The Ridiculous Bohemian Grove Marduk Shrine

Your tax dollars at work folks. Forget golf. This is what your fearless leaders are REALLY doing in their leisure hours: they are performing Satanic rituals in the northern California forests above San Francisco called “The Cremation of Care” where they burn effigies of a small child, slap each other on the back, and the butt, and plot their next evil machination against the good people of the USA who pay their salaries with their taxes. It’s time to stop paying taxes that support this sort of wickedness and idiocy. These are grown men for crying out loud. Did you know this had been going on since the early turn of the last century? They actually take this feces seriously. Our government leaders in Washington believe they are eliciting the favor of “Marduk” with these rituals and gaining some sort of evil power over the souls of the intelligent men and women who are American citizens.

How much more comical, tragic, preposterous, and insane will American leaders become? It’s time to send these wing nuts home en masse – both democrat and republican, all of them – at once – with no pension, no more pilfering of the money coffers, no retirement plan: let them EAT DIRT – for the rest of their natural lives.

I have included several videos here, just in case you find the first one so unbelievable that you shrug it off.

Here is the text that accompanied the video:

Bohemian Grove is a sacrificial shrine to Marduk (son of Enki), the sinister, rouge Anunnaki who never left Earth. The elite Illuminati are his direct human descendants who still make human sacrifices to him, both to pay homage to their living, earthbound ancestral god and to supplement Marduk’s existing stranglehold on humanity through manipulation of negative energy forces (dark magic). Marduk never returned to planet Nibiru after the last nuclear war, and has illegally claimed Earth as his own,refusing to relinquish control of the planet, it’s assets, and mankind to the ruling clan currently residing on Nibiru in 2012 as agreed. He has secretly been in power here for thousands of years, and there has been an ongoing covert inter-clan conflict over the rule of Earth that will soon go overt. We human slaves are being groomed to fight a war against the incoming ruling Anunnaki, who we will be misled to believe are “alien invaders”, when the truth is that the real invaders (Marduk and his clan) are already here, living in – and controlling the world from some sinister local, perhaps it’s Area 51.

Chase Kyla Hunter

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