DoD Rushes to Quelch US Army Major for Telling the Truth

Informed citizen journalists have known since last summer that Barack Obama is not a legal U.S. citizen. I first broke this story on my other blog last August 2008.  The Israeli Insider website had published hard evidence that his birth certificate was a fraud last july 2008. I practically begged US media outlets and newspapers to investigate the story. No one would touch it. They all had those secret illuminati guns to their heads you know, telling them what to say, do , and what to air about Obama.

So a  USA media black-out on the real facts about Barack Obama prevented enough voters from finding out the truth in time and he was elected. There had been a Philadephia democrat and veteran attorney who was also trying to build public support for a lawsuit prohibiting Obama’s campaign from going any further, but he threw in the towel after the election when it looked at the time like popular support for Obama would railroad his lawsuit, which was viable. He had a ton of evidence, including signed affadavits from alot of Obama’s relatives, stating they knew he was born in Kenya. His mother was too far along in her pregnancy to be allowed on the plane when the family tried to return to Hawaii. She was taken off the plane and Obama was born in Kenya. His birth name was different than his public name today.

Why does one suppose the US Department of Defense is so urgent to hush up one of their own, unless they know that he knows the truth? The bigger the truth, the greater the outrage and actions to be taken against it. That’s the illuminati way. So, you see, you can always gauge the level of truth in any given public event by the level of illuminati actions taken to suppress it.

And what we have here is a sledge hammer of fast actions taken by the DoD to squelch Major Stefan Cook and his lawsuit. Interesting, isn’t it? – CKH



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