Excerpt from a Chat Between Two American Patriots

Finally!! Better late than never I had a day off this am to write you back…. my replies are interspersed. I can’t thank you enough for supporting my sites, the writing, the effort to wake people up – all of it. When I hear back from another American who cares, and who wants to fight this battle too – it gives me the gusto to keep going.

Thanks so very much.

Here are my replies. And by the way, I am a woman. I use a pen name that is kind of androgynous; so that online it protects my identity – and helps me keep my privacy. I thought you would want to know.


S. wrote:

Dear Chase,
Thank you so very much for your letter!  I appreciate you taking the time to help me and all the others that you are trying to reach.  I have been becoming kind of an activist since the election – I have joined some local groups here in xxxxxxxxxx and I have been attending many patriotic rallies.  I have also joined many many websites supporting the patriotic movement.  Do you think that is dangerous?

I lived in xxxxxxxxxxx for years, way back in the day. I used to love to go down to the hot springs south of town, and I lived out in xxxxxxxxx for a couple of years too. I think anything now could be possibly dangerous, but what are our options? To sit quietly for fear of being found out, and to let it all happen? I could never live with myself if I did not try to fight their lies with the truth.

When you are considering to join a new site, lurk around for a few days and read what others are posting first. Use your intuition. Remember – when 150 million of us are awake and telling the truth, it becomes a groundswell that i don’t think they can stand against.

Do you think I am black-listed somewhere?  Some Whitehouse list or worse – a FEMA list?  If so, then it is too late for me, right?  You mentioned kind of laying low and not engaging in a lot of discussions with people – does that mean I should take off my patriotic bumper stickers off my car?  My husband wishes I would but I feel like I need to stand up for our liberty and I want people to know.  Do you think I should stop doing that?

….all I can do is to tell you what I am doing….. when I am not working, away from home, I spend sometimes 18 even 22 hrs a day online – researching, writing, taking care of my blogs, linking to other research – it’s exhausting. This is what I feel I can do to help raise awareness – now…. speaking just for me – I do not EVER put any kind of bumper sticker on my car which could ID me. I made a mistake this summer though – I watched an Alex Jones movie on DVD with my neighbor – and he just FREAKED…. he actually really believes that I am a domestic terrorist now and won’t speak to me. It was one of the most foolish things I have ever done – was to walk in his house and let him pop that DVD in and watch the movie together – he was both terrified and furious.

People who have spent their entire lives consuming network tv programs are being indoctrinated to think that people like you and me are a real threat – when in fact – we are their leaders!

We are fighting for usa sovereignty and not to be RFID chipped against our wills one day. But it was a big lesson to me. Choose your friends and contacts carefully. Be discreet. If you show up at a rally, don’t get your face on a TV video screen, don’t get videotaped, don’t get in the middle of a melee. Be smart about how you do what you do.

Do you think that it is the Holy Spirit that has opened my eyes to what is coming/happening?

Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt…

What is your feeling on the issue that “Christians need to just trust God and not worry?”

You have to strike a healthy balance between live and let live and fighting for the truth when you know you must.
But if you believe that fighting for the truth also means to target groups of other people who do not  believe everything exactly like you do – then you just add more negativity to the problem.

Everyone is on their own personal journey in spiritual awakening and understanding. Trust God implicitly in all that you do, but always pray for deeper understanding. Don’t assume that your word is the last word. The Christian church {official} has been so wrong about so many things in the last 100 years, that’s why the congregations have fallen away like this. Focus on the love, not the hate. Focus on YOUR family, not someone else’s. I say this with absolute love and trust that you understand what I am saying here.

Some of my close friends tell me this and I say to them that there must be a reason that I feel moved to educate myself and to prepare.

If you are feeling moved to educate yourself and prepare – then act on it like a blazing fire of glory and do not let anything stop you from doing WHAT GOD MOVES YOU DO TO IN YOUR HEART. Make a video, start a blog, start a church group, do what God is calling you to do – and do not wait. Once you know…. and you are sure … then GO FOR IT.

We only have about 2 yrs left of relative freedom – ok? Move on it!!

Are we not trusting in God if we try to be too prepared?

Don’t be silly my dear!! Why did God give us all minds, intuitions, mental skills, stamina, hope, faith, confidence, and one thousand other gifts of the Holy Spirit if not to use these to DEFEND THE LIGHT OF GOD ON THIS EARTH?

God doesn’t like complacency, right?

Complacency will lead to the death of the soul and the imprisonment of the human spirit.You must be ANYTHING but complacent at this time in American history.

I read your letter to my husband and I asked him “why do you think that the vast majority of people could care less about this stuff and when they hear about it they think it is crazy and yet people like me and my mom feel moved to learn?”  He was open to what you had to say and what I asked him.  I believe you might be a type of modern-day prophet.  I told my husband “do you think prophets only existed during biblical times?”  He said no.  I hope I can get him more on board with our emergency preparedness.

Jesus said there would arise prophets and seers and visionary souls in the end times. I know I am one of them. But God has been keeping me living in deep seclusion for a long time now. My life is not easy, and I left behind a real messed up drug addicted bigoted and cruel “family of origin” back east a long long time ago. I know this also – do not be afraid. Be brave. But they are going to try to pull another false flag event on America at some point, then try to blame it on another country as a pretext to accelerate their war machine again  – I can feel it coming. Especially now with Obama’s popularity plummeting like a rock. They are up to something. I’m not sure what it is.

I keep praying.

What do you think of Alex Jones?

Something about Alex Jones bothers me. Why do they let him live????????????? They have killed so many others. He encourages his followers to do EXACTLY the kinds of things
that get people arrested. Why??? Haven’t you ever wondered? I watch him from a safe distance. Only rarely do I watch his youtube.com videos,. because my own research is always 30 days ahead of him. His people come to my little tiny blog, and look at what I am writing about then it appears on his site
a day or so later… that’s been going on for months now.

What about Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck’s paid to create uproar, create drama, get ratings, and pretend to be a mouth for the people. When he gets out of line – very badly – here soon they will get rid of him. They use, and then they dispose of people – just like hamburger wrappers. Glenn Beck will be a hamburger wrapper if he goes too far. Tossed. Blacklisted. Career in TV over. Or … die in a plane crash – that’s their favorite elimination method.

Do you think xxxxxxxxx will be a safe place to live when all this happens or will it be even more dangerous because of all the military and Northern Command?  I have read some very upsetting stuff about NorthCom about swine flu vaccines, etc.

There are places south of xxxxxxxx, and places up in the deep Rockies on the west side of the range – also out in the far eastern corners of the state. Stay out of Denver!! Denver will become the capitol of the NWO regime if they pull the plug and allow UN troops to “repossess” their bankrupted USA – that they helped to bankrupt. Speaking for me, I love the “little cabin in the mtns, with food supply, 2 big dogs, a good handgun and rifle, a good truck or SUV and privacy with high speed internet.But that’s just me. I actually am not in the deepest wilderness right now, but I can get to it in a hurry. I love civilized living, but I sure do know how to rough it – I can cook anything on a campfire and good “mtn cowgirl” skills are a good thing to have.

Gosh, I could write all night – I have so many questions and concerns.  How many people have you been able to convince, do you think?

It not the numbers – it is the RIGHT selected people that God brings to me, who can and will make a difference and do something. I recently made friends with a lady who is an attorney and she is on fire to write the legal essays tat will help people to see what has happened, and she has her husband working on it too!! They are both truth bloggers. Just remember something:

They cannot put an entire nation into a fema camp. When there are 50, 75, 100 million of us, the political poles will shift. We WILL take back our country from the Globalists. It WILL happen. Because it is Gods’ Will.

Do you have a large following?

All in all, about 2000 to 3000 people a day read my essays, and writing. One day in July I had 15,000 people read a new essay in 5 hours. I’m told by Spirit that this time next year it will be 10,000 per day. That’s 70,000 per week, and 300,000 per month. That’s when I really hope that the movement of God’s Will through the souls of His people in America and around the world will begin to perform collective miracles that the media cannot explain. For GOD’s sake, turn off your TV set. and begin listening to God’s directions in deep silence whenever you can.

Thanks so much for being out there and available.

I am available!! It might take me a while to reply, but I am here for you!!!

Thanks for communicating with me!  Do you mind if I ask what city/state you live in?
I’m further west than you but east of the west coast. That’s all I can say…….. I go in and out of Missoula MT quite a bit. I know the western wilderness and the deep hidden places of the west quite well. I am a woman living and traveling alone and I live like a virgin. Let’s just put it that way.

How can this all be happening already in America?

I’ll tell you how. This happened because people are addicted to their delicious pleasures that they think they cannot live without. They are addicted to: TV, casinos, alcohol ,drugs, sex, strip clubs, porn, wall street gambling, Hollywood stars, tv, tv, tv, and more tv. Americans spend the greater part of their leisure wasting away in front of TV sets. TV is the mouth of the Beast. TV is liable and responsible for the stupor that Americans are in, and it has been for 40 years. The only thing more soul numbing than TV is pursuing money to excess .. over all other things.

Communist czars that Obama has appointed that answer only to him – how is Congress and Supreme Court allowing this to happen?

I don’t know how Congress could allow it but they must be under threats for their careers by high hidden NWO elites because i could not live with myself to sit in Congress and allow this to happen. That’s why America is so LIVID with congress.

Is it allowed to happen because it is supernatural in nature – luciferian?
I always knew that in the last days millions of souls would be seduced by the secular society to turn their backs on God. That’s what you and I are seeing take place right now. Hold fast to the truth in your family, for your own family, and be very careful who you let into your inner circle.

That is the only explanation I can come up with.  If so, then is this all part of God’s Plan?

We are collectively, as a race of beings  – as a species – being TESTED in this time period for our worthiness, our eligibility if you will,  to ascend into higher octaves of Light. One does not go from Kindergarten into Ph.D. grad school. That’s not how spiritual evolution works. Step by step. Lesson by lesson. Eternity unfolds one day at a time.

One does not give the keys to a jet engine to a four year old. Humankind must mature spiritually and FIGHT FOR THE LIGHT in order to be eligible to HOLD MORE LIGHT and gain DEEPER SPIRITUAL POWER. If a man abuses the small cup of LIGHT that God gives him each day by creating negativity, generating negative selfish thoughts, hurting his wife and family with neglect, and hurting himself by living as a lesser man, when he could aspire to be a GREATER man, then do you think that God is going to give him more jet fuel or a bigger cup of LIGHT the next day? That is the riddle of the hour for you and hubbie.

Blessed be!!!

Chase Hunter

Ultimately God will defeat it all – right?  I am a believer but I get worried and fearful of what may be coming.  I am willing to die for freedom and for Christianity but I am very fearful. Thanks for “listening!”  I look forward to hearing from you again sometime!

Sincerely, S in XXXXX


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