Nancy Armstrong "Ms.Placed Democrat" is Welcomed in Heaven

Tireless patriot and ACORN researcher Nancy Armstrong just passed away. If you visit her blog and you will see everything that she held dear and believed in. I believe this woman was a real patriot who loved her country and I believe she knew what lot of us know.  Le’ts honor her memory in passing and carry on the research she was doing that she loved so much. – CKH

Links, posters, images, opinions, mottos, research from Nancy Armstrong’s Blog:

Nancy’s Blog:

Rss news Feed:

Nancy’s videos:

Conservative Bloggers labeled as “Domestic Terrorists”

Powerful Women’s Motto:

Live your life in such a way that When your

feet hit the floor In the morning,

Satan shudders & says…

‘Oh Shit!…She’s Awake!!




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