August 2009 Call for Spiritual Unity of All USA American Patriots

August 2009 Spiritual Unity Call  for All USA American Patriots
By Chase Hunter

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August 17, 2009 

This is a public announcement of general concern to all USA American patriots:

usa flagWe need a better way to stay in touch with one another RE: what is happening day to day. Big media is working hard to discredit, drown out our voices, ridicule, marginalize and so forth – see my essay links at end for details.

So I am testing the waters to see if the USA patriot movement is still actually really still alive on the web as a unified whole. Now is the time to gather in your resolve and to spiritually prepare for September 12th 2009 march in Washington DC.

These days I am finding many abandoned and half builtweb sites, 404 error pages, abandoned blogs, wikis, domains…. odd but true, wondering why. If you would like to be added to my confidential email contact list to receive news posts, posoriginal essays, breaking news, patriot reports, breaking videos, then please reply showing me there is a real human being on the other end ted of this communique. Thanks very much.

I’ll be very happy to hear from you, know you are alive, well and still publishing, happy to post your relevant patriot related news links on my blogs, and I’ll add you to my breaking news contact list.

Now more than ever we need a united front and a united spirit.

We are seeming to be quite scattered on the web, and all over the place.

September 12.2009 in Washington DC iscoming up. There need to be unity protocols in place, the number one being: NON-VIOLENCE. DO NOT be provoked in DC – they will try mightily to incite you to succomb to violence. Do not do it. It’s exactly what they want. Think cool head, calm heart, listen to your inner Spirit, use intelligent procedures, remain civilized beings. If they can paint us as kooks, fools, violent wing-nuts, et al, they are going to try. Of course the biggest game in town is to paint American patriots as racists. (Here is my answer to that, as a musician and a creative person.) So don’t take the “racist bait” – knock if off. We are smarter than that.

The contact email for the list is

Let me hear from you. Is your site/ domain/blog/wiki dead or alive?

Chase Hunter:  American southern born patriot, D.A.R. Artist, Writer,Musician, Web Author, Gay Christian Conservative, Spirit Led citizen journalist, Cherokee Shaman and Spiritual Clairvoyant

Author of:

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SpiritLed Citizen Journalist Chase Hunter explores the
many ramifications of our new Obama-nation daily at:
http://2012poleshift.wetpaint. com

Stop by to share research, comment, or get a good
read of breaking news you won’t see on CNN or FOX.
When Leaders Become Liars, then Dissent is Patriotic.



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