The REAL Reasons Behind Cash for Clunkers: FED Wants permanent access to your home computer

Two Big Reasons:

1) Older vehicles are not equipped with built GPS monitoring devices and can evade surveillance technology. In an older vehicle you can drive away into the wilderness, and for the most part, not be followed too far. The FEDS want to get all those “free moving” vehicles off the road and crushed forever, including their good resaleable used engines and parts. They don’t want used car mechanics to stay in business and bcome part of the USA freedom movement to aid in repairing older cars.

2) Your computer will permanently become the property of the Federal government once you log on to – they can access all data on your home computet permanently – once you click agree when you sign up for cash for clunkers…WATCH this video – you won’t believe your ears:

This is one more part of the NWO one world gov movement to implement total control over the USA citizenry. They wantyou in a GPS and microchipped bw car with an RFID embedded license tag so they can follow you everywhere. That’s the REAL reason for the program.

Thanks, but I’ll keep my prefectly good used clunker, which runs better than a new car, costs practixally nothing to maintain, and when I go camping, big brother won’t be following me on their GPS surveilance systems, at least not if I can help it. – CKH

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