Barack Obama: NPD Narcissist or Just Narcissistic?

Copyright 2010-3010 by Chase Kyla Hunter, Updated 12.2010

Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. writes on a variety of topics, but his experience and understanding of the personal clinical psychology of NPD, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, is thorough and exhaustive.

His website, examines the possibility that Barack Obama possibly suffers from NPD, also known as narcissistic personality disorder. I noticed behaviors and irregularities about Obama last summer 2008 during the presidential campaign that had me wondering, and apparently others have been watching him as well. I believe more people with psychology backgrounds would have spoken out sooner last year, but once again, anyone who raised any kind of skeptical musings about Obama was instantly pounced on as a racist. It is my belief that in the next four years, excepting any final decision to impeach, that this country is about to pay a dire and terrible price for electing a man to the White House who had not been properly vetted, investigated, examined, and placed under the typical looking glass of big media scrutiny that USUALLY takes place during election years.

What took place last year in 2008 was not so much an election proper, with all the usual big media due diligence, as it was a trance worship-fest of Obama the Messiah, celebrity superstar and Hollywood style icon. If we compare and contrast how big media regarded Obama in 2008, as opposed to the way big media regarded Bill Clinton in 1992, we see the glaring differences easily. I suppose I am dating myself here. But when Bill Clinton ran for president in 92 as an unknown Arknsaw Governor, he was grilled in public and on live TV within an inch of his human life for months on end. None of that took place with Obama. Why?

He was pre-screened and pre-selected by the Bilderberg and secretly attended their summer 2008 meeting, that’s why.

Our US Presidential elections have become dog and pony shows to appease the American citizenry’s need to believe that they are, in fact, electing a president by their choice.

The majority of young people who came out in swarms to support and elect Barack Obama did so mostly becuase of his good looks, his ‘coolness’, his speech-making magic, his internet skills, the fact that he owns an ipod, and his well crafted was oratory that promised us the moon, while the nation was and is, in fact, teetering on bankruptcy. I would surmise tht 80% of those kids do not even know who or what the Bilderberg Group is. They most likely think the “new world order” is a comical conspiracy theory. Meanwhile every day they are being ever so subtly indoctrinated by media and TV into thinking that globalism is THE WAY of the future, and that being RFID chipped is harmless and cool.

Why does this NPD issue really matter?

Some of the most heinous tyrants in world history turned out to be clinically disturbed psychological narcissists whose sense of entitlement, illusory sense of personal grandeur, and overt lust for more power over others led to callous disregard of the pain and suffering that their actions inflicted. They ultimately wrought havoc on the populations that they ruled. Hitler was a text book case “NPD individual” gone beserk with his own sense of destiny and power hunger.

In light of the fact that we have already inherited early on in the Obama presidency a nation struggling under a highly suspect and questionable “financial bailout” – combined with the fact that Obama had zero governing experience when he was elected, we are not really in a position to endure another president who may further harm and damage the overall interests of the nation and her future. In many ways America was in shambles by the time George W. Bush left Washington DC. We have to protect the nation.

I have studied NPD off and on for years, and I see many of the telltale signs of it in Barack Obama. I don’t make these statements lightly, I don’t consider it to be a frivolous discussion under any circumstances. The presidency is a position in which the power to make war can be exercised.

Baack Obama needs to be watched, handled, and handled with care at that. If he begins to exhibit certain behaviors we better be ready as a nation to move quickly to remove him from office before he leads the country straight into a political foreign policy situation from which there is no safe, and face saving retreat.  – CKH

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6 Responses to Barack Obama: NPD Narcissist or Just Narcissistic?

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  3. drurig says:

    Please look up Narcissistic Personalty Disorder + Obama

    You need to look out

    I lived with, was a business partner and family member with a Narcissistic Personalty disorder, and still working to get away from the damage from over 50 years of troubles.

    Obama is very dangerous, this party now must know by now, instead of Biden doing what’s right he give Obama a ego boost with his F-bomb.

    It will only get worse when you work with a pathological disorder.

    • CK Hunter says:


      Hi, I actually know more about NPD than most clinical psychologists. I had a live-in girl for five years who had NPD and she nearly destroyed my soul. I know AAALLL about it. I wrote about Obama’s NPD back in 2008, 2009 and numerous others have noted it, who have psychology training and experience. Just run a search on this blog for:

      “Obama: Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD” and it should come up

      also look up “Obama The Frankenstein King” on

      We’re in for a terrible ride here. All we can hope to do is find grounds to impeach him legally – and by the way, are you following Reverand David Manning’s current lawsuit against Obama? It’s up to air in public in May 2010. He has uncovered the motherload on him.

      Go to and watch his videos. You can also google him and / or locate his videos on youtube.

      As for me, I’m bowing out of the Tea Party. They are turning into a lynch mob. I’m a gay American, and I have no interest in associating with people who scream “faggot” and “nigger” at their political enemies. They may as well act like chimps, reach their hands into their own asses, and begin literally throwing their own pooh. The end results amount to the same thing.

      I bow out.

      IN utmost loving and kind regard,

      Chase K. Hunter

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