What Would Inspire A Democrat Obama Campaign Worker To Bash Colorado Democratic Headquarters With A Hammer 8 Months Into Obama's Presidency?

Things that make you go hmmmm. Wouldn’t we love to sit and listen to what was going through this young man’s mind right before, during and after he did this stupid thing in Denver? (See video below)

For the record, folks – vandalizing anyone’s campaign headquarters is only going to get you a possible felony conviction and a prison sentence – it’s not going to do a single thing to advance the cause of restoring the US constitution, or overturning socialist legislation.

The young guns in both parties, along with independents and non politically affiliated youth, need to settle down to more intelligent and civilized methods for expressing dissent from the Obama agenda. This was just an act of outright stupidity, with consequences commeasurate to how foolish it was.

Chase Hunter, former democrat, now an independent


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