a “new and different one” who just gave an interview, either way…. this is the greatest fraud and global lie of all time, and Ameicans know it.

      You guard your soul, and do not buy the lie. The young people of this country who do not know better bought the “Obama Messiah” lie and elected an unqualified manchurian man who would do better to go backto the classroom and teach and raise his family.

      There is NOTHING about Obama that is worthy of the highest office in the land and he defaces the office of the Presdiency simply by being there.

      Likewise there is NOTHING about the UN’s “Share International Maireya Show” that is indicative of any type of true spiritual world teacher – true spiritual beings do not need PR men and ad ampaigns and mysterous bait and swith tv interviews – else they would not have to hide him and slink around like this in secret.

      The only way they can pull this off is to cram it down peoples throats with full bore martial law, which is what I assume they will try to do at some point.

      The soul who loves God and knows HIs Son, Jesus Christ, will not be fooled.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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