North Korean Cyber Attack Brings Estonia To Mind

Estonia cyber attackA lengthy cyber attack, also called a “denial of service” request, can temporarily disable an entire nation. Although it is doubtful that an attack such as the one described in the following report on Estonia, it can seriously disrupt daily life and civil order for some time. This actually took place some time back in Estonia, where the relocation of a historic monument angered Russians, who retaliated against the nation of Estonia with a full blown cyber attack on senstive websites located in the small byt highly “wired” nation, bringing the Estonia to it’s kness for several days. ATMs in the country ceased to work, traffic lights went out, banks were closed, and rioters tore sections of cities to shreds and looted openly in broad daylight. You may or may not have seen this story in the USA press. See the link below for the complete coverage of the Estonia Cyber Attack. Is it possible that something similar could take place in the USA? How can our government defend against something like this? – CKH

Recent Experience Proves Cyber Attackers Can Temporarily Disable A Small Nation

Cyber Attack Targets US, S. Korean Government Web Sites


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