Firsthand Account of 9.12.09 DC March by the 'Read My Lipstick' Network

Monday, September 14, 2009


First-hand account of the 9-12 Rally in D.C.


Mary Rakovich: WE SHUT DOWN DC!

Over 2 million Patriots gathered in D.C. on Saturday! (regardless of what the press says!) I was there – Incredible masses!

Ron and I were on our way in a taxi to Freedom Plaza Saturday morning about 10:00 am where the March was to begin at 11:00. Here comes waves of people! What the heck! So we got out of the taxi right there. I asked what was going on. The people marching said there were too many people and the plaza could not contain us!

It was lucky, God puts us where we need to be – I never would have made it to the Capitol with the walker (silly me) and we would not have gotten on the green. The Capitol green was barricaded and the police only let in a certain number of people. No idea how they determined it. There was tons of room still inside the barricades – not crowded at all. Maybe so it would look like less of us in photos?

We turned around and looked down Penn. Ave from the Capitol – SOLID wall of people! And it didn’t stop. I cannot tell you how amazing it was/is, energizing, overwhelming – talk about HOPE & CHANGE! Many of us started crying when we saw the number of people. They announced from the stage – 1.5 million reported, 450 busses arrived Saturday alone, the freeways were backed up for 15 miles in every direction.

I am still so geeked! We got home last night about 11:00 and I slept until 10:00 this morning! Protesting is exhausting work. I was hoarse by the time we reached the Capitol and still don’t have my voice back. I met so many wonderful people. It was so good to see patriots of every age – families with strollers, young people, every stripe and color! Not a race issue, not a partisan issue, an AMERICAN issue!

Our work has just begun. This has happened because so many of us were asleep. We are AWAKE and we have INSOMNIA!

There is so much inside me right now. I am tearing as I write (and listening to Glenn Beck) Overwhelmed by what we have done and what we have left to do. I am praying I can get the website to upload – there is too much to send in email. I worked for hours a couple of weeks ago on new info and could not get it to upload. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. I have been using Filezilla (or rather trying to).

I got into this “activist thing” through Freedom Works and a workshop they had in Tampa in January. If you have not joined Freedom Works please check it out.
Link to Freedom Works

Our Florida co-ordinator, who is a volunteer with a family and a full-time job by the way, Tom Gaitens, is fantastic. Brendan Steinhauser, the grassroots co-ordinator out of D.C. (one of the few paid positions) was the driving force in bringing the patriotic forces together. This is what we need to do. I get invites every day from a new group. We need to pull TOGETHER!

Some Links to 9.12 March Videos etc:
Time lapse of the March
Lots of great pics, vids
CSpan Coverage

I love you all!
Keep up the great work Patriots!
For Freedom (it works!) and Liberty,

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