America, Take Back Your News! About Visuality 999

America, Take Back Your News! About Visuality 999

Introducing Visuality 999: Overturning the 666 In the News

Seeing Is Believing. Are Your Eyes Wide Open?


The new American century has seen an absolute revolution in American news: How we compose it, send it, receive it, how we react to it, how we read it, share it, and how we create new cultural responses to it. Disgust and revulsion toward the banality,  artificiality and superficiality of network news talking heads (I’m still not sure whether Katie Couric is a real human being or a mannequin with a remote controlled microchip in it) has spawned a revolution in spiritual insight, discernment, and righteous indignation toward being treated like 5th graders at a pep rally for each day’s dose of “the evening news.”

Just as every daily newspaper in America is written at the level of comprehension of a 5th grader (for a reason) the evening network news has now “plain vanilla-ed” most topics of real concern into puerile caricatures of what used to pass as news reporting.

We’re all sick of it and America has taken action. We are now slowly but surely putting the new world order news moguls out of business by creating viable alternative news networks online and offline that FINALLY breathe the fresh air of the real human spirit back into news reporting.

Long live the American man and woman who hunger for the truth!

Thanks to the advent of sophisticated rapid fire electronic hand held media and an American population over over 200 million highly internet literate citizens, since around 1998 or so, when the internet began to really swell into global significance, there have quickly become two main significant sources of visual news in America:

1) Corporate sponsored “TV FEDERAL Speak” also known at this particular time as “TV ObamaSpeak” – on alphabet outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC, FOX et al … and …

2)  The REAL news networks and electronic grapevines of the people – as revealed, spoken, blogged, videoed, photographed, postered and “shouted out” by American patriotic grassroots intelligence networks. Number 2 is relevant, urgent, poetic, spiritually inspired by truth, by love for one’s fellows, for one’s country, for one’s freedoms and civil liberties. It comes from the inspired human heart that cries out against the swelling of dark fascist tendencies in the US Federal government, which began oddly enough, under George W. Bush (and earlier) and now under super left wing fascist Czar Barack Obama has escalated into the RED ZONE – no pun intended.

News outlets flling under Number 1 category have now become the sorry spitting trough of every sordid lower emotion that can be found in American civilized (I use the term losely) life: greed, corruption, lies, misinformation, FED propaganda disguised as news, fake news disguised to exalt evil multinational corporate interests, and all this culminating in most so-called daily news now being only thinly veiled indoctrinational brainwashing designed to serve the interests of a super wealthy, super wicked, Luciferic Orwellian world elite who meet in private clubs like the Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove to plot our demise as free citizens while dabbling in lite ambi-sexual horseplay.

Fending Off the Censorship to Come

The effort by the FED to begin censoring news, internet portals, dissenting opinions and the new trend toward police brutality go hand in hand. The American patriot community is not unaware of the inclination these days to have local police arrest private citizens for things as innocuous as videotaping a police officer, or taking photos at a rally. These kinds of actions are an outrage and they will not stand.

The effort by the Obama administration to suppress free speech at recent town halls gave the leaders in the patriot community just the clues they needed as to what Obama FEDS might try next. They intend to try use the pretext of some hyped up cyber-terror threat as an excuse to exert iron clad control over the internet and actually attempt to write legislation into law that will authorize such actions. I had warned about this 2-3 weeks ago, and here it is. Search this site for videos on censoring the internet.

Contact your senator and congressman and make your voice heard. We do not need a government take-over of the internet any more than we needed a government take-over of health care. This administration has launched a full frontal attack on civil liberties and if we don’t fight back and hit hard, right now, they will try to use a false flag event as early as this fall as a pretext for seizing control of the internet. We cannot let it happen. Do what the spirit moves you to do. Act on it. While we have time.

We all know what the Obama White House is up to and we all get it. And we are all doing something about it. We have already started taking the authority for telling our news to one another into our own hands, and the Obama Czars and other world government elites will not stop us.

We have the Heavens themselves supporting what we do, our souls know it, and the old order of ridiculous NWO mouthpiece news will be put out of business soon enough by it’s own self fulfilling prophecy: Lies beget lies.

No one wants to hear any more lies. Truth begets all that is good and noble in the human heart, and truth not only begets exciting new ways to broadcast REAL news, it sets us free as well. It’s a win-win situation.

Chase Hunter


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