Search Results: 37,700,000 Obama Fraudulent

Obama’s Documented Lies: 158  & Still Growing: “Must See” Fact List

I would suggest that serious patriots and researchers, bloggers, writers, citizen reporters, students, and every American who gives a damn about our country to please do a little favor for me.  Go to  – Set your preferences to return 100 search results per page. Type in two searches:

obama fraudulent    obama fraud

then copy off the first 5 to 10 pages of results – that’s 500 to 1000  links, th best most relevent material the web has to offer – and spirit away those search results onto a CD or DVD that is not kept on your hard drive. Then go back and run the search again in about a month. Let’s say, oh, about the end of August 2009.

Your pants are on fire Czar Obama.

Your pants are on fire Czar Obama.

If the sites and links returned in  those first 500 search results begin to disappear from the internet over the next few months, you will know that we are living under a tacitly declared martial law, via Executive Orders too many to even list, and that nothing that America is screaming at her leaders, judges, elected locals, congressmen, senators, or any other official matters any more.

At that point, intelligent Americans will go quiet in public and begin to meet in secret.

Do not be reduced to violence unless you must defend your life or your family. Get your barter networks ON and do it now, because they will try to starve you out, intimidate, threaten, beat up more innocent people in public and air it on CNN, they will stop at nothing. I’ve got news for the Obama administration and for the NWO elite publishersof Newsweek.

This IS a Christian nation.

Jesus Christ

It was founded on the premise of freedom of religion. That’s why tolerant Americans have allowed slime like Antonne Lavey, founder of the church of Satan, to actually live here. That’s why we put up with Scientology, which is a cruel money hungry cult which fleeces lost souls and is based on a science fiction tall tale.

The Christian nation of America is not going to sit by and allow a usurper who is not even a legtimate US citizen to destroy what’s left of this country, that Bush before him did not destroy.  FYI – I’m a conservative  gay American Christian writing this essay.

I know that when push comes to shove, American Christians are alot more concerned about the bigger issues of what is now happening to the very fundamental premise of American freedoms and civil liberties than whether or not I can legally marry someone I love. That issue will be sorted out in good time.

There are MUCH  LARGER issues now at stake.  We won’t tolerate any more divide and conquer tactics from a make believe left – or a make believe right. Go beyond what the lame stream puppeteered pundit media  is trying to do to polarize America once and for all. GET SMART and don’t fall for it again. They are using classic divide and conquer tactics on Americans and have been for years and years.

George W. Bush #43 used divide and conquer tactics to push Americans away from one another so far in eight years that we began to refer to ourselves as either red or blue states.  How insane. Then Obama used the same clever ploy of pointing that out to us, to paint himeself as a savior, to orate his way into the White House. He is a fraud and America knows it.

We never needed Barack Obama to tell us anything. All we EVER needed to do was listen to the Spirit of Truth in our own hearts, en masse, and get beyond our petty differences. We have been lied to by successive Washington administrations for more than 30 years now, about so many issues and events it would take a series of 30 2 hour documentaries to explain it all. There is no time for that now. That will have to come later for those who are just now awakening to the horrible truth about who and what runs this country.

Get on your hand and knees and pray. The Holy Spirit will show you what your role is in securing and keeping this country out of the clutches of the illuminati new world order elite who are salivating for her destruction. Pray like you have never prayed in your life. Our country depends on Americans who love God from all walks of life praying for guidance, and then following that guidance in submission to the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will NEVER inspire acts of hatred, cruelty, evil, abuse, intolerance, injustice, unfairness, demagogery, false piety, hypocrisy, or murder. That having been said, the Spirit of Truth itself will show America how to proceed. One might also refer to God as Great Spirit. I often use that term as I am 3/8th Cherokee. – CKH

Seek direction in solitude. Seek strength through God. - CKH

Seek direction in solitude. Seek strength through God. - CKH

Maintain the intention of non-violence, whatever you do, individually, or collectively.  Never stoop to violence unless it is in the defense of your life or your loved ones. And make sure you keep the right images somewhere in your home: these are free downloads, in several languages.

Click the link to see for yourself:

7.19.2009 Results 1 – 10 of about 37,700,000 for obama fraudulent


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1 day ago – Please don’t try to pretend that Obama isn’t following exactly the same  H.Obama and the salary and benefits Obama drew based on fraudulent claims. – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama National Disgrace Bumper sticker from

4 days ago – Tags: obumper, bumpersticker, bumper sticker, barack, barackobama, obama, anti obama, anti obamafraud, usurper, interloper, us, government, president, –Cached – Similar

  1. Bernie Madoff and Government Fraud | Cato @ Liberty

2 days ago – Madoff, in contrast to the government, carried out his fraud in a civilized Bernie Madoff and Government Fraud · Obama Is Right to Stare Down Congress…/bernie-madoff-and-government-fraud/ – Cached – Similar


6 days ago – That tyrant can only be U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama. Is ObamaAmerica’s Hitler, giving us a fraudulent ‘remedy to relieve distress?”…/msg00221.html – Cached – Similar

  1. The Universal Seduction: Obama’s Cap and Trade Carbon Emissions 

1 day ago – Conspiracy, Metaphysics, Spirituality – BLOCKBUSTER trio of hidden knowledge! Each volume 7×10, 600 pages of revolutionary information.…/obamas-cap-and-trade-carbon-emissions-bill–a-stealth-scheme-to-license-pollution-and-fraud – Cached – Similar

  1. veerite – Videos tagged politics

5 days ago –  liberal mccain mccain ad mccain-palin obama obama and coal obamagaffes obama’s energy plan obama’s fraudulent birth certificate obama-biden obamanation – Cached – Similar

  1. President Barack Obama, Senator John McCain Cite Founding Spirit 

6 days ago – President Barack Obama sought to rally support for his domestic initiatives, anger over the June 12 election, which the protesters said was fraudulent… – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama: The Anti-Reagan

5 days ago – Among the 43 men who held the office of president before Barack Obamamargin” over Hossein Mousavi in a fraudulent vote count, Obama remained silent. – Similar

  1. OBAMA IS A FRAUD! « David Ben-Ariel Blog

1 day ago – Sounds like an apt description of the fraud and foreigner, the president usurper, the African Obama/Soetoro/Obama’s regime that those who love our Republic – Cached – Similar

  1. Consumerist – Identity Theft Hysteria Overblown, Watch Your Debit 

2 days ago –  the most dangerous fraud that is likely to happen to you, and how Obama’s…. If you’re not in the need for credit, then you put a fraud alert on your…/identity-theft-hysteria-overblown-watch-your-debit-card-instead – Similar

  1. SEC charges Seattle lawyers with fraudulent scheme

5 days ago – He said Otto’s a well-respected lawyer and committed no fraud Seattle mayor to meet with President Obama Obama challenges on health care – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama is a fraud – Page 2 – Project Avalon Forum

6 days ago – Page 2- Obama is a fraud Project Avalon General Discussion.… – Cached – Similar

  1. The Athens NEWS :: Athens, Ohio’s only locally-owned newspaper 

2 days ago – The fraud that is Barack Obama continues. Rule of law, fiscal responsibility, legislation posted for public comment, ending earmarks and lobbyists,…/28551-on-many-levels-president-obama-already-a-disaster-for-america – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

14 hours ago – Obama Birth Certificate Fraud – las leonas del caracas, james mitchell cave, 14th amendment cases, second cup toronto. – Similar

  1. Is PResident ObamaFraud? – Page 6 – Christian Forums

3 posts – 2 authors – Last post: 3 days ago

Originally Posted by Xenon Every example quoted in the article went against God’s commands (although the incident with Moses is debatable). You pretty. – Cached – Similar

Obama’s fraudulent Birth Certificate | Jul 10, 2009  Obama’s fraudulent Birth Certificate. Photo of LionKing.  Barack Obama(aka Barry Soetoro) maybe the biggest fraud ever in American…/obamas-fraudulent-birth-certificate-25331 – Cached – Similar

1. The Obama Fraud: Welcome Back to Reality


Barack Obama is being hailed by his supporters as one of the greatest leaders to ever guide America. He is the voice of hope and change that this –
2. Jackie Mason ’08 Vlog 24 Obama’s Fraud


Hillary isn’t the only fake running for President. Hillary may be the biggest, but McCain has had his moments and now, Barack tries his hand at insulting –
  1. Columnist Says Barack Obama ‘Lied To The American People;’ Asks 

Aug 11, 2004  Martin has asked Crown Books to stop sales of Obama’s book because of its fraudulent content. Martin says Obama may be a threat to the – Cached – Similar

  1. President Barack Obama: A Fraud You Can Believe In – The 

Mar 13, 2009  The Philadelphia Bulletin – President Barack Obama: A Fraud You Can This column has documented Mr. Obama’s fraudulent positioning on the…/doc49b840333ee87374341303.txt – Similar

  1. I cite: More right-wing crazies: Obama’s Fraudulent Filings

After Obama was elected I started wondering whether we had returned to an era of symbolic efficiency (although the travails of the finance sector,…/more-rightwing-crazies-obamas-fraudulent-failings.html –Cached – Similar

  1. Dissident Voice : The Unfolding of the Obama Fraud

The Unfolding of the Obama Fraud. by Michael Dawson / April 14th, 2009. Adolph Reed, Jr. has never been fooled by Barack Obama: “He’s a vacuous opportunist.…/the-unfolding-of-the-obamafraud/ – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws | Stop 

Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws. Printer Friendly Version · Email this Article. Posted in Chronicle Blog by Scott Morgan on Wed,…/obamas_fraudulent_pledge_to_resp – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama’s Fraudulent ACORN Campaign : DaytonOS

Obama’s Fraudulent ACORN Campaign. March 12, 2008. I have a friend who works for the United Way who told me this story over dinner tonight. – Cached – Similar

  1. BTC News: If It Says ‘News,’ It Must Be True » Blog Archive 

One Response to “Obama’s fraudulent “sovereign immunity” legal argument”. 1. Joe Says: As with torture during the Bush years, he is against it, – Cached – Similar

  1. ObamaFraud and The 2010 Elections |

Jun 3, 2009  2293Comments to “ObamaFraud and The 2010 – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama Fraud, The Green Czar and a Civilian Security Force « Steady 

Herb Dennenberg writing in the Philadelphia Bulletin (March 13, 2009).; it’s a piece titled “Barack ObamaFraud We Can Believe In“:…/obamafraud-the-green-czar-and-a-civilian-security-force/ –Cached – Similar


OBAMA’S FRAUDULENT FILINGS” ” OBAMA WAS BORN IN AFRICA” – MyFox Orlando Blog post – My Fox…/72667.html –Cached – Similar

  1. Whole Truth Coalition » The Obama Fraud

Feb 26, 2009  The Obama Fraud. Posted by: Andrew Cheetham in European Union & the New World Order, Illuminati Criminals, Mind Control & Media Manipulation – Cached – Similar

  1. PrairiePundit: Obama’s fraudulent tax argument

Democrats have always been good at the politics of fraudObama is extraordinary in that regard. It will take a while for voters to figure it out,…/obamas-fraudulent-tax-argument.html –Cached – Similar

  1. SoCon Or Bust » Blog Archive » Obama’s Fraudulent Campaign

Obama’s Fraudulent Campaign. I got this from an American friend I used to work with in Catholic Apologetic circles…. Hi Everyone, – Cached – Similar

  1. Michael Luo/NYT spins away Barack Obama’s fraudulent donations

To be fair to the Obama campaign, officials there have said much of their checking for fraudoccurs after the transactions have already occurred. – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws

Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws · — in response to the Court’s inquiries, the Office of the Deputy Attorney…/Obama_s_Fraudulent_Pledge_to_Respect_Medical_Marijuana_Laws –Cached – Similar

  1. Obama Fraudulent Contributors |

All articles related to Obama Fraudulent Contributors written by Suite101 experts – enter curious. – Cached – Similar

  1. Atlas Shrugs: Obama’s Contributions: Foreign and Domestic

Matthew Mosk of the Washington Post did a whitewash on Obama’s fraud…. You cannot make fraudulent donations like you can with the Obama campaign.…/obamas_foreign_contributions/ –Cached – Similar


Mar 9, 2009  OBAMA’S FRAUDULENT CLAIM TO BRING PALESTINIAN GAZANS TO U.S.. Posted Monday, March 09 @ 23:35:54 EDT. Opinion by Emanuel A. Winston… – Cached – Similar

  1. Berg Sends Letter Re: Obama Fraud To Congress

Jan 8, 2009  The document that Soetoro/Obama’s people keep pushing on the American public is a fraudulent ‘Certification of Live Birth’ and not a ‘Birth – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws – The 

The legal plight of medical marijuana provider Charlie Lynch has provided a useful instrument with which to measure the new administration’s.…/126500-obamas-fraudulent-pledge-respect-medical-marijuana.html – Cached – Similar

  1. Breaking down Obama’s fraudulent Birth Ceritficate Video

Obama’s Fraudulent Birth Ce… from Nov. 2008. reply. Ridgeliner7 commented on this video. Change we can believe in. LMAO!…/1166910-breaking-down-obamas-fraudulent-birth-ceritficate –Cached – Similar

  1. United States, Real Estate, President Obama Signs Into Law The 

While three of the bills remain pending in committee, on May 20, 2009, President Obamasigned into law S. 386, the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (P.L. – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws | www 

Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws. – Cached – Similar

  1. neonz hot linkz – support your local revolution: Obama’s

Obama’s Fraudulent Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws. in response to the Court’s inquiries, the Office of the Deputy Attorney General has reviewed…/obamafraudulent-pledge-to-respect.html –Cached – Similar

  1. Surprise! NYT Spinning on Obama’s Fraudulent Campaign, Failing to 

NYT Spinning on Obama’s Fraudulent Campaign, Failing to Note That the Obama Campaign Has Deliberately Switched Off Every Single Standard, Basic Verification – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama Fraud | No Compromise when you’re Right!

Obama is not qualified and would never have won had it not been for the fraud in the voting booth and ACORN. This is war between the takers and the employed – Cached – Similar


Jul 18, 2009  Subject: NEWS STORY EXPLODING ACROSS AIRWAVES –> OBAMA FRAUDULENT PRESIDENCY BEING EXPOSED!! First Article: Major Stefan Cook employer…/47992 – 17 hours ago – Similar

  1. Scott Johnson discusses Obama’s credit card fraud problem on Fox 

Oct 29, 2008  I watched your video of Scott Johnson from Powerline on Fox and Friends discussing the Obama Campaign’s fraudulent donation scheme. – Cached – Similar

  1. Power Line – Obama’s Fraud Continues

We noted here and elsewhere the astonishing degree of fraud that has fueled BarackObama’s record fundraising. The ultimate instance of Obamafraud was – Cached – Similar

  1. After its fraudulent election, Obama should harden his stance with 

Jun 15, 2009  It’s time for President Obama to rethink his policy of “engagement” with Iran. – Cached – Similar

  1. Morning Joe on Obama’s Fraudulent Donations – HILLARY CLINTON 

9 posts – 8 authors – Last post: Oct 6, 2008

Morning Joe on Obama’s Fraudulent Donations American Politics.  YouTube – ObamaCampaign Accepting Fraudulent Donations… – Cached – Similar

  1. Democrat sues Obama: ‘fraudulent candidacy’ doesn’t meet US 

A free-speech community discussion weblog, mostly about cheese and politics. – Similar

  1. Obama Fraud Health Care Power Grab – News

Health Insurance Farce with Fraudulent Numbers. Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, The Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, – Cached – Similar


OBAMA’S CREDIT CARD REFORM IS A FRAUD. By Dick Morris And Eileen McGann. 05.22.2009. The widely heralded credit card reform legislation making its way…/obamas-credit-card-reform-is-a-fraud/ – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama’s Fraud Factory: An Epic History of ACORN & Co. [topsecretk9]

A Nevada voter-fraud task force Tuesday raided the state headquarters of a Democrat-allied organization. The Obama presidential campaign and – Cached – Similar

  1. Breaking: Obama Demands Special Prosecutor Investigate GOP Voter 

Oct 17, 2008  Charging that the FBI probe of ACORN represents an unholy alliance between Republican operatives and potentially illegal conduct by law…/breaking-obama-demands-special-prosecutor-investigate-gop-voter-fraud – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama’s fraudulent fundraising | Hoystory

Then how are people able to donate to Obama using the names “Adolfe Hitler” or “Joe Stalin,” but those same fraudulent names are summarily refused at the – Cached – Similar

  1. – Obama, Voter Fraud & Mortgage Meltdown

Sep 22, 2008  The excuse parroted by most newsmedia for failing to give Sen. BarackObama, D-Ill., a full vetting, such as they are doing with Sarah Palin…/133091.html – Cached – Similar

  1. ObamaFraud on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I disagree with this photo, but it does send a powerful message with the fraud poster and having the United States Flag and the Gay Pride Flag in the – Cached – Similar

  1. Hot Air » Blog Archive » What does Obama know about ACORN fraud?

Investors Business Daily asks what Barack Obama knows about the epidemic of voter fraudin ACORN, and it’s not an unfair question. Not only has Obama…/what-does-obama-know-about-acorn-fraud/ – Cached – Similar

  1. PoliGazette » Obama’s Fraud

The scope of the fraud committed by the Obama campaign became clear in recent days after conservative readers of various websites decided to – Cached – Similar

  1. More Obamafraud lies about birth exposed | The TIW Blog

WorldNetDaily has documented discrepancies involving the official lies concerning Barry Soetoro’s (aka Barack Hussein Obama) alleged – Cached – Similar

  1. Democrat sues Sen. Obama over ‘fraudulent candidacy’

Aug 23, 2008  Philip J. Berg A prominent Pennsylvania Democrat has sued Sen. BarackObama, the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Election… – Cached – Similar


OBAMA’S FRAUDULENT CLAIM TO BRING PALESTINIAN GAZANS TO U.S. by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East analyst & commentator. The following document of the Federal…/980-obamas-fraudulent-claim-to-bring-palestinian-gazans-to-us- –Cached – Similar

  1. CBS News Exposes Obama’s Fundraising Fraud! | Bob McCarty Writes

In a move that probably riled anchor Katie Couric to no end, CBS News finally revealed something about Barack Obama’s fraudulent campaign…/cbs-news-exposes-obamas-fundraising-fraud/ –Cached – Similar

  1. Webloggin » Obama Campaign Caught in Credit Card Fraud Scheme

But it was the only way to confirm the root cause of the fraudulent micro-donations to theObama campaign (“Doodad Pro” for $17300 and “Good –Cached – Similar

  1. ( yes we can!) – Obama’s Fraudulent Election!

You have to be so ashamed to have voted for Obama and his fraudlent race election. There is no question that most Obama supporters voted totally on the…/obamas-fraudulent-election.html – Cached – Similar

  1. exposing Barack Obama’s lies and faked Selective Service – Debbie 

Below are scans of the letter and envelope that accompanied Barack Obama’s fraudulentregistration for the draft (I’ve cropped the blank white space):…/exclusive_did_n.html – Cached – Similar

  1. More right-wing crazies: Obama’s Fraudulent Filings – Business 

After Obama was elected I started wondering whether we had returned to an era of symbolic efficiency (although the travails of the finance sector,…obamas-fraudulent…/3339660458156529118-a2c5e97bd6b056d3b7e1dc1ba9ba7e08/ – Cached – Similar

  1. obamacrimes – Home Page

Berg continued, “I presented overwhelming evidence that Obama was ineligible to be a U.S. Senator and therefore, Obama fraudulently received a salary and – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama Online Campaign Facilitating Fraud (Wizbang)

Because “”Della Ware” of “12345 No Way” had managed to make a campaign donation to thefraud-friendly Obama website but not to the McCain site.” How?…/obama-online-campaign-facilitating-fraud.php –Cached – Similar

  1. Obama and Acorn –

Oct 14, 2008  Mr. Obama’s kind of organizers work at Acorn, the militant advocacy group that is turning up in reports about voter fraud across the country – Cached – Similar

  1. CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive 

(CNN) – The Obama campaign announced Friday that it is asking Attorney General Michael Mukasey to turn over any investigations of voter fraud or voter…/obama-camp-requests-special-prosecutor-for-fraud-investigation/ – Cached – Similar

  1. Blogs For Victory » Blog Archive » The Obama Fraud

Obama is a fraud. He defended the effectiveness of his words by plagiarizing Deval’s Barack Obama » The Obama Fraud says: February 19th, 2008 at 9:31 pm – Cached – Similar

  1. Chicago Ray Report Blog // Recent Blog Entries // obama fraud

Posted on Tuesday June 9th, 2009 at 00:41 in christianity, obama fraud Posted on Wednesday June 3rd, 2009 at 02:48 in obama fraudobama muslim…/obama%20fraud/ – Cached – Similar

  1. Obama, Voter Fraud & Mortgage Meltdown

Jul 10, 2009  ACORN’s Project Vote, for which Obama was a paid employee in Chicago, is the organization that appears to be most active in voter fraud – Similar

  1. Pundit & Pundette: Credit card experts on Obama’s fraudulent

Credit card experts on Obama’s fraudulent online donations · Credit card experts explain the extent of Obama’s deception by Ed Morrissey…/credit-card-experts-on-obamafraudulent.html –Cached – Similar


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